Echinobase Release 5.7.0
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Echinobase Release 5.7.0

Echinobase Release 5.7.0 has new Resources.

Antibodies, Morpholinos and gRNAs are now searchable and are displayed on the gene pages.


There are several ways to find Antibodies, Morpholinos and gRNAs.

If you have a gene that you are interested in then search the gene and check the bottom of the page for reagents.

If you want to look over available antibodies then go to Resources -> Antibodies -> Browse All.

Note that Echinobase gene symbols are used for naming.

The same process will find Morpholinos and gRNAs.

Morpholinos and gRNAs can also be viewed as JBrowse tracks by checking the box in Available Tracks.

Curation of:

78 Antibodies

410 Morpholinos

55 gRNAs


Note that Echinobase symbols are used for naming.

If you click on the reagent name then you will be taken to a page describing the reagent and the papers associated with the reagent.

This allows you to quickly find the protocols that were used and resulting images.



Last Updated: 2023-01-23