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Echinobase: L. variegatus

Lytechinus variegatus

L. variegatus

About L. variegatus

L. variegatus and S. purpuratus shared a common ancestor about 50 Million years ago and are ideal models for comparative genomics studies. L. variegatus is also a broadcast spawner with external fertilization, exhibits rapid development, and can be cultivated in tanks.

Photo credit to Raymond L. Allen, Duke University, 2021.

General Information

Egg Size: 110 um
Gastrulation: more than 1 day
8-arm pluteus larva:  12-14 days, 974 um
Detailed development is described in: An Atlas of the Development of the Sea Urchin Lytechinus variegatus

Reference: PubMed:32433766


Current Assembly: NCBI v3
Assembly name: GCF_018143015.1 Lvar_3.0 | Date: 2021-05-14 | Genome coverage: 83x | BioSample: SAMN025949