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Echinobase - The Echinoderm Knowledgebase

The mission of Echinobase is to provide the international research community with a comprehensive, integrated and easy to use web based resource that gives access to the diverse and rich genomic, expression and functional data available from echinoderm research and provides a critical data sharing infrastructure for many other NIH-funded projects. Echinobase is a focal point for the echinoderm community and in addition to supporting echinoderm research, Echinobase enhances the availability and visibility of echinoderm data to the broader biomedical research community.

Supported Echinoderm Species

Full support: The following species have full genome integration in the database, including gene pages, as well as BLAST, browsing via JBrowse, and data download:

Partial support: The following species have BLAST, JBrowse, and data download support, but no gene page integration:

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Echinobase Publications

A list of Echinobase publications can be found on the Cite Echinobase page.

Current Echinobase Staff

Charles Ettensohn, Veronica Hinman, Peter Vize, Sergei Agalakov, Brad Arshinoff, Macie Chess, Nicholas Christodoulides, Kamran Karimi, Cheryl Telmer

Former Echinobase Staff

Saoirse Foley, Thomas Beatman, Carolyn Ku, Francisco Delgado, Greg Cary, Andrew Cameron

Scientific Advisory Board

Maria Ina Arnone, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn Titus Brown, UC Davis Katherine Buckley, Auburn University Greg Cary, The Jackson Laboratory Jose Garcia-Arraras, University of Puerto Rico Amro Hamdoun, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Nipam Patel, Marine Biological Laboratory Yi-Hsien Su, Academia Sinica Gregory Wray, Duke University

NIH Program Officer

Kathryn Stein, NICHD