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Echinobase: A. planci

Patiria miniata

P. miniata

About P. miniata

P. miniata reproduces by broadcast spawning and gravid individuals can be collected throughout the year in California and maintained in laboratory aquariums for studies of embryo development. A high quality genome enables comparative genomics studies of evolution and development.
Larvae and adults possess whole body regeneration capability making them a model for studies of regeneration.

General Information

Egg Size: 169 um
Spawning: broadcast
Developmental pattern: planktotroph
Larval types:  bipinnaria and brachiolaria

Reference: PubMed:21672739



Current Assembly: ECB v3.0/NCBI v1
Assembly name: ASM1570657v1 | Date: 2020-12-01 | Genome coverage: 150x | Assembly method: Canu v. DEC-2019; 3D-DNA v. 180922 | BioSample: SAMN13694171 | BioProject: PRJNA597964 | Sequencing technology: PacBio Sequel