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Dev Neurobiol 2022 Nov 07; doi: 10.1002/dneu.22902.
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microRNA-124 regulates Notch and NeuroD1 to mediate transition states of neuronal development.

Konrad KD , Song JL .

MicroRNAs regulate gene expression by destabilizing target mRNA and/or inhibiting translation in animal cells. The ability to mechanistically dissect miR-124''s function during specification, differentiation, and maturation of neurons during development within a single system has not been accomplished. Using the sea urchin embryo, we take advantage of the manipulability of the embryo and its well-documented gene regulatory networks (GRNs). We incorporated NeuroD1 as part of the sea urchin neuronal GRN and determined that miR-124 inhibition resulted in aberrant gut contractions, swimming velocity, and neuronal development. Inhibition of miR-124 resulted in an increased number of cells expressing transcription factors (TFs) associated with progenitor neurons and a concurrent decrease of mature and functional neurons. Results revealed that in the early blastula/gastrula stages, miR-124 regulates undefined factors during neuronal specification and differentiation. In the late gastrula/larval stages, miR-124 regulates Notch and NeuroD1 during the transition between neuronal differentiation and maturation. Overall, we have improved the neuronal GRN and identified miR-124 to play a prolific role in regulating various transitions of neuronal development.

PubMed ID: 36336988
Article link: Dev Neurobiol