New crinoid genome
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New crinoid genome

Echinobase is providing partial support for the feather star, Anneissia japonica, genome. 

The genome and descriptive gene names are displayed in JBrowse and the genome can be searched using BLAST.

The crinoids are sessile and include feather stars, which do not have a stalk, and sea lilies which are attached to the sea floor by a stalk.

Species of crinoids are used as an outgroup for phylogenetic studies within the Echinodermata.

Here is the Annotation page at NCBI.

Here is the assembly information and the Global Assembly Statistics are shown below.

Total sequence length 589,628,371
Total ungapped length 565,776,209
Gaps between scaffolds 0
Number of scaffolds 76,727
Scaffold N50 623,489
Scaffold L50 228
Number of contigs 118,759
Contig N50 19,051
Contig L50 7,609
Number of component sequences (WGS or clone) 76,727


Image of Anneissia japonica (previously called Oxycomanthus japonicus) courtesy of Josuevg and Wikimedia commons. Distributed under the Creative Commons license.

Last Updated: 2020-05-30