DBSUMI meeting postponed until 2021

The Developmental Biology of the Sea Urchin and Marine Invertebrates (DBSUMI) is an international meeting where research on echinoderms and other marine invertebrates is shared in workshops, poster sessions and presentations. We had hoped to release the new Echinobase and demonstrate the new features at the DBSUMI meeting however the current global pandemic has prevented this. 

DBSUMI has been rescheduled for April 14-18, 2021 at MBL, Woods Hole MA.

Check Echinobase or the conference website for updates.

The Preliminary schedule for the 2020 meeting included pre-meeting workshops on:

SINGLE CELL SEQUENCING: From cell preparation to Bioinformatics



The Opening Session will include The Eric Davidson Memorial Lecture, the EMBO Keynote and Early Career Keynote talks.

Plenary lectures include:

Plenary 2: Stem Cells and Regeneration

Plenary 3: Cell Biology of Early Embryos and Stem Cells

Plenary 4: Marine Models of Human Disease

Plenary 5. Environment and epigenetic effects on development

Plenary 6. Increasing Diversity in Research and Education Communities

Plenary 7. Genomics/ systems tools and genomics

Plenary 8. Specification and  Patterning  A

Plenary 9. Specification and Morphogenesis

Plenary 10. Specification and  Patterning  B

Poster sessions and Social Mixers end off each day with a Banquet planned for the last evening.

Concurrent sessions, lightning talks and lunch workshops round out the schedule.

Check back closer to the time of the meeting for an updated schedule.



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