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Name: Dr. Katherine M Buckley
Position: Biological Sciences Assistant Professor
Research Description:
Research in my lab is aimed at understanding the evolution of animal immunity from two perspectives.  First, we investigate the regulatory mechanisms that activate and attenuate immune responses.  At the same time, we characterize how these relatively conserved mechanisms are integrated with rapidly diversifying strategies for generating immune diversity. In this work, my lab uses the larval stage of the purple sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus). Immune response is a system-wide phenomenon that integrates information across many distinct cell types and tissues. By studying this process in an intact, in vivoorganism we can gain novel insight into fundamental biological processes. This interdisciplinary research program draws on immunology, systems biology, gene regulatory network biology, evolutionary biology, and computational genomics.

Contact Information

Department of Biological Sciences at Auburn University
326 Rouse Life Sciences Building
Auburn, AL
36849, USA

Web Page: