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Fas-associated death domain (FADD) in sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicus): Molecular cloning, characterization and pro-apoptotic function analysis., Zhao Y, Guo M, Lv Z, Zhang W, Shao Y, Zhao X, Li C., Dev Comp Immunol. July 1, 2020; 108 103673.

Fast-tracking regenerative medicine for traumatic brain injury., Bonsack B, Heyck M, Kingsbury C, Cozene B, Sadanandan N, Lee JY, Borlongan CV., Neural Regen Res. July 1, 2020; 15 (7): 1179-1190.

Fucosylated chondroitin sulfate from the sea cucumber Hemioedema spectabilis: Structure and influence on cell adhesion and tubulogenesis., Ustyuzhanina NE, Bilan MI, Dmitrenok AS, Shashkov AS, Ponce NMA, Stortz CA, Nifantiev NE, Usov AI., Carbohydr Polym. April 15, 2020; 234 115895.

Finding the right balance with participation in exercise and sport for individuals with multiple sclerosis: protocol for a pre and post intervention feasibility study., Smith M, Williams G, Barker R., BMJ Open. March 18, 2020; 10 (3): e035378.

Fatty Acids of Abyssal Echinodermata, the Sea Star Eremicaster vicinus and the Sea Urchin Kamptosoma abyssale: A New Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Detected, 22:6(n-2)., Svetashev VI, Kharlamenko VI., Lipids. February 26, 2020;

Free-standing cellulose film containing manganese dioxide nanoparticles and its use in discoloration of indigo carmine dye., Oliveira LVF, Bennici S, Josien L, Limousy L, Bizeto MA, Camilo FF., Carbohydr Polym. February 15, 2020; 230 115621.

Fish oil reverses metabolic syndrome, adipocyte dysfunction, and altered adipokines secretion triggered by high-fat diet-induced obesity., da Cunha de Sá RDC, Cruz MM, de Farias TM, da Silva VS, de Jesus Simão J, Telles MM, Alonso-Vale MIC., Physiol Rep. February 1, 2020; 8 (4): e14380.

Functional characterisation of Holothuria leucospilota Fas-associated death domain in the innate immune-related signalling pathways., Li H, Chen T, Sun H, Wu X, Jiang X, Ren C., Innate Immun. January 1, 2020; 26 (2): 138-145.

First records and new information on the associations of echinoderms with other phyla in the rocky reefs of northern Chocó, Colombian Pacific., Vanegas González MJ, Borrero-Pérez GH., Zookeys. January 1, 2020; 921 1-22.

Facile Synthesis of PdCu Echinus-Like Nanocrystals as Robust Electrocatalysts for Methanol Oxidation Reaction., Zhang Z, Ren G, Liu Y, Liang Y, Wang M, Wu S, Shen J., Chem Asian J. December 2, 2019; 14 (23): 4217-4222.

Fucoidan from sea cucumber Holothuria polii: Structural elucidation and stimulation of hematopoietic activity., Li C, Niu Q, Li S, Zhang X, Liu C, Cai C, Li G, Yu G., Int J Biol Macromol. November 18, 2019;

First report of cis-1,4-polyisoprene degradation by Gordonia paraffinivorans., Braga SP, Dos Santos AP, Paganini T, Barbosa D, Epamino GWC, Morais C, Martins LF, Silva AM, Setubal JC, Vallim MA, Pascon RC., Braz J Microbiol. October 1, 2019; 50 (4): 1051-1062.

First molecular evidence of the toxicogenetic effects of copper on sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus embryo development., Morroni L, Sartori D, Costantini M, Genovesi L, Magliocco T, Ruocco N, Buttino I., Water Res. September 1, 2019; 160 415-423.

Food Allergy: Challenges with the New Guidelines., Breslin M, Lack G., J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract. September 1, 2019; 7 (7): 2499-2501.e4.

Fungal diversity and mycotoxin distribution in echinoderm aquaculture., Viegas C, Esteves L, Faria T, Pombo A, Caetano LA, Quintal-Gomes A, Twarużek M, Kosicki R, Grajewski J, Viegas S., Mycotoxin Res. August 1, 2019; 35 (3): 253-260.

Frondoside A is a potential anticancer agent from sea cucumbers., Sajwani FH., J Cancer Res Ther. July 1, 2019; 15 (5): 953-960.

First record of the heart urchin Metalia persica (Mortensen, 1940) (Spatangoida: Brissidae) from the Chennai coast, India., Kanagaraj C, Mooi R, Kumar DSV, Premachandran H, Rajendran AK, Rethinavelu S, Ramachandran P, Ramachandran R., Zootaxa. June 28, 2019; 4624 (2): zootaxa.4624.2.13.

Facile Synthesis of Sea-Urchin-Like Pt and Pt/Au Nanodendrites and Their Enhanced Electrocatalytic Properties., Xie R, Lu S, Deng Y, Mei S, Cao X, Zhou L, Lan C, Gu H., Inorg Chem. May 6, 2019; 58 (9): 5375-5379.

Freezing influence on physical properties of glucomannan hydrogels., Genevro GM, de Moraes MA, Beppu MM., Int J Biol Macromol. May 1, 2019; 128 401-405.

Follicular fluid exosomes act on the bovine oocyte to improve oocyte competence to support development and survival to heat shock., Rodrigues TA, Tuna KM, Alli AA, Tribulo P, Hansen PJ, Koh J, Paula-Lopes FF., Reprod Fertil Dev. April 1, 2019; 31 (5): 888-897.

Factors Associated With High-Quality Guidelines for the Pharmacologic Management of Chronic Diseases in Primary Care: A Systematic Review., Molino CGRC, Leite-Santos NC, Gabriel FC, Wainberg SK, Vasconcelos LP, Mantovani-Silva RA, Ribeiro E, Romano-Lieber NS, Stein AT, Melo DO, null null., JAMA Intern Med. April 1, 2019; 179 (4): 553-560.

Flagellar ultrastructure suppresses buckling instabilities and enables mammalian sperm navigation in high-viscosity media., Gadêlha H, Gaffney EA., J R Soc Interface. March 29, 2019; 16 (152): 20180668.

Fucosylated chondroitin sulfate from Isostichopus badionotus alleviates metabolic syndromes and gut microbiota dysbiosis induced by high-fat and high-fructose diet., Li S, Li J, Mao G, Wu T, Lin D, Hu Y, Ye X, Tian D, Chai W, Linhardt RJ, Chen S., Int J Biol Macromol. March 1, 2019; 124 377-388.

Functional Characterization of OXYL, A SghC1qDC LacNAc-specific Lectin from The Crinoid Feather Star Anneissia Japonica., Hasan I, Gerdol M, Fujii Y, Ozeki Y., Mar Drugs. February 25, 2019; 17 (2):                     

First record of a Lessepsian migrant: the sea cucumber Holothuria (Theelothuria) hamata Pearson, 1913., Aydin M, Gurlek M, Samyn Y, Erguden D, Turan C., Zootaxa. January 29, 2019; 4551 (1): 94-100.

From collection to discharge: physical, chemical, and biological analyses for fish farm water quality monitoring., de Souza JP, Sposito JCV, do Amaral Crispim B, da Silva FG, de Oliveira KMP, Kummrow F, do Nascimento VA, Montagner CC, Viana LF, Solórzano JCJ, Barufatti A., Ecotoxicology. January 1, 2019; 28 (1): 13-25.

Faecal glucocorticoid metabolite profiles in diademed sifakas increase during seasonal fruit scarcity with interactive effects of age/sex class and habitat degradation., Tecot SR, Irwin MT, Raharison JL., Conserv Physiol. January 1, 2019; 7 (1): coz001.            

Fetal-Derived MyD88 Signaling Contributes to Poor Pregnancy Outcomes During Gestational Malaria., Barboza R, Hasenkamp L, Barateiro A, Murillo O, Peixoto EPM, Lima FA, Reis AS, Gonçalves LA, Epiphanio S, Marinho CRF., Front Microbiol. January 1, 2019; 10 68.        

Factors that affect the growth and photosynthesis of the filamentous green algae, Chaetomorpha valida, in static sea cucumber aquaculture ponds with high salinity and high pH., Xing R, Ma W, Shao Y, Cao X, Chen L, Jiang A., PeerJ. January 1, 2019; 7 e6468.          

From hemoglobin to urchin spicules., Wilt F., Methods Cell Biol. January 1, 2019; 151 43-45.

Food Preference of the Elderly for the Development of Taurine-Containing Elderly-Friendly Foods., Bae MA, Park SH, Han SH, Chang KJ, Kim SH., Adv Exp Med Biol. January 1, 2019; 1155 249-259.

From spinodal decomposition to alternating layered structure within single crystals of biogenic magnesium calcite., Seknazi E, Kozachkevich S, Polishchuk I, Bianco Stein N, Villanova J, Suuronen JP, Dejoie C, Zaslansky P, Katsman A, Pokroy B., Nat Commun. January 1, 2019; 10 (1): 4559.                

Functional Studies of Transcriptional Cofactors via Microinjection-Mediated Gene Editing in Xenopus., Shibata Y, Bao L, Fu L, Shi B, Shi YB., Methods Mol Biol. January 1, 2019; 1874 507-524.

Flexible Coordination of Flexible Limbs: Decentralized Control Scheme for Inter- and Intra-Limb Coordination in Brittle Stars'' Locomotion., Kano T, Kanauchi D, Ono T, Aonuma H, Ishiguro A., Front Neurorobot. January 1, 2019; 13 104.

Functional characterization of Cynoglossus semilaevis R-spondin2 and its role in muscle development during embryogenesis., Wang B, Yang F, Li R, Li X, Wu X, Sun Z, Zhai J, He Y, Qi J., Genes Genet Syst. December 22, 2018; 93 (5): 181-190.

Fucosylated chondroitin sulfate oligosaccharides from Isostichopus badionotus regulates lipid disorder in C57BL/6 mice fed a high-fat diet., Li S, Li J, Mao G, Hu Y, Ye X, Tian D, Linhardt RJ, Chen S., Carbohydr Polym. December 1, 2018; 201 634-642.

From the predictable to the unexpected: kelp forest and benthic invertebrate community dynamics following decades of sea otter expansion., Shelton AO, Harvey CJ, Samhouri JF, Andrews KS, Feist BE, Frick KE, Tolimieri N, Williams GD, Antrim LD, Berry HD., Oecologia. December 1, 2018; 188 (4): 1105-1119.

Fucosylated chondroitin sulfates from the sea cucumbers Holothuria tubulosa and Holothuria stellati., Ustyuzhanina NE, Bilan MI, Dmitrenok AS, Nifantiev NE, Usov AI., Carbohydr Polym. November 15, 2018; 200 1-5.

Fungal Immunomodulatory Protein from Nectria haematococca Suppresses Growth of Human Lung Adenocarcinoma by Inhibiting the PI3K/Akt Pathway., Xie Y, Li S, Sun L, Liu S, Wang F, Wen B, Sun L, Fang X, Chai Y, Cao H, Jia N, Gu T, Lou X, Xin F., Int J Mol Sci. November 1, 2018; 19 (11):             

First echinoderm trehalase from a tropical sea cucumber (Holothuria leucospilota): Molecular cloning and mRNA expression in different tissues, embryonic and larval stages, and under a starvation challenge., Huo D, Jiang X, Wu X, Ren C, Yu Z, Liu J, Li H, Ruan Y, Wen J, Chen T, Hu C., Gene. July 30, 2018; 665 74-81.

Flavones-bound in benzodiazepine site on GABAA receptor: Concomitant anxiolytic-like and cognitive-enhancing effects produced by Isovitexin and 6-C-glycoside-Diosmetin., Oliveira DR, Todo AH, Rêgo GM, Cerutti JM, Cavalheiro AJ, Rando DGG, Cerutti SM., Eur J Pharmacol. July 15, 2018; 831 77-86.

First Complete Genome Sequence of a Simian Foamy Virus Infecting the Neotropical Primate Brachyteles arachnoides., Muniz CP, Cavalcante LTF, Dudley DM, Pissinatti A, O'Connor DH, Santos AF, Soares MA., Microbiol Resour Announc. July 1, 2018; 7 (2):

Fluorescence techniques in developmental biology., Veerapathiran S, Wohland T., J Biosci. July 1, 2018; 43 (3): 541-553.

Food Modulation Controls Astaxanthin Accumulation in Eggs of the Sea Urchin Arbacia lixula., Galasso C, Orefice I, Toscano A, Vega Fernández T, Musco L, Brunet C, Sansone C, Cirino P., Mar Drugs. May 28, 2018; 16 (6):   

Frondoside A Enhances the Anti-Cancer Effects of Oxaliplatin and 5-Fluorouracil on Colon Cancer Cells., Attoub S, Arafat K, Khalaf T, Sulaiman S, Iratni R., Nutrients. May 1, 2018; 10 (5):             

Frondanol, a Nutraceutical Extract from Cucumaria frondosa, Attenuates Colonic Inflammation in a DSS-Induced Colitis Model in Mice., Subramanya SB, Chandran S, Almarzooqi S, Raj V, Al Zahmi AS, Al Katheeri RA, Al Zadjali SA, Collin PD, Adrian TE., Mar Drugs. April 30, 2018; 16 (5):             

Fucosylated chondroitin sulfate is covalently associated with collagen fibrils in sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus body wall., Wang J, Chang Y, Wu F, Xu X, Xue C., Carbohydr Polym. April 15, 2018; 186 439-444.

Food selection of a generalist herbivore exposed to native and alien seaweeds., Noè S, Badalamenti F, Bonaviri C, Musco L, Fernández TV, Vizzini S, Gianguzza P., Mar Pollut Bull. April 1, 2018; 129 (2): 469-473.

First finding of anchialine and submarine cave dwelling brittle stars from the Pacific Ocean, with descriptions of new species of Ophiolepis and Ophiozonella (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea: Amphilepidida)., Okanishi M, Fujita Y., Zootaxa. January 31, 2018; 4377 (1): 1-20.

Functional characterization of a second pedal peptide/orcokinin-type neuropeptide signaling system in the starfish Asterias rubens., Lin M, Egertová M, Zampronio CG, Jones AM, Elphick MR., J Comp Neurol. January 1, 2018; 526 (5): 858-876.                      

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