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Eur J Sport Sci December 1, 2019; 1-9.

Gene doping: Present and future.

Cantelmo RA , Da Silva AP , Mendes-Junior CT , Dorta DJ .

AbstractBeing an elite athlete is an extremely coveted position, which can lead an individual to use doping. As knowledge is extended, doping techniques have become increasingly sophisticated, and the newest method of doping is gene doping. This article aims to present an updated bibliographic survey that addresses gene doping between 1983 and 2018. Anti-doping agencies have not yet approved any detection technique for this type of doping. The possibility of eradicating such doping is almost zero mainly because gene therapy advances rapidly. In this scenario, the future of gene doping must be discussed and decided before irreversible limits are exceeded.

PubMed ID: 31787029
Article link: Eur J Sport Sci