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Phytopathology April 1, 2020; 110 (4): 723-725.

Genome Resources for Thelonectria rubi, the Causal Agent of Nectria Canker of Caneberry.

Skaltsas DN , Salgado-Salazar C .

Thelonectria rubi is the causal agent of Nectria canker of Rubus spp. Here, we report a high-quality draft genome sequence for this pathogen, which also represents the first genome sequence for a Thelonectria species. The genome assembly was 44.6 Mb in size, assembled into 669 scaffolds and consisting of 12,973 predicted protein-coding genes. The availability of genome data for T. rubi provides a critical additional resource for an important plant pathogen and will be useful for fungal biology, comparative genomic, taxonomic and population studies of this and related species.

PubMed ID: 31913742
Article link: Phytopathology