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Heat tolerance of marine ectotherms in a warming Antarctica., Molina AN, Pulgar JM, Rezende EL, Carter MJ., Glob Chang Biol. January 1, 2023; 29 (1): 179-188.

Hydrozoan sperm-specific SPKK motif-containing histone H2B variants stabilise chromatin with limited compaction., Török A, Browne MJG, Vilar JC, Patwal I, DuBuc TQ, Febrimarsa null, Atcheson E, Frank U, Gornik SG, Flaus A., Development. January 1, 2023; 150 (1):

Holothuria Leucospilota polysaccharides alleviate hyperlipidemia via alteration of lipid metabolism and inflammation-related gene expression., Lu S, Yuan Y, Chen F, Zheng Y, Li C, Cao J, Xia G, Liu Z, Shen X, He Y, Zhou D, Zhu K., J Food Biochem. December 1, 2022; 46 (12): e14392.

Holothuria Leucospilota Polysaccharides Improve Immunity and the Gut Microbiota in Cyclophosphamide-Treated Immunosuppressed Mice., Zhao F, Ma T, Zhang X, Zhao Q, Zhu K, Cao J, Liu Z, Shen X, Li C., Mol Nutr Food Res. November 19, 2022; e2200317.

Handling, Reproducing and Cryopreserving Five European Sea Urchins (Echinodermata, Klein, 1778) for Biodiversity Conservation Purposes., Paredes E, Campos S, Lago A, Bueno T, Constensoux J, Costas D., Animals (Basel). November 16, 2022; 12 (22):

How oral health literacy and parental behavior during the meals relate to dental caries in children., Moriyama CM, Velasco SRM, Butini L, Abanto J, Antunes JLF, Bönecker M., Braz Oral Res. November 11, 2022; 36 e131.

Homologous gene regulatory networks control development of apical organs and brains in Bilateria., Feuda R, Peter IS., Sci Adv. November 4, 2022; 8 (44): eabo2416.

History's legacy: Why future progress in ecology demands a view of the past., Estes JA, Vermeij GJ., Ecology. November 1, 2022; 103 (11): e3788.

High strength and damage-tolerance in echinoderm stereom as a natural bicontinuous ceramic cellular solid., Yang T, Jia Z, Wu Z, Chen H, Deng Z, Chen L, Zhu Y, Li L., Nat Commun. October 14, 2022; 13 (1): 6083.

Holothuriophilus trapeziformis Nauck, 1880 (Decapoda: Pinnotheridae) from the Pacific coast of Mexico: taxonomic revision based on integrative taxonomy., Cortés-Carrasco F, Elías-Gutiérrez M, García-Madrigal MDS., PeerJ. October 6, 2022; 10 e12774.                  

High fitness areas drive the aggregation of the sea urchin Mesocentrotus nudus., Yu Y, Sun J, Chang Y, Zhao C., PeerJ. October 6, 2022; 10 e12820.      

Heavy metals in marine food web from Laizhou Bay, China: Levels, trophic magnification, and health risk assessment., Liu B, Lv L, An M, Wang T, Li M, Yu Y., Sci Total Environ. October 1, 2022; 841 156818.

Heat stress and evisceration caused lipid metabolism and neural transduction changes in sea cucumber: Evidence from metabolomics., Huo D, Su F, Cui W, Liu S, Zhang L, Yang H, Sun L., Mar Pollut Bull. September 1, 2022; 182 113993.

Hyperpolarization induces cytosolic alkalization of mouse sperm flagellum probably through sperm Na+/H+ exchanger., Hernández-Garduño S, Chávez JC, Matamoros-Volante A, Sánchez-Guevara Y, Torres P, Treviño CL, Nishigaki T., Reproduction. August 24, 2022; 164 (4): 125-134.

Hexagonal Voronoi pattern detected in the microstructural design of the echinoid skeleton., Perricone V, Grun TB, Rendina F, Marmo F, Candia Carnevali MD, Kowalewski M, Facchini A, De Stefano M, Santella L, Langella C, Micheletti A., J R Soc Interface. August 1, 2022; 19 (193): 20220226.                    

Hollow Ni3Se4 with High Tap Density as a Carbon-Free Sulfur Immobilizer to Realize High Volumetric and Gravimetric Capacity for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries., Yao Y, Chang C, Sun H, Guo D, Li R, Pu X, Zhai J., ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. June 8, 2022; 14 (22): 25267-25277.

Hydroxylamine mediated Fenton-like interfacial reaction dynamics on sea urchin-like catalyst derived from spent LiFePO4 battery., Zou W, Li J, Wang R, Ma J, Chen Z, Duan L, Mi H, Chen H., J Hazard Mater. June 5, 2022; 431 128590.

Heterochrony and parallel evolution of echinoderm, hemichordate and cephalochordate internal bars., Álvarez-Armada N, Cameron CB, Bauer JE, Rahman IA., Proc Biol Sci. May 11, 2022; 289 (1974): 20220258.      

Human cerebral organoids reveal progenitor pathology in EML1-linked cortical malformation., Jabali A, Hoffrichter A, Uzquiano A, Marsoner F, Wilkens R, Siekmann M, Bohl B, Rossetti AC, Horschitz S, Koch P, Francis F, Ladewig J., EMBO Rep. May 4, 2022; 23 (5): e54027.                

Habitat-dependent trophic transfer of legacy and emerging halogenated flame retardants in estuarine and coastal food webs near a source region., Li Y, Zhang J, Ji C, Xiao P, Tang J., Environ Pollut. May 1, 2022; 300 118987.

Hydrocoel morphogenesis forming the pentaradial body plan in a sea cucumber, Apostichopus japonicus., Udagawa S, Ikeda T, Oguchi K, Kohtsuka H, Miura T., Sci Rep. April 11, 2022; 12 (1): 6025.            

Harmonizing model organism data in the Alliance of Genome Resources., null null., Genetics. April 4, 2022; 220 (4):                 

Hepatoprotective effects of sea cucumber ether-phospholipids against alcohol-induced lipid metabolic dysregulation and oxidative stress in mice., Wang X, Wang Y, Liu Y, Cong P, Xu J, Xue C., Food Funct. March 7, 2022; 13 (5): 2791-2804.

Highly stable, antihypertensive, and antioxidative peptide production from Apostichopus japonicus by integrated enzymatic membrane reactor and nanofilter-purification mechanism., Quaisie J, Ma H, Guo Y, Tuly JA, Igbokwe CJ, Ekumah JN, Akpabli-Tsigbe NDK, Yanhua D, Liu D., Food Funct. February 21, 2022; 13 (4): 2306-2322.

Highly Stretchable Flame-Retardant Skin for Soft Robotics with Hydrogel-Montmorillonite-Based Translucent Matrix., Banerjee H, Sivaperuman Kalairaj M, Chang TH, Fu F, Chen PY, Ren H., Soft Robot. February 1, 2022; 9 (1): 98-118.

Highly sensitive SERS detection of residual nitrofurantoin and 1-amino-hydantoin in aquatic products and feeds., Fan W, Gao W, Jiao J, Wang D, Fan M., Luminescence. January 1, 2022; 37 (1): 82-88.

Holothurian fucosylated chondroitin sulfates and their potential benefits for human health: Structures and biological activities., Xu H, Zhou Q, Liu B, Chen F, Wang M., Carbohydr Polym. January 1, 2022; 275 118691.

High levels of connectivity over large distances in the diadematid sea urchin Centrostephanus sylviae., Veliz D, Rojas-Hernández N, Fibla P, Dewitte B, Cornejo-Guzmán S, Parada C., PLoS One. November 4, 2021; 16 (11): e0259595.              

High-molecular-weight fucosylated glycosaminoglycan induces human platelet aggregation depending on αIIbβ3 and platelet secretion., Lin L, Yang L, Chen J, Zhou L, Li S, Gao N, Zhao J., Platelets. October 3, 2021; 32 (7): 975-983.

Human disease-associated extracellular matrix orthologs ECM3 and QBRICK regulate primary mesenchymal cell migration in sea urchin embryos., Kiyozumi D, Yaguchi S, Yaguchi J, Yamazaki A, Sekiguchi K., Exp Anim. August 6, 2021; 70 (3): 378-386.          

How to Wear a Sandy Coat: Secretory Cells in the Dorsal Epidermis in the Sea Cucumber Holothuria atra (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea)., Aruga N, Hirose E., Zoolog Sci. June 1, 2021; 38 (3): 252-258.

Habitat loss and range shifts contribute to ecological generalization among reef fishes., Stuart-Smith RD, Mellin C, Bates AE, Edgar GJ., Nat Ecol Evol. May 1, 2021; 5 (5): 656-662.

Highly Sensitive and Durable Sea-Urchin-Shaped Silver Nanoparticles Strain Sensors for Human-Activity Monitoring., Zou Q, He K, Ou-Yang J, Zhang Y, Shen Y, Jin C., ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. March 31, 2021; 13 (12): 14479-14488.

Holospiniferoside: A New Antitumor Cerebroside from The Red Sea Cucumber Holothuria spinifera: In Vitro and In Silico Studies., Eltamany EE, Abdelmohsen UR, Hal DM, Ibrahim AK, Hassanean HA, Abdelhameed RFA, Temraz TA, Hajjar D, Makki AA, Hendawy OM, AboulMagd AM, Youssif KA, Bringmann G, Ahmed SA., Molecules. March 12, 2021; 26 (6):             

Humoral responses during wound healing in Holothuria tubulosa (Gmelin, 1788)., Mauro M, Queiroz V, Arizza V, Campobello D, Custódio MR, Chiaramonte M, Vazzana M., Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol. January 1, 2021; 253 110550.

Holothuria scabra Extract Induces Cell Apoptosis and Suppresses Warburg Effect by Down-Regulating Akt/mTOR/HIF-1 Axis in MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cells., Yurasakpong L, Apisawetakan S, Pranweerapaiboon K, Sobhon P, Chaithirayanon K., Nutr Cancer. January 1, 2021; 73 (10): 1964-1975.

How to select the best upfront therapy for metastatic disease? Focus on ALK-rearranged non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)., Xia B, Nagasaka M, Zhu VW, Ou SI, Soo RA., Transl Lung Cancer Res. December 1, 2020; 9 (6): 2521-2534.    

Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors from Marine Invertebrates., Luparello C, Mauro M, Arizza V, Vazzana M., Biology (Basel). November 28, 2020; 9 (12):                                               

Heavy Metals Contamination in Shellfish: Benefit-Risk Evaluation in Central Italy., Barchiesi F, Branciari R, Latini M, Roila R, Lediani G, Filippini G, Scortichini G, Piersanti A, Rocchegiani E, Ranucci D., Foods. November 23, 2020; 9 (11):         

Hydroids (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) from Mauritanian Coral Mounds., Gil M, Ramil F, AgÍs JA., Zootaxa. November 16, 2020; 4878 (3): zootaxa.4878.3.2.

Homing behaviour by destructive crown-of-thorns starfish is triggered by local availability of coral prey., Ling SD, Cowan ZL, Boada J, Flukes EB, Pratchett MS., Proc Biol Sci. November 11, 2020; 287 (1938): 20201341.

High HIV prevalence among transgender women in Paraguay., Aguilar G, Samudio T, Lopez G, Jimenez L, Wilson EC, McFarland W, Rios-Gonzalez C, Muñoz S., Int J STD AIDS. November 1, 2020; 31 (13): 1308-1314.

Highly-selective detection of EGFR mutation gene in lung cancer based on surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and asymmetric PCR., Guo T, Li W, Qian L, Yan X, Cui D, Zhao J, Ni H, Zhao X, Zhang Z, Li X, Huang L, Wang L., J Pharm Biomed Anal. October 25, 2020; 190 113522.

Horizontal and vertical movements of starry smooth-hound Mustelus asterias in the northeast Atlantic., Griffiths CA, Wright SR, Silva JF, Ellis JR, Righton DA, McCully Phillips SR., PLoS One. October 9, 2020; 15 (10): e0239480.              

Hp-s1 Ganglioside Suppresses Proinflammatory Responses by Inhibiting MyD88-Dependent NF-κB and JNK/p38 MAPK Pathways in Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Microglial Cells., Shih JH, Tsai YF, Li IH, Chen MH, Huang YS., Mar Drugs. September 29, 2020; 18 (10):               

High-resolution crystal structure and biochemical characterization of a GH11 endoxylanase from Nectria haematococca., Andaleeb H, Ullah N, Falke S, Perbandt M, Brognaro H, Betzel C., Sci Rep. September 24, 2020; 10 (1): 15658.            

How sea urchins face microplastics: Uptake, tissue distribution and immune system response., Murano C, Agnisola C, Caramiello D, Castellano I, Casotti R, Corsi I, Palumbo A., Environ Pollut. September 1, 2020; 264 114685.

Hepatitis E virus genotype 3 in echinoderms: First report of sea urchin (Paracentrotus lividus) contamination., Santos-Ferreira N, Mesquita JR, Rivadulla E, Inácio ÂS, Martins da Costa P, Romalde JL, Nascimento MSJ., Food Microbiol. August 1, 2020; 89 103415.

Hydroponic growth test of maize sprouts to evaluate As, Cd, Cr and Pb translocation from mineral fertilizer and As and Cr speciation., Fioroto AM, Albuquerque LGR, Carvalho AAC, Oliveira AP, Rodrigues F, Oliveira PV., Environ Pollut. July 1, 2020; 262 114216.

High affinity between CREBBP/p300 and NCOA evolved in vertebrates., Karlsson E, Lindberg A, Andersson E, Jemth P., Protein Sci. July 1, 2020; 29 (7): 1687-1691.  

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