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Ross Fiziol Zh Im I M Sechenova 1998 Oct 01;8410:1049-60.
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[Quantitative analysis of ligand-receptor interactions in physiological experiments].

Manukhin BN , Berdysheva LV , Boń≠ko OV , Kichikulova TP , Nesterova LA .

In isolated smooth muscles of the sea cucumber, the rat intestine, vas deferens and portal vein, and in chick embryonic amnion, contractile responses of smooth muscles to transmitters and their agonists were described with two equations: p = (Pm.A(n))/(EC50n + A(n)) [7] or p = [(Pm1.An1)/(EC50(1)n1 + An1)] + [(Pm2.An2)/(EC50(2)n2 + An2)] [8]. The findings reveal a possibility of ligand-receptor interaction according to several models: a single receptor pool with n = 1 or n not equal to 1; two receptor pools in the same effector system with n1 = n2 or n1 not equal to n2.

PubMed ID: 10097272
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Genes referenced: ddx4 LOC100887844 PAX6