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J Biol Chem 1976 Sep 25;25118:5793-801.
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Dynein 2. A new adenosine triphosphatase from sea urchin sperm flagella.

Ogawa K , Gibbons IR .

A new ATPase electrophoretically and immunologically distinct from the dynein ATPase studied previously has been solublized and purified from sea urchin sperm flagella. This ATPase has properties similar to those of dynein ATPase. Therefore, we propose that the two ATPases be considered as dynein isoenzymes, with previously studied dynein being known as dynein 1, and the newly discovered ATPase as dynein 2. Some physicochemical and enzymatic properties of dynein 2 have been determined. The molecular weight calculated from the sedimentation coefficient (12.3 "/- 1 S) and Stokes radius (12.8 "/- 0.4 nm) is 690,000 +/- 70,000. The molecular weight of the high molecular weight subunit of dynein 2 has been determined to be 325,000 +/- 40,000 by Na dodecyl-SO4-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The enzymatic properties of dynein 1 and dynein 2 are similar in substrate specificity, pH optimum, and Mg2+ requirement for ATPase activity, but they differ in their Michaelis constant and in their dependence of ATPase activity upon salt concentration. Digestion of dynein 2 with trypsin yields an ATPase-containing protein fragment, similar to Fragment A obtained from dynein 1. An antiserum prepared against Fragment A from dynein 1 did not precipitate dynein 2 or inhibit its ATPase activity.

PubMed ID: 134996
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Genes referenced: dnah3 LOC100887844 LOC581395