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Show:     All S. purpuratus L. variegatus P. miniata A. planci

Nucleotide sequences for dync2h1 - All

Models - Gene (4)
Models - mRNA (1)
mRNAs (19)
ESTs (0)

Models - Gene (4)

Source Version Model Species
NCBI_REFSEQ/JGI 5.0 LOC574968 S. purpuratus
NCBI_REFSEQ/JGI 3.1 LOC574968 S. purpuratus
NCBI_REFSEQ/JGI 3.0 LOC119727589 P. miniata
NCBI_REFSEQ/JGI 1.0 LOC110985931 A. planci

Models - mRNA (1)

Source Version Model Species
NCBI_REFSEQ/JGI 5.0 XM_030980712.1 S. purpuratus

mRNAs (19)

Clone Accession Species Library Anatomy Stage
JT116619 S. purpuratus
JT099740 S. purpuratus
XM_030980712 S. purpuratus
JT110386 S. purpuratus
JT099079 S. purpuratus
JT103970 S. purpuratus
JT110832 S. purpuratus
JT112245 S. purpuratus
JT099134 S. purpuratus
JT106416 S. purpuratus
JT120327 S. purpuratus
GHFM01000044 S. purpuratus
XM_022247403 A. planci
XM_022247402 A. planci
GGEY02072585 P. miniata
XM_038199531 P. miniata
XM_038199530 P. miniata
XM_038199529 P. miniata
XM_038199528 P. miniata

ESTs (0)