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Barsi Lab

Research Interests

The Barsi Lab studies the transcriptional cis-regulatory code.

Research Area

Julius Barsi is a molecular biologist whose research aims to explain the mechanism by which genomic information is translated into anatomical structure. At its core, he studies transcriptional control mechanisms. His experiments are directed at all levels of biological organization, ranging from transcription-factor DNA interactions that control spatial and temporal gene expressions, up to a systems-level analysis of large regulatory networks. For his studies, he employs a wide variety of model organisms, including mice, frogs, fish, and invertebrates. However, at BIOS, the Barsi Lab utilizes local echinoderms, in conjunction with third-generation sequencing, to decipher the transcriptional cis-regulatory code. His research has pioneered high-throughput methods that allow genome-wide interrogation in vivo of individual cell types; generated massively parallel reporter assays to identify cis-regulatory elements; and exploited the programmable chemistry of nucleic acid base-pairing to visualize multiple RNA species with unprecedented precision. Recently his interests have expanded into the realm of robotics to build a fully-automated genomic sequencer.


Institution: Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
17 Biological Station
Ferry Reach
St. George's
GE 01, Bermuda

Web Page:

General/Lab Fax: (441) 297-1880