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Knowledge Gaps in the Biology, Ecology, and Management of the Pacific Crown-of-Thorns Sea Star Acanthaster sp. on Australia''s Great Barrier Reef., Pratchett MS, Caballes CF, Cvitanovic C, Raymundo ML, Babcock RC, Bonin MC, Bozec YM, Burn D, Byrne M, Castro-Sanguino C, Chen CCM, Condie SA, Cowan ZL, Deaker DJ, Desbiens A, Devantier LM, Doherty PJ, Doll PC, Doyle JR, Dworjanyn SA, Fabricius KE, Haywood MDE, Hock K, Hoggett AK, Høj L, Keesing JK, Kenchington RA, Lang BJ, Ling SD, Matthews SA, McCallum HI, Mellin C, Mos B, Motti CA, Mumby PJ, Stump RJW, Uthicke S, Vail L, Wolfe K, Wilson SK., Biol Bull. December 1, 2021; 241 (3): 330-346.

Echidnas of the Sea: The Defensive Behavior of Juvenile and Adult Crown-of-Thorns Sea Stars., Deaker DJ, Balogh R, Dworjanyn SA, Mos B, Byrne M., Biol Bull. December 1, 2021; 241 (3): 259-270.

Diet flexibility and growth of the early herbivorous juvenile crown-of-thorns sea star, implications for its boom-bust population dynamics., Deaker DJ, Mos B, Lin HA, Lawson C, Budden C, Dworjanyn SA, Byrne M., PLoS One. July 20, 2020; 15 (7): e0236142.        

The hidden army: corallivorous crown-of-thorns seastars can spend years as herbivorous juveniles., Deaker DJ, Agüera A, Lin HA, Lawson C, Budden C, Dworjanyn SA, Mos B, Byrne M., Biol Lett. April 1, 2020; 16 (4): 20190849.

Building global change resilience: Concrete has the potential to ameliorate the negative effects of climate-driven ocean change on a newly-settled calcifying invertebrate., Mos B, Dworjanyn SA, Mamo LT, Kelaher BP., Sci Total Environ. January 1, 2019; 646 1349-1358.

Impacts of ocean acidification on sea urchin growth across the juvenile to mature adult life-stage transition is mitigated by warming., Dworjanyn SA, Byrne M., Proc Biol Sci. April 11, 2018; 285 (1876):

Moderate ocean warming mitigates, but more extreme warming exacerbates the impacts of zinc from engineered nanoparticles on a marine larva., Mos B, Kaposi KL, Rose AL, Kelaher B, Dworjanyn SA., Environ Pollut. September 1, 2017; 228 190-200.

Indirect effects of ocean acidification drive feeding and growth of juvenile crown-of-thorns starfish, Acanthaster planci., Kamya PZ, Byrne M, Mos B, Hall L, Dworjanyn SA., Proc Biol Sci. June 14, 2017; 284 (1856):

A Waterborne Pursuit-Deterrent Signal Deployed by a Sea Urchin., Sheppard-Brennand H, Poore AGB, Dworjanyn SA., Am Nat. June 1, 2017; 189 (6): 700-708.

Consumption of aquaculture waste affects the fatty acid metabolism of a benthic invertebrate., White CA, Bannister RJ, Dworjanyn SA, Husa V, Nichols PD, Kutti T, Dempster T., Sci Total Environ. May 15, 2017; 586 1170-1181.

Superstars: Assessing nutrient thresholds for enhanced larval success of Acanthaster planci, a review of the evidence., Wolfe K, Graba-Landry A, Dworjanyn SA, Byrne M., Mar Pollut Bull. March 15, 2017; 116 (1-2): 307-314.

Climate-driven disparities among ecological interactions threaten kelp forest persistence., Provost EJ, Kelaher BP, Dworjanyn SA, Russell BD, Connell SD, Ghedini G, Gillanders BM, Figueira W, Coleman MA., Glob Chang Biol. January 1, 2017; 23 (1): 353-361.

Future aquafeeds may compromise reproductive fitness in a marine invertebrate., White CA, Dworjanyn SA, Nichols PD, Mos B, Dempster T., Mar Environ Res. December 1, 2016; 122 67-75.

Biogenic acidification reduces sea urchin gonad growth and increases susceptibility of aquaculture to ocean acidification., Mos B, Byrne M, Dworjanyn SA., Mar Environ Res. February 1, 2016; 113 39-48.

Larval starvation to satiation: influence of nutrient regime on the success of Acanthaster planci., Wolfe K, Graba-Landry A, Dworjanyn SA, Byrne M., PLoS One. March 16, 2015; 10 (3): e0122010.            

Increased temperature, but not acidification, enhances fertilization and development in a tropical urchin: potential for adaptation to a tropicalized eastern Australia., Foo SA, Dworjanyn SA, Khatkar MS, Poore AG, Byrne M., Evol Appl. December 1, 2014; 7 (10): 1226-37.      

Warming influences Mg2+ content, while warming and acidification influence calcification and test strength of a sea urchin., Byrne M, Smith AM, West S, Collard M, Dubois P, Graba-landry A, Dworjanyn SA., Environ Sci Technol. November 4, 2014; 48 (21): 12620-7.

Larvae of the coral eating crown-of-thorns starfish, Acanthaster planci in a warmer-high CO2 ocean., Kamya PZ, Dworjanyn SA, Hardy N, Mos B, Uthicke S, Byrne M., Glob Chang Biol. November 1, 2014; 20 (11): 3365-76.

Ingestion of microplastic has limited impact on a marine larva., Kaposi KL, Mos B, Kelaher BP, Dworjanyn SA., Environ Sci Technol. January 1, 2014; 48 (3): 1638-45.

Impacts of ocean acidification on early life-history stages and settlement of the coral-eating sea star Acanthaster planci., Uthicke S, Pecorino D, Albright R, Negri AP, Cantin N, Liddy M, Dworjanyn S, Kamya P, Byrne M, Lamare M., PLoS One. December 20, 2013; 8 (12): e82938.          

Effects of ocean warming and acidification on survival, growth and skeletal development in the early benthic juvenile sea urchin (Heliocidaris erythrogramma)., Wolfe K, Dworjanyn SA, Byrne M., Glob Chang Biol. September 1, 2013; 19 (9): 2698-707.

The stunting effect of a high CO2 ocean on calcification and development in sea urchin larvae, a synthesis from the tropics to the poles., Byrne M, Lamare M, Winter D, Dworjanyn SA, Uthicke S., Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. August 26, 2013; 368 (1627): 20120439.

Adaptive capacity of the habitat modifying sea urchin Centrostephanus rodgersii to ocean warming and ocean acidification: performance of early embryos., Foo SA, Dworjanyn SA, Poore AG, Byrne M., PLoS One. January 1, 2012; 7 (8): e42497.    

Unshelled abalone and corrupted urchins: development of marine calcifiers in a changing ocean., Byrne M, Ho M, Wong E, Soars NA, Selvakumaraswamy P, Shepard-Brennand H, Dworjanyn SA, Davis AR., Proc Biol Sci. August 7, 2011; 278 (1716): 2376-83.

Do cues matter? Highly inductive settlement cues don''t ensure high post-settlement survival in sea urchin aquaculture., Mos B, Cowden KL, Nielsen SJ, Dworjanyn SA., PLoS One. January 1, 2011; 6 (12): e28054.            

Impact of ocean warming and ocean acidification on larval development and calcification in the sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla., Sheppard Brennand H, Soars N, Dworjanyn SA, Davis AR, Byrne M., PLoS One. June 29, 2010; 5 (6): e11372.        

Sea urchin fertilization in a warm, acidified and high pCO2 ocean across a range of sperm densities., Byrne M, Soars N, Selvakumaraswamy P, Dworjanyn SA, Davis AR., Mar Environ Res. May 1, 2010; 69 (4): 234-9.

Temperature, but not pH, compromises sea urchin fertilization and early development under near-future climate change scenarios., Byrne M, Ho M, Selvakumaraswamy P, Nguyen HD, Dworjanyn SA, Davis AR., Proc Biol Sci. May 22, 2009; 276 (1663): 1883-8.

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