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Biochemical metabolomic profiling of the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish (Acanthaster): New insight into its biology for improved pest management., Mendoza-Porras O, Nguyen TV, Shah RM, Thomas-Hall P, Bastin L, Deaker DJ, Motti CA, Byrne M, Beale DJ., Sci Total Environ. February 25, 2023; 861 160525.

Crown of thorns starfish life-history traits contribute to outbreaks, a continuing concern for coral reefs., Deaker DJ, Byrne M., Emerg Top Life Sci. March 14, 2022; 6 (1): 67-79.          

Knowledge Gaps in the Biology, Ecology, and Management of the Pacific Crown-of-Thorns Sea Star Acanthaster sp. on Australia''s Great Barrier Reef., Pratchett MS, Caballes CF, Cvitanovic C, Raymundo ML, Babcock RC, Bonin MC, Bozec YM, Burn D, Byrne M, Castro-Sanguino C, Chen CCM, Condie SA, Cowan ZL, Deaker DJ, Desbiens A, Devantier LM, Doherty PJ, Doll PC, Doyle JR, Dworjanyn SA, Fabricius KE, Haywood MDE, Hock K, Hoggett AK, Høj L, Keesing JK, Kenchington RA, Lang BJ, Ling SD, Matthews SA, McCallum HI, Mellin C, Mos B, Motti CA, Mumby PJ, Stump RJW, Uthicke S, Vail L, Wolfe K, Wilson SK., Biol Bull. December 1, 2021; 241 (3): 330-346.

The Waiting Stage, Prolonged Residency in Nursery Habitats by Juveniles of the Predatory Sea Star Marthasterias glacialis., Byrne M, Minchin D, Clements M, Deaker DJ., Biol Bull. December 1, 2021; 241 (3): 219-230.

Echidnas of the Sea: The Defensive Behavior of Juvenile and Adult Crown-of-Thorns Sea Stars., Deaker DJ, Balogh R, Dworjanyn SA, Mos B, Byrne M., Biol Bull. December 1, 2021; 241 (3): 259-270.

Microbiome reduction and endosymbiont gain from a switch in sea urchin life history., Carrier TJ, Leigh BA, Deaker DJ, Devens HR, Wray GA, Bordenstein SR, Byrne M, Reitzel AM., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. April 20, 2021; 118 (16):

Ocean acidification induces distinct transcriptomic responses across life history stages of the sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma., Devens HR, Davidson PL, Deaker DJ, Smith KE, Wray GA, Byrne M., Mol Ecol. December 1, 2020; 29 (23): 4618-4636.

Diet flexibility and growth of the early herbivorous juvenile crown-of-thorns sea star, implications for its boom-bust population dynamics., Deaker DJ, Mos B, Lin HA, Lawson C, Budden C, Dworjanyn SA, Byrne M., PLoS One. July 20, 2020; 15 (7): e0236142.        

The hidden army: corallivorous crown-of-thorns seastars can spend years as herbivorous juveniles., Deaker DJ, Agüera A, Lin HA, Lawson C, Budden C, Dworjanyn SA, Mos B, Byrne M., Biol Lett. April 1, 2020; 16 (4): 20190849.

Sea urchin reproductive performance in a changing ocean: poor males improve while good males worsen in response to ocean acidification., Smith KE, Byrne M, Deaker D, Hird CM, Nielson C, Wilson-McNeal A, Lewis C., Proc Biol Sci. July 24, 2019; 286 (1907): 20190785.        

Cherchez la femme - impact of ocean acidification on the egg jelly coat and attractants for sperm., Foo SA, Deaker D, Byrne M., J Exp Biol. July 2, 2018; 221 (Pt 13):

Altered sediment biota and lagoon habitat carbonate dynamics due to sea cucumber bioturbation in a high-pCO2 environment., Wolfe K, Vidal-Ramirez F, Dove S, Deaker D, Byrne M., Glob Chang Biol. January 1, 2018; 24 (1): 465-480.

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