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Vasa nucleates asymmetric translation along the mitotic spindle during unequal cell divisions., Fernandez-Nicolas A, Uchida A, Poon J, Yajima M., Nat Commun. April 20, 2022; 13 (1): 2145.                

Micromere formation and its evolutionary implications in the sea urchin., Emura N, Yajima M., Curr Top Dev Biol. January 1, 2022; 146 211-238.

Sperm lacking Bindin are infertile but are otherwise indistinguishable from wildtype sperm., Wessel GM, Wada Y, Yajima M, Kiyomoto M., Sci Rep. November 3, 2021; 11 (1): 21583.            

Light-induced, spatiotemporal control of protein in the developing embryo of the sea urchin., Wavreil FDM, Poon J, Wessel GM, Yajima M., Dev Biol. October 1, 2021; 478 13-24.

Bindin is essential for fertilization in the sea urchin., Wessel GM, Wada Y, Yajima M, Kiyomoto M., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. August 24, 2021; 118 (34):     

Functional contribution of DCLKs in sea urchin development., Xu D, Wavreil FDM, Waldron A, Yajima M., Dev Dyn. August 1, 2021; 250 (8): 1160-1172.

CRISPR-Cas9 editing of non-coding genomic loci as a means of controlling gene expression in the sea urchin., Pieplow A, Dastaw M, Sakuma T, Sakamoto N, Yamamoto T, Yajima M, Oulhen N, Wessel GM., Dev Biol. April 1, 2021; 472 85-97.

Genetic manipulation of the pigment pathway in a sea urchin reveals distinct lineage commitment prior to metamorphosis in the bilateral to radial body plan transition., Wessel GM, Kiyomoto M, Shen TL, Yajima M., Sci Rep. February 6, 2020; 10 (1): 1973.                  

A tumor suppressor Retinoblastoma1 is essential for embryonic development in the sea urchin., Fernandez-Nicolas A, Xu D, Yajima M., Dev Dyn. December 1, 2019; 248 (12): 1273-1285.

Evolutionary modification of AGS protein contributes to formation of micromeres in sea urchins., Poon J, Fries A, Wessel GM, Yajima M., Nat Commun. August 22, 2019; 10 (1): 3779.                  

An optogenetic approach to control protein localization during embryogenesis of the sea urchin., Uchida A, Yajima M., Dev Biol. September 1, 2018; 441 (1): 19-30.

Single nucleotide editing without DNA cleavage using CRISPR/Cas9-deaminase in the sea urchin embryo., Shevidi S, Uchida A, Schudrowitz N, Wessel GM, Yajima M., Dev Dyn. December 1, 2017; 246 (12): 1036-1046.

The diversity of nanos expression in echinoderm embryos supports different mechanisms in germ cell specification., Fresques T, Swartz SZ, Juliano C, Morino Y, Kikuchi M, Akasaka K, Wada H, Yajima M, Wessel GM., Evol Dev. July 1, 2016; 18 (4): 267-78.

Essential elements for translation: the germline factor Vasa functions broadly in somatic cells., Yajima M, Wessel GM., Development. June 1, 2015; 142 (11): 1960-70.

The biology of the germ line in echinoderms., Wessel GM, Brayboy L, Fresques T, Gustafson EA, Oulhen N, Ramos I, Reich A, Swartz SZ, Yajima M, Zazueta V., Mol Reprod Dev. August 1, 2014; 81 (8): 679-711.

Origin and development of the germ line in sea stars., Wessel GM, Fresques T, Kiyomoto M, Yajima M, Zazueta V., Genesis. May 1, 2014; 52 (5): 367-77.

Piwi regulates Vasa accumulation during embryogenesis in the sea urchin., Yajima M, Gustafson EA, Song JL, Wessel GM., Dev Dyn. March 1, 2014; 243 (3): 451-8.

The 3''UTR of nanos2 directs enrichment in the germ cell lineage of the sea urchin., Oulhen N, Yoshida T, Yajima M, Song JL, Sakuma T, Sakamoto N, Yamamoto T, Wessel GM., Dev Biol. May 1, 2013; 377 (1): 275-83.

Meiotic gene expression initiates during larval development in the sea urchin., Yajima M, Suglia E, Gustafson EA, Wessel GM., Dev Dyn. February 1, 2013; 242 (2): 155-63.

ISWI contributes to ArsI insulator function in development of the sea urchin., Yajima M, Fairbrother WG, Wessel GM., Development. October 1, 2012; 139 (19): 3613-22.

Autonomy in specification of primordial germ cells and their passive translocation in the sea urchin., Yajima M, Wessel GM., Development. October 1, 2012; 139 (20): 3786-94.

Nucleosome exclusion from the interspecies-conserved central AT-rich region of the Ars insulator., Takagi H, Inai Y, Watanabe S, Tatemoto S, Yajima M, Akasaka K, Yamamoto T, Sakamoto N., J Biochem. January 1, 2012; 151 (1): 75-87.

The DEAD-box RNA helicase Vasa functions in embryonic mitotic progression in the sea urchin., Yajima M, Wessel GM., Development. June 1, 2011; 138 (11): 2217-22.

Post-translational regulation by gustavus contributes to selective Vasa protein accumulation in multipotent cells during embryogenesis., Gustafson EA, Yajima M, Juliano CE, Wessel GM., Dev Biol. January 15, 2011; 349 (2): 440-50.

Small micromeres contribute to the germline in the sea urchin., Yajima M, Wessel GM., Development. January 1, 2011; 138 (2): 237-43.

Implication of HpEts in gene regulatory networks responsible for specification of sea urchin skeletogenic primary mesenchyme cells., Yajima M, Umeda R, Fuchikami T, Kataoka M, Sakamoto N, Yamamoto T, Akasaka K., Zoolog Sci. August 1, 2010; 27 (8): 638-46.

Excision and transposition activity of Tc1/mariner superfamily transposons in sea urchin embryos., Sasakura Y, Yaguchi J, Yaguchi S, Yajima M., Zoolog Sci. March 1, 2010; 27 (3): 256-62.

Nanos functions to maintain the fate of the small micromere lineage in the sea urchin embryo., Juliano CE, Yajima M, Wessel GM., Dev Biol. January 15, 2010; 337 (2): 220-32.

A switch in the cellular basis of skeletogenesis in late-stage sea urchin larvae., Yajima M., Dev Biol. July 15, 2007; 307 (2): 272-81.

Evolutionary modification of mesenchyme cells in sand dollars in the transition from indirect to direct development., Yajima M., Evol Dev. May 1, 2007; 9 (3): 257-66.

Ars insulator protects transgenes from long-term silencing in sea urchin larva., Yajima M, Kiyomoto M, Akasaka K., Dev Genes Evol. April 1, 2007; 217 (4): 331-6.

Study of larval and adult skeletogenic cells in developing sea urchin larvae., Yajima M, Kiyomoto M., Biol Bull. October 1, 2006; 211 (2): 183-92.

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