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gRNA Name: LOC588806 gRNA21
Synonyms: SpPKS1 547
Genomic Target: LOC588806
Derived from:


Genomic Target S. purpuratus A. planci P. miniata L. variegatus
Genomic Alignments Position Identity Strand Genomic Target
S. purpuratus 5.0 NW_022145610.1:2716401..2716420 19/20 Antisense LOC588806
NW_022145612.1:15987739..15987758 19/20 Antisense LOC105439527
NW_022145614.1:25636822..25636841 16/20 Sense LOC100889855
P. miniata 3.0 NW_024037058.1:2801085..2801104 17/20 Antisense drg1
NW_024037065.1:4821181..4821200 17/20 Antisense LOC119733870
NW_024037053.1:568267..568286 16/20 Sense LOC119722309
NW_024037059.1:28824587..28824606 16/20 Antisense LOC119728508
NW_024037072.1:6629404..6629423 16/20 Sense LOC119742120
XR_005271529.1:1191..1210 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271530.1:536..555 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271531.1:503..522 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271532.1:353..372 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271533.1:354..373 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271534.1:392..411 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271535.1:1145..1164 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271536.1:912..931 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271537.1:455..474 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271538.1:309..328 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271539.1:904..923 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271540.1:321..340 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271541.1:474..493 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271542.1:455..474 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271543.1:469..488 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271544.1:307..326 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
XR_005271545.1:345..364 16/20 Sense LOC119732247
NW_024037052.1:12976597..12976616 18/20
NW_024037074.1:13702935..13702954 18/20
NW_024037063.1:3401596..3401615 17/20
NW_024037071.1:12210602..12210621 17/20
NW_024037072.1:5113780..5113799 17/20
NW_024037074.1:20570421..20570440 17/20
L. variegatus 3.0 chr12:29614147..29614166 18/20 Sense LOC121425375
chr12:32200426..32200445 18/20 Sense LOC121424943
chr9:5931373..5931392 18/20 Antisense LOC121421003
chr16:13286978..13286997 17/20
chr2:17980091..17980110 17/20
chr14:19620009..19620028 16/20
chr18:18398990..18399009 16/20
chr6:15915435..15915454 16/20
chr6:16890444..16890463 16/20
First: Optimizing CRISPR/Cas9-based gene manipulation in echinoderms., Dev Biol 2022  
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