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Redescription and designation of a neotype for Ophiothrix angulata (Say, 1825 (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea: Ophiotrichidae)., Santana A, Manso CLC, Almeida ACS, Alves OFS., Zootaxa. 4344 (2): 291-307.

Regio-specific lipid fingerprinting of edible sea cucumbers using LC/MS., Minami Y, B Gowda SG, Gowda D, Chiba H, Hui SP., Food Res Int. May 1, 2024; 184 114253.

Research on patient-centred care "feeds the soul": Reflections from Dr Moira Stewart's outstanding career., Hutchison B, Stewart M., Can Fam Physician. May 1, 2024; 70 (5): 356-358.

Reproductive toxicity assessment of cellulose nanofibers, citric acid, and branched polyethylenimine in sea urchins: eco-design of nanostructured cellulose sponge framework (Part B)., Esposito MC, Riva L, Russo GL, Punta C, Corsi I, Tosti E, Gallo A., Environ Pollut. April 6, 2024; 123934.

Regulation mechanisms of sea cucumber peptides against scopolamine-induced memory disorder and novel memory-improving peptides identification., Lu Z, Yang J, Xu X, Liu R, Lin S., Eur J Pharmacol. April 5, 2024; 968 176430.

ROCK and the actomyosin network control biomineral growth and morphology during sea urchin skeletogenesis., Hijaze E, Gildor T, Seidel R, Layous M, Winter M, Bertinetti L, Politi Y, Ben-Tabou de-Leon S., Elife. April 4, 2024; 12

Response of diademed sifaka (Propithecus diadema) to fosa (Cryptoprocta ferox) predation in the Betampona Strict Nature Reserve, Madagascar., Bonadonna G, Ramilijaona OM, Raharivololona BM, Andrianarimisa A, Razafindraibe H, Freeman K, Rasambainarivo F, Wroblewski EE, Milich KM., Ecol Evol. April 1, 2024; 14 (4): e11248.

Rab35 Is Required for Embryonic Development and Kidney and Ureter Homeostasis through Regulation of Epithelial Cell Junctions., Clearman KR, Timpratoom N, Patel D, Rains AB, Haycraft CJ, Croyle MJ, Reiter JF, Yoder BK., J Am Soc Nephrol. March 26, 2024;

Repeated Hyposalinity Pulses Immediately And Persistently Impair The Sea Urchin Adhesive System., Garner AM, Moura AJ, Narvaez CA, Stark AY, Russell MP., Integr Comp Biol. March 5, 2024;

Recent progress in marine chondroitin sulfate, dermatan sulfate, and chondroitin sulfate/dermatan sulfate hybrid chains as potential functional foods and therapeutic agents., Yuan Q, Shi X, Ma H, Yao Y, Zhang B, Zhao L., Int J Biol Macromol. March 1, 2024; 262 (Pt 1): 129969.

Rare, long-distance dispersal underpins genetic connectivity in the pink sea fan, Eunicella verrucosa., Macleod KL, Jenkins TL, Witt MJ, Stevens JR., Evol Appl. March 1, 2024; 17 (3): e13649.

Removal of detritivore sea cucumbers from reefs increases coral disease., Clements CS, Pratte ZA, Stewart FJ, Hay ME., Nat Commun. February 26, 2024; 15 (1): 1338.

Repercussion of inflammatory bowel disease on lung homeostasis: The role of photobiomodulation., de Souza V, Bitencourt KCQM, Rodrigues VMM, Schapochnik A, da Palma Cruz M, Damazo AS, Ferreira CM, Cecatto RB, Destro MFS, Lino-Dos-Santos-Franco A., Lasers Med Sci. February 20, 2024; 39 (1): 70.

Rare Ophiuroid-Type Steroid 3β,21-, 3β,22-, and 3α,22-Disulfates from the Slime Sea Star Pteraster marsippus and Their Colony-Inhibiting Effects against Human Breast Cancer Cells., Kicha AA, Malyarenko TV, Kuzmich AS, Malyarenko OS, Kalinovsky AI, Popov RS, Tolkanov DK, Ivanchina NV., Mar Drugs. January 12, 2024; 22 (1):

ReMASTER: improved phylodynamic simulation for BEAST 2.7., Vaughan TG., Bioinformatics. January 2, 2024; 40 (1):

Recombinant SpTransformer proteins are functionally diverse for binding and phagocytosis by three subtypes of sea urchin phagocytes., Crow RS, Shaw CG, Grayfer L, Smith LC., Front Immunol. January 1, 2024; 15 1372904.

Record-breaking marine heatwave in northern Yellow Sea during summer 2018: Characteristics, drivers and ecological impact., Li Y, Ren G, Wang Q, Mu L, Niu Q, Su H., Sci Total Environ. December 15, 2023; 904 166385.

Regeneration of starfish radial nerve cord restores animal mobility and unveils a new coelomocyte population., Magalhães F, Andrade C, Simões B, Brigham F, Valente R, Martinez P, Rino J, Sugni M, Coelho AV., Cell Tissue Res. November 1, 2023; 394 (2): 293-308.

Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System Blockade after AKI with or without Recovery among US Veterans with Diabetic Kidney Disease., Murphy DP, Wolfson J, Reule S, Johansen KL, Ishani A, Drawz PE., J Am Soc Nephrol. October 1, 2023; 34 (10): 1721-1732.

Recent Advances in Moiré Superlattice Systems by Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy., Li Y, Wan Q, Xu N., Adv Mater. September 9, 2023; e2305175.

Relation between caries experience and the consumption of sweetened drinks and processed food in children: A population-based study., Amato JN, de Sousa Eskenazi EM, Massaoka C, de Araújo de Assis CR, Castelo PM., Int J Dent Hyg. August 1, 2023; 21 (3): 561-568.

RAS-independent ERK activation by constitutively active KSR3 in non-chordate metazoa., Chessel A, De Crozé N, Molina MD, Taberner L, Dru P, Martin L, Lepage T., Nat Commun. July 5, 2023; 14 (1): 3970.

Resemblances in the early development of two sea urchins: Toxopneustes roseus (Euechinoidea: Echinacea) and Rhyncholampas pacificus (Euechinoidea: Irregularia) from different habitats in the southern Mexican Pacific., Alonso de Santiago WG, Muñoz-Alvarez AI, Díaz-Martínez JP, Benítez-Villalobos F., Dev Biol. July 1, 2023; 499 1-9.

Relaxin-like Gonad-Stimulating Peptides in Asteroidea., Mita M., Biomolecules. April 30, 2023; 13 (5):

Rhinolophus mehelyi scythotauricus subsp. nov. (Rhinolophidae, Chiroptera) from the Lower Pleistocene of the Taurida Cave in Crimea., Lopatin AV., Dokl Biol Sci. April 1, 2023; 509 (1): 95-99.

Response to microplastic exposure: An exploration into the sea urchin immune cell proteome., Murano C, Nonnis S, Scalvini FG, Maffioli E, Corsi I, Tedeschi G, Palumbo A., Environ Pollut. March 1, 2023; 320 121062.

RNA localization to the mitotic spindle is essential for early development and is regulated by kinesin-1 and dynein., Remsburg CM, Konrad KD, Song JL., J Cell Sci. March 1, 2023; 136 (5):

Revisiting the taxonomy of Rhabdias fuelleborni Travassos, 1928 (Nematoda, Rhabdiasidae) with approaches to delimitation of species and notes on molecular phylogeny., Müller MI, Morais DH, da Costa LFST, de Vasconcelos Melo FT, Giese EG, Ávila RW, da Silva RJ., Parasitol Int. February 1, 2023; 92 102692.

Real-Lab-Day: undergraduate scientific hands-on activity as an authentic learning opportunity in microbiology education., Moreno ACR, Pasternak Taschner N, Piantola MAF, Armellini BRC, Lellis-Santos C, Ferreira RCC., FEMS Microbiol Lett. January 17, 2023; 370

Regeneration of the digestive system in the crinoid Lamprometra palmata (Mariametridae, Comatulida)., V KN, O KY, Yu DI., Cell Tissue Res. January 1, 2023; 391 (1): 87-109.

Role of smoothened and sfrp genes in Eupentacta fraudatrix regeneration., Girich A, Sadriev K, Frolova L, Dolmatov I., Wound Repair Regen. January 1, 2023; 31 (4): 464-474.

Recent Developments of Actuation Mechanisms for Continuum Robots: A Review., Seleem IA, El-Hussieny H, Ishii H., Int J Control Autom Syst. January 1, 2023; 21 (5): 1592-1609.

Rx and its downstream factor, Musashi1, is required for establishment of the apical organ in sea urchin larvae., Yaguchi J, Yaguchi S., Front Cell Dev Biol. January 1, 2023; 11 1240767.

Removal of Cr(VI) from water by in natura and magnetic nanomodified hydroponic lettuce roots., Soares BC, Abilio TE, José JC, Labuto G, Carrilho ENVM., Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. January 1, 2023; 30 (4): 8822-8834.

Rational synthesis of total damage during cryoprotectant equilibration: modelling and experimental validation of osmomechanical, temperature, and cytotoxic damage in sea urchin (Paracentrotus lividus) oocytes., Olver DJ, Heres P, Paredes E, Benson JD., PeerJ. January 1, 2023; 11 e15539.

Rhodobacteraceae dominate the core microbiome of the sea star Odontaster validus (Koehler, 1906) in two opposite geographical sectors of the Antarctic Ocean., Buschi E, Dell'Anno A, Tangherlini M, Stefanni S, Lo Martire M, Núñez-Pons L, Avila C, Corinaldesi C., Front Microbiol. January 1, 2023; 14 1234725.

Research progress on the chemical components and biological activities of sea cucumber polypeptides., Shou Y, Feng C, Lu Q, Mao X, Huang H, Su Z, Guo H, Huang Z., Front Pharmacol. January 1, 2023; 14 1290175.

Relationship of irisin expression with metabolic alterations and cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetes mellitus: a preliminary study., Mathia VL, Mendonça MIS, Simões DP, Perez MM, Alves BDCA, Encinas JFA, Raimundo JRS, Arcia CGC, Murad N, Fonseca FLA, Veiga GLD., Rev Assoc Med Bras (1992). January 1, 2023; 69 (12): e20230812.

Relationship between Lifestyle and Residence Area with 25(OH)D Levels in Older Adults., Isidorio UA, de Assis EV, Lacerda SNB, Feitosa ADNA, Alves BDCA, Gascón T, da Veiga GL, Fonseca FLA., Int J Environ Res Public Health. December 27, 2022; 20 (1):

Referral of Thyone neofusus Deichmann, 1941, Thyone adinopoda (Pawson & Miller, 1981 and Havelockia obunca (Lampert, 1885) to the genus Sclerothyone Thandar, 1990, and a replacement name for the preoccupied genus Neothyone Deichmann, 1941 (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Dendrochirotida)., Thandar AS, Arumugam P., Zootaxa. December 7, 2022; 5219 (1): 65-71.

Recent reconfiguration of an ancient developmental gene regulatory network in Heliocidaris sea urchins., Davidson PL, Guo H, Swart JS, Massri AJ, Edgar A, Wang L, Berrio A, Devens HR, Koop D, Cisternas P, Zhang H, Zhang Y, Byrne M, Fan G, Wray GA., Nat Ecol Evol. December 1, 2022; 6 (12): 1907-1920.

Reference Genome of the California Sheephead, Semicossyphus pulcher (Labridae, Perciformes), A Keystone Fish Predator in Kelp Forest Ecosystems., Bernardi G, DeBiasse M, Escalona M, Marimuthu MPA, Nguyen O, Sacco S, Beraut E, Miller C, Toffelmier E, Shaffer HB., J Hered. November 30, 2022; 113 (6): 649-656.

Regulation of Inflammation-Mediated Endothelial to Mesenchymal Transition with Echinochrome a for Improving Myocardial Dysfunction., Song BW, Kim S, Kim R, Jeong S, Moon H, Kim H, Vasileva EA, Mishchenko NP, Fedoreyev SA, Stonik VA, Lee MY, Kim J, Kim HK, Han J, Chang W., Mar Drugs. November 30, 2022; 20 (12):

Rotary Jet Spinning (RJS): A Key Process to Produce Biopolymeric Wound Dressings., Bahú JO, Melo de Andrade LR, Crivellin S, Khouri NG, Sousa SO, Fernandes LMI, Souza SDA, Concha LSC, Schiavon MIRB, Benites CI, Severino P, Souto EB, Concha VOC., Pharmaceutics. November 18, 2022; 14 (11):

Resource efficient collagen extraction from common starfish with the aid of high shear mechanical homogenization and ultrasound., Vate NK, Undeland I, Abdollahi M., Food Chem. November 1, 2022; 393 133426.

Rapid and efficient room-temperature serial synchrotron crystallography using the CFEL TapeDrive., Zielinski KA, Prester A, Andaleeb H, Bui S, Yefanov O, Catapano L, Henkel A, Wiedorn MO, Lorbeer O, Crosas E, Meyer J, Mariani V, Domaracky M, White TA, Fleckenstein H, Sarrou I, Werner N, Betzel C, Rohde H, Aepfelbacher M, Chapman HN, Perbandt M, Steiner RA, Oberthuer D., IUCrJ. November 1, 2022; 9 (Pt 6): 778-791.

Removal of the pesticide thiamethoxam from sugarcane juice by magnetic nanomodified activated carbon., de Freitas DA, Barbosa JA, Labuto G, Nocelli RCF, Carrilho ENVM., Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. November 1, 2022; 29 (53): 79855-79865.

Re-understanding of structure and anticoagulation: Fucosylated chondroitin sulfate from sea cucumber Ludwigothurea grisea., Yin R, Pan Y, Cai Y, Yang F, Gao N, Ruzemaimaiti D, Zhao J., Carbohydr Polym. October 15, 2022; 294 119826.

Recent deterioration of coral reefs in the South China Sea due to multiple disturbances., Xiao J, Wang W, Wang X, Tian P, Niu W., PeerJ. October 6, 2022; 10 e13634.          

Rineloricaria quilombola: a new species of whiptail catfish (Siluriformes, Loricariidae, Loricariinae) from upper and middle Tocantins River basin, Brazil., Chamon CC, Fichberg I., Zootaxa. October 4, 2022; 5194 (1): 58-70.

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