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Sea urchin granuloma secondary to Strongylocentrotus purpuratus and Strongylocentrotus franciscanus., Kabigting FD, Kempiak SJ, Alexandrescu DT, Yu BD., Dermatol Online J. 15 (5): 9.

Scoliorhapis stepanovi-new species of sea cucumber from the North-West Pacific (Holothuroidea: Synaptida: Chiridotidae: Taeniogyrinae) and some remarks on the genus Scoliorhapis., Smirnov AV, Panina EG, Sanamyan NP, Sanamyan KE., Zootaxa. 4337 (4): 563-572.

Sea urchin-like Bi2S3/curcumin heterojunction rapidly kills bacteria and promotes wound healing under near-infrared light., Wan D, Liu X, Sun W, Qiao Y, Chen DF, Zheng Y, Wu S., Biomater Sci. 10 (22): 6377-6387.

Serum metabolomics analysis reveals amelioration effects of sea cucumber ether phospholipids on oxidative stress and inflammation in high-fat diet-fed mice., Wang X, Lan H, Sun T, Cong P, Xue C, Xu J., Food Funct. 13 (19): 10134-10146.

Sea cucumber (Holothuria glaberrima) intestinal microbiome dataset from Puerto Rico, generated by shotgun sequencing., Rivera-Lopez EO, Nieves-Morales R, Melendez-Martinez G, Paez-Diaz JA, Rodriguez-Carrio SM, Rodriguez-Ramos J, Morales-Valle L, Rios-Velazquez C., Data Brief. June 1, 2024; 54 110421.

Sea Cucumber-Inspired Microneedle Nerve Guidance Conduit for Synergistically Inhibiting Muscle Atrophy and Promoting Nerve Regeneration., Hu C, Liu B, Huang X, Wang Z, Qin K, Sun L, Fan Z., ACS Nano. May 22, 2024;

Sea Cucumber Plasmalogen Regulates the Lipid Profile in High-Fat Diet Mouse Liver via Lipophagy., Wang Z, Wang X, Liu Y, Wang X, Meng N, Cong P, Song Y, Xu J, Xue C., J Agric Food Chem. April 17, 2024;

Sea cucumber plasmalogen enhance lipophagy to alleviate abnormal lipid accumulation induced by high-fat diet., Wang Z, Liu Y, Wang X, Wang X, Wu Y, Song Y, Xu J, Xue C., Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Biol Lipids. April 10, 2024; 1869 (5): 159495.

Sea cucumber physiological response to abiotic stress: Emergent contaminants and climate change., Mohsen M, Ismail S, Yuan X, Yu Z, Chenggang L, Yang H., Sci Total Environ. April 5, 2024; 172208.

Sea Cucumber and Blueberry Extracts Suppress Inflammation and Reduce Acute Lung Injury through the Regulation of NF-κB/MAPK/JNK Signaling Pathway in Lipopolysaccharide-Treated C57BL/6 Mice., Fagbohun OF, Thilakarathna WPDW, Zhou J, Lehmann C, Jiao G, Rupasinghe HPV., Molecules. March 28, 2024; 29 (7):

Synthesis and Structural Revision of a Natural Tetrasaccharide from Starfish Asterias rollestoni Bell., Liu A, Gao L, Tang X, Yang X, Liu X, Xie W, Qi J, Li W., Chemistry. March 22, 2024; e202400946.

Sepsis-associated acute kidney injury: recent advances in enrichment strategies, sub-phenotyping and clinical trials., Legrand M, Bagshaw SM, Bhatraju PK, Bihorac A, Caniglia E, Khanna AK, Kellum JA, Koyner J, Harhay MO, Zampieri FG, Zarbock A, Chung K, Liu K, Mehta R, Pickkers P, Ryan A, Bernholz J, Dember L, Gallagher M, Rossignol P, Ostermann M., Crit Care. March 21, 2024; 28 (1): 92.

Sea Cucumber Polysaccharide from Stichopus japonicu and Its Photocatalytic Degradation Product Alleviate Acute Alcoholic Liver Injury in Mice., Song H, Song C, Yan C, Yang J, Song S., Foods. March 21, 2024; 13 (6):

Synthetic and natural rubber associated chemicals drive functional and structural changes as well as adaptations to antibiotics in in vitro marine microbiomes., Carlsen ECL, Hjelset S, Gomes T, Igartua A, Sørensen L, Booth AM, Hylland K, Eiler A., Ecotoxicol Environ Saf. March 15, 2024; 273 116134.

Sulfamethoxazole stress endangers the gut health of sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicus) and affects host metabolism., Pei H, Wang L, Xia X, Dong C, Tan B, Zhang Y, Lin Z, Ding J., Ecotoxicol Environ Saf. March 15, 2024; 273 116099.

Sea Cucumber Viscera Contains Novel Non-Holostane-Type Glycoside Toxins that Possess a Putative Chemical Defense Function., Liu Y, Lu Z, Yan Z, Lin A, Han S, Li Y, Yang X, Li X, Yin X, Zhang R, Li K., J Chem Ecol. March 5, 2024;

Study and characterization of a product based on a vegetable extract of quinoa fermented with water kefir grains., Sanches FL, Weis CMSC, Gonçalves GCV, Andrade GS, Diniz LGT, Camargo AF, Kubeneck S, Klein GH, Romani LC, Longo VD, Bürck M, Tormen L, Braga ARC, Francisco CTDP, Treichel H, Bertan LC., World J Microbiol Biotechnol. March 2, 2024; 40 (4): 118.

Statistical evaluation of trends of water quality monitoring parameters relevant to cyanobacterial blooms in the urban tropical reservoir., Francisco da Silva Junior AF, Ribeiro K, Moraes JEF, Hanisch WS., Water Sci Technol. March 1, 2024; 89 (5): 1240-1251.

Sea-urchin-like covalent organic framework as solid-phase microextraction fiber coating for sensitive detection of trace pyrethroid insecticides in water., Han J, Yu Y, Wen H, Chen T, Chen Y, Chen G, Qiu J, Zhu F, Ouyang G., Sci Total Environ. February 20, 2024; 912 169129.

Sea cucumbers: an emerging system in evo-devo., Perillo M, Sepe RM, Paganos P, Toscano A, Annunziata R., Evodevo. February 17, 2024; 15 (1): 3.

Switching from weak to strong cortical attachment of microtubules accounts for the transition from nuclear centration to spindle elongation in metazoans., Tada S, Yamazaki Y, Yamamoto K, Fujii K, Yamada TG, Hiroi NF, Kimura A, Funahashi A., Heliyon. February 15, 2024; 10 (3): e25494.

Sea urchin granuloma: a chronic complication of sea urchin spine injuries., Muroyama Y, Nagumo M, Fujishima F, Suzuki T., QJM. February 7, 2024; 117 (1): 77-78.

Systematics of deep-sea starfish order Brisingida (Echinodermata: Asteroidea), with a revised classification and assessments of morphological characters., Zhang R, Fau M, Mah C, Eléaume M, Zhang D, Zhou Y, Lu B, Wang C., Mol Phylogenet Evol. February 1, 2024; 191 107993.

Structural characterization of a distinct fucan sulfate from Pattalus mollis through an oligosaccharide mapping approach., Ma Y, Zuo Z, Zheng W, Yin R, Wu X, Ma Y, Ji M, Ma W, Li X, Xiao W, Gao N, Zhao J., Carbohydr Res. February 1, 2024; 536 109052.

Simulating selected magnetic properties of TbxPr1-xAl2, a magnetocaloric compound., Tedesco JCG, Jandre V, Carvalho AMG, Kockelmann W, Többens DM, Cardoso LP, Coelho AA, Bordallo HN., J Phys Condens Matter. January 8, 2024; 36 (14):

Spotting disease disrupts the microbiome of infected purple sea urchins, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus., Shaw CG, Pavloudi C, Crow RS, Saw JH, Smith LC., BMC Microbiol. January 4, 2024; 24 (1): 11.

Sea Urchin Injury Complicated by Lime Phototoxic Reaction., Alfallouji Y, Walker SL., Am J Trop Med Hyg. January 3, 2024; 110 (1): 5-6.

Some experiments and remarks regarding the possible formation of blood stains on the Turin Shroud: stains attributed to the crown of thorns, the lance wound and the belt of blood., König L, Schmölders R, Jühling M, Reckert A, Heger A, Ritz-Timme S., Int J Legal Med. January 1, 2024; 138 (1): 229-238.

Switching from VEDOlizumab intravenous to subcutaneous formulation in ulcerative colitis patients in clinical remission: The SVEDO Study, an IG-IBD study., Ribaldone DG, Parisio L, Variola A, Bossa F, Castiglione F, Marzo M, Piazza N, Aratari A, Savarino EV, Bodini G, Mastronardi M, Micheli F, Mazzuoli S, Ascolani M, Viganò C, Cappello M, Bezzio C, Ciccocioppo R, Scardino G, Sarli E, Pugliese D, Scaldaferri F, Napolitano D, Todeschini A, Geccherle A, Colaci N, Guerra M, Annese M, Testa A, Caiazzo A, Conforti FS, Festa S, Lorenzon G, Marra A, Magiotta A, Baccini F, Amato A, Poshnjari A, Vernero M, Caprioli F, Caviglia GP, Italian Group for the study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IG-IBD)., Dig Liver Dis. January 1, 2024; 56 (1): 77-82.

Seagrass meadows as ocean acidification refugia for sea urchin larvae., Ravaglioli C, De Marchi L, Giannessi J, Pretti C, Bulleri F., Sci Total Environ. January 1, 2024; 906 167465.

Stormwater outlets: A source of microplastics in coastal zones of Cape Town, South Africa., Ariefdien R, Pfaff M, Awe A, Sparks C., Mar Pollut Bull. January 1, 2024; 198 115800.

Seventeen-year study reveals fluctuations in key ecological indicators on two reef crests in Cuba., Ramos A, González-Díaz P, Banaszak AT, Perera O, Hernandez Delgado F, Delfín de León S, Vicente Castro P, Aguilera Pérez GC, Duran A., PeerJ. January 1, 2024; 12 e16705.

Swarmalators with delayed interactions., Blum N, Li A, O'Keeffe K, Kogan O., Phys Rev E. January 1, 2024; 109 (1-1): 014205.

Selective concentration of iron, titanium, and zirconium substrate minerals within Gregory's diverticulum, an organ unique to derived sand dollars (Echinoidea: Scutelliformes)., Zachos LG, Ziegler A., PeerJ. January 1, 2024; 12 e17178.

Spontaneous intersibling polymorphism in the development of dopaminergic neuroendocrine cells in sea urchin larvae: impacts on the expansion of marine benthic species., Obukhova AL, Khabarova MY, Semenova MN, Starunov VV, Voronezhskaya EE, Ivashkin EG., Front Neurosci. January 1, 2024; 18 1348999.

Size-controllable food-grade nanoparticles based on sea cucumber polypeptide with good anti-oxidative capacity to prolong lifespan in tumor-bearing mice., Huang S, Wang K, Hua Z, Abd El-Aty AM, Tan M., Int J Biol Macromol. December 31, 2023; 253 (Pt 4): 127039.

Sea Urchin-like NiCo2O4 Catalyst Activated Peroxymonosulfate for Degradation of Phenol: Performance and Mechanism., Chen C, Zhang J, Liu J, Li J, Ma S, Yu A., Molecules. December 26, 2023; 29 (1):

Structural Characterization and Anticoagulant Activities of a Keratan Sulfate-like Polysaccharide from the Sea Cucumber Holothuria fuscopunctata., Chen R, Wang W, Yin R, Pan Y, Xu C, Gao N, Luo X, Zhao J., Mar Drugs. December 8, 2023; 21 (12):

Symbiotic relationship of Comaster schlegelii (Crinoidea: Comatulidae) And Gymnolophus obscura (Ophiuroidea: Ophiotrichidae) derived from stable isotope and fatty acid analyses., Li Z, Dong Y, Ge M, Zhang Q, Sun Y, Dai M, Zhang X, Li X, Wang Z, Xu Q., Integr Comp Biol. November 22, 2023;

Sulfated Triterpene Glycosides from the Far Eastern Sea Cucumber Cucumaria djakonovi: Djakonoviosides C1, D1, E1, and F1; Cytotoxicity against Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines; Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships., Silchenko AS, Kalinovsky AI, Avilov SA, Popov RS, Chingizova EA, Menchinskaya ES, Zelepuga EA, Panina EG, Stepanov VG, Kalinin VI, Dmitrenok PS., Mar Drugs. November 22, 2023; 21 (12):

Sea Cucumber Peptides Ameliorate DSS-Induced Ulcerative Colitis: The Role of the Gut Microbiota, the Intestinal Barrier, and Macrophage Polarization., Yu S, Guo H, Ji Z, Zheng Y, Wang B, Chen Q, Tang H, Yuan B., Nutrients. November 17, 2023; 15 (22):

Sea cucumber peptides positively regulate sexual hormones in male mice with acute exhaustive swimming: possibly through the Ca2+/PKA signaling pathway., Luo X, Liu W, Zheng B, Zheng Y, Zhao M, Feng F, Liu L., Food Funct. November 13, 2023; 14 (22): 10188-10203.

Solute carrier (SLC) expression reveals skeletogenic cell diversity., Lee Y, Tjeerdema E, Kling S, Chang N, Hamdoun A., Dev Biol. November 1, 2023; 503 68-82.

Surviving Sepsis After Burn Campaign., Greenhalgh DG, Hill DM, Burmeister DM, Gus EI, Cleland H, Padiglione A, Holden D, Huss F, Chew MS, Kubasiak JC, Burrell A, Manzanares W, Gómez MC, Yoshimura Y, Sjöberg F, Xie WG, Egipto P, Lavrentieva A, Jain A, Miranda-Altamirano A, Raby E, Aramendi I, Sen S, Chung KK, Alvarez RJQ, Han C, Matsushima A, Elmasry M, Liu Y, Donoso CS, Bolgiani A, Johnson LS, Vana LPM, de Romero RVD, Allorto N, Abesamis G, Luna VN, Gragnani A, González CB, Basilico H, Wood F, Jeng J, Li A, Singer M, Luo G, Palmieri T, Kahn S, Joe V, Cartotto R., Burns. November 1, 2023; 49 (7): 1487-1524.

Sediment microbial community characteristics in sea cucumber restocking area., Wang X, Sun T, Yan S, Chen S, Zhang Y., Mar Environ Res. November 1, 2023; 192 106233.

Structures of a sperm-specific solute carrier gated by voltage and cAMP., Kalienkova V, Peter MF, Rheinberger J, Paulino C., Nature. November 1, 2023; 623 (7985): 202-209.

Structure and electromechanical coupling of a voltage-gated Na+/H+ exchanger., Yeo H, Mehta V, Gulati A, Drew D., Nature. November 1, 2023; 623 (7985): 193-201.

Swing Regulates Movement Direction in the Sea Cucumber Apostichopus japonicus in the Presence of Food Cue: New Insights into Movement Patterns., Zhao Z, Sun J, Yu Y, Ding P, Ding J, Chang Y, Zhao C., Animals (Basel). November 1, 2023; 13 (21):

Sea Urchin Dermatitis and Synovitis Relieved by Reflectance Confocal Microscopy-Directed Spine Removal., Ingrassia JP, Milam EC, Cohen DE, Levine A., Dermatitis. October 26, 2023;

Sulfated polysaccharides in sea cucumbers and their biological properties: A review., Hossain A, Dave D, Shahidi F., Int J Biol Macromol. October 14, 2023; 253 (Pt 7): 127329.

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