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Preventive Effect of Collagen Peptides from Acaudina molpadioides on Acute Kidney Injury through Attenuation of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation., Zhao W, Li J, Li Y, Chen Y, Jin H., Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2022 8186838.              

Phytoplankton community structure and environmental factors during the outbreak of Crown-of-Thorns Starfish in Xisha Islands, South China Sea., Peng C, Wang K, Wang W, Kuang F, Gao Y, Jiang R, Sun X, Dong X, Chen B, Lin H., Environ Res. October 15, 2023; 235 116568.

Possible role of translation in unfertilized sea urchin eggs., Yakovlev KV., Cell Biol Int. October 1, 2023; 47 (10): 1684-1687.

Potential impacts of climate change on the distribution of echinoderms in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea., Xu Y, Ma L, Sui J, Li X, Wang H, Zhang B., Mar Pollut Bull. September 1, 2023; 194 (Pt B): 115246.

Protocol for designing and bioprinting multi-layered constructs to reconstruct an endothelial-epithelial 3D model., Backes EH, Zamproni LN, Delgado-Garcia LM, Pinto LA, Lemes RMR, Bartolomeo CS, Porcionatto MA., STAR Protoc. August 15, 2023; 4 (3): 102467.

Preparation, physicochemical characterization, and in vitro starch digestibility on complex of Euryale ferox kernel starch with ferulic acid and quercetin., Maibam BD, Nickhil C, Deka SC., Int J Biol Macromol. August 7, 2023; 250 126178.

Premature infants born <28 weeks with acute kidney injury have increased bronchopulmonary dysplasia rates., Starr MC, Schmicker RH, Halloran BA, Heagerty P, Brophy P, Goldstein SL, Juul SE, Hingorani S, Askenazi DJ, null null., Pediatr Res. August 1, 2023; 94 (2): 676-682.

Polysaccharide from Strongylocentrotus nudus eggs regulates intestinal epithelial autophagy through CD36/PI3K-Akt pathway to ameliorate inflammatory bowel disease., Zhou M, Zhi J, Zhi J, Xiong Z, Wu F, Lu Y, Hu Q., Int J Biol Macromol. July 31, 2023; 244 125373.

Parkinson's Disease and the Heart: Studying Cardiac Metabolism in the 6-Hydroxydopamine Model., Silva da Fonsêca V, Goncalves VC, Augusto Izidoro M, Guimarães de Almeida AC, Luiz Affonso Fonseca F, Alexandre Scorza F, Finsterer J, Scorza CA., Int J Mol Sci. July 30, 2023; 24 (15):

Properties of Paperboard Coated with Natural Polymers and Polymer Blends: Effect of the Number of Coating Layers., Naitzel TC, Garcia VADS, Lourenço CAM, Vanin FM, Yoshida CMP, Carvalho RA., Foods. July 19, 2023; 12 (14):

Potential Application of Marine Fucosyl-Polysaccharides in Regulating Blood Glucose and Hyperglycemic Complications., Tang L, Xiao M, Cai S, Mou H, Li D., Foods. July 5, 2023; 12 (13):

Parallels and contrasts between the cnidarian and bilaterian maternal-to-zygotic transition are revealed in Hydractinia embryos., Ayers TN, Nicotra ML, Lee MT., PLoS Genet. July 1, 2023; 19 (7): e1010845.

Promoting effect of raft-raised scallop culture on the formation of coastal hypoxia., Sun X, Gao X, Zhao J, Xing Q, Liu Y, Xie L, Wang Y, Wang B, Lv J., Environ Res. July 1, 2023; 228 115810.

Piperazine amides with desirable solubility, physicochemical and drug-like properties: Synthesis and evaluation of the anti-Trypanosoma cruzi activity., Varela MT, Romanelli M, Amaral M, Tempone AG, Fernandes JPS., Saudi Pharm J. July 1, 2023; 31 (7): 1265-1273.

Parental Burnout in the Context of Special Needs, Adoption, and Single Parenthood., Roskam I, Mikolajczak M., Children (Basel). June 29, 2023; 10 (7):

Phylogeny, ancestral ranges and reclassification of sand dollars., Lee H, Lee KS, Hsu CH, Lee CW, Li CE, Wang JK, Tseng CC, Chen WJ, Horng CC, Ford CT, Kroh A, Bronstein O, Tanaka H, Oji T, Lin JP, Janies D., Sci Rep. June 23, 2023; 13 (1): 10199.

Polysaccharides from marine biological resources and their anticancer activity on breast cancer., Yang S, Li D, Liu W, Chen X., RSC Med Chem. June 22, 2023; 14 (6): 1049-1059.

Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in aquatic products from the Yellow-Bohai Sea coasts, China: Concentrations and profiles across species and regions., Guo M, Wu F, Geng Q, Wu H, Song Z, Zheng G, Peng J, Zhao X, Tan Z., Environ Pollut. June 15, 2023; 327 121514.

Predicting the potential impacts of climate change on the endangered endemic annonaceae species in east africa., Mkala EM, Mwanzia V, Nzei J, Oluoch WA, Ngarega BK, Wanga VO, Oulo MA, Ngarega BK, Munyao F, Kilingo FM, Rono P, Waswa EN, Mutinda ES, Ochieng CO, Mwachala G, Hu GW, Wang QF, Katunge JK, Victoire CI., Heliyon. June 1, 2023; 9 (6): e17405.

Physicochemical characterization and phase II metabolic profiling of echinochrome A, a bioactive constituent from sea urchin, and its physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling in rats and humans., Han DG, Kwak J, Choi E, Seo SW, Vasileva EA, Mishchenko NP, Fedoreyev SA, Stonik VA, Kim HK, Han J, Byun JH, Jung IH, Yun H, Yoon IS., Biomed Pharmacother. June 1, 2023; 162 114589.

Polychrome labeling reveals skeletal triradiate and elongation dynamics and abnormalities in patterning cue-perturbed embryos., Descoteaux AE, Zuch DT, Bradham CA., Dev Biol. June 1, 2023; 498 1-13.

Phylogenetic and host-parasite relationship analyses of Henneguya caquetaia sp. nov (Myxosporea: Myxobolidae) infecting an Amazonian cichlid fish., Figueredo RTA, Müller MI, Arana S, Long PF, Adriano EA., Microb Pathog. June 1, 2023; 179 106116.

Premature ovarian insufficiency is associated with global alterations in the regulatory landscape and gene expression in balanced X-autosome translocations., Di-Battista A, Favilla BP, Zamariolli M, Nunes N, Defelicibus A, Armelin-Correa L, da Silva IT, Reymond A, Moyses-Oliveira M, Melaragno MI., Epigenetics Chromatin. May 19, 2023; 16 (1): 19.

Phylogeny and taxonomy of Himerometroidea (Echinodermata: Crinoidea)., Taylor KH, Rouse GW, Messing CG., Zootaxa. May 1, 2023; 5277 (1): 149-164.

Prospecting Local Treatments Used in Conjunction with Antivenom Administration Following Envenomation Caused by Animals: A Systematic Review., Carvalho ÉS, Oliveira I, Nascimento TP, da Silva Neto AV, Leal BAS, Araújo FQ, Julião BFV, Souza ARN, Abrahim AW, Macedo BBO, de Oliveira JTS, Wen FH, Pucca MB, Monteiro WM, Sachett JAG., Toxins (Basel). April 28, 2023; 15 (5):

Probing the Association between Acute Kidney Injury and Cardiovascular Outcomes., McCoy IE, Hsu JY, Zhang X, Diamantidis CJ, Taliercio J, Go AS, Liu KD, Drawz P, Srivastava A, Horwitz EJ, He J, Chen J, Lash JP, Weir MR, Hsu CY, null null., Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. April 28, 2023; 18 (7): 850-7.

Proliferative Effect of Aqueous Extract of Sea Cucumber (Holothuria parva) Body Wall on Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cells., Rasekh P, Kameli A, Khoradmehr A, Baghban N, Mohebbi G, Barmak A, Nabipour I, Azari H, Heidari Y, Daneshi A, Bargahi A, Khodabandeh Z, Zare S, Afshar A, Shirazi R, Almasi-Turk S, Tamadon A., Mar Drugs. April 26, 2023; 21 (5):

PPARα alleviates inflammation via inhibiting NF-κB/Rel pathway in Vibrio splendidus challenged Apostichopus japonicus., Dai Y, Lv Z, You M, Sun L, Li C., Fish Shellfish Immunol. April 1, 2023; 135 108701.

Potential immunomodulatory response associated with L-mimosine in male Wistar rats., Hueza IM, Dipe VV, Gotardo AT, Gardner DR, de Almeida ERM, Górniak SL., Toxicon. April 1, 2023; 226 107084.

Plastic leachate-induced toxicity during sea urchin embryonic development: Insights into the molecular pathways affected by PVC., Paganos P, Ullmann CV, Gaglio D, Bonanomi M, Salmistraro N, Arnone MI, Jimenez-Guri E., Sci Total Environ. March 15, 2023; 864 160901.

Preliminary inter-port study of the quality of environments using physiological responses of invertebrates exposed to chronic trace element and organic contamination in Corsica (Mediterranean Sea)., Pillet M, Dabrowski M, Marengo M, Fullgrabe L, Leduc M, Fontaine Q, Le Floch S, Huet V, Churlaud C, Lejeune P, Thomas H., Ecotoxicology. March 1, 2023; 32 (2): 243-260.

Possible Mechanisms of Stiffness Changes Induced by Stiffeners and Softeners in Catch Connective Tissue of Echinoderms., Tamori M, Yamada A., Mar Drugs. February 23, 2023; 21 (3):

Preclinical Effects Of Melatonin On The Development Of Ehrlich's Tumor: A Biochemical, Cognitive, And Molecular Approach., Pereira Lopes I, Souza Bagatela B, Pereira Lopes A, Ferreira Silveira E, Petri G, Ramos Santos JF, Perez MM, da Veiga GL, da Costa Aguiar Alves B, Ferreira Perazzo F, Feder D, Luiz Affonso Fonseca F., Recent Pat Anticancer Drug Discov. February 23, 2023;

Polymer Chemical Identity as a Key Factor in Microplastic-Insecticide Antagonistic Effects during Embryogenesis of Sea Urchin Arbacia lixula., Burić P, Kovačić I, Jurković L, Tez S, Oral R, Landeka N, Lyons DM., Int J Mol Sci. February 18, 2023; 24 (4):

Preparation and properties of fucoxanthin-loaded liposomes stabilized by sea cucumber derived cholesterol sulfate instead of cholesterol., Wang Y, Yang J, Wang Y, Chang Y, Xue C, Zhang T., J Biosci Bioeng. February 1, 2023; 135 (2): 160-166.

Polyphenol extracts from Ascophyllum nodosum protected sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicas) body wall against thermal degradation during tenderization., Ming Y, Wang Y, Xie Y, Dong X, Nakamura Y, Chen X, Qi H., Food Res Int. February 1, 2023; 164 112419.

Polysaccharides from Holothuria leucospilota Relieve Loperamide-Induced Constipation Symptoms in Mice., Wang Z, Shi Y, Zeng S, Zheng Y, Wang H, Liao H, Song J, Zhang X, Cao J, Li C., Int J Mol Sci. January 29, 2023; 24 (3):

Population-specific vulnerability to ocean change in a multistressor environment., Donham EM, Flores I, Hooper A, O'Brien E, Vylet K, Takeshita Y, Freiwald J, Kroeker KJ., Sci Adv. January 20, 2023; 9 (3): eade2365.

Primates facing climate crisis in a tropical forest hotspot will lose climatic suitable geographical range., Pinto MP, Beltrão-Mendes R, Talebi M, de Lima AA., Sci Rep. January 12, 2023; 13 (1): 641.

Particle Size Modulates Silver Nanoparticle Toxicity during Embryogenesis of Urchins Arbacia lixula and Paracentrotus lividus., Burić P, Čarapar I, Pavičić-Hamer D, Kovačić I, Jurković L, Dutour Sikirić M, Domazet Jurašin D, Mikac N, Bačić N, Lyons DM., Int J Mol Sci. January 1, 2023; 24 (1):

Phenolic profiles of Atlantic sea cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa) tentacles and their biological properties., Hossain A, Senadheera TRL, Dave D, Shahidi F., Food Res Int. January 1, 2023; 163 112262.

Post-bleaching alterations in coral reef communities., Elma E, Gullström M, Yahya SAS, Jouffray JB, East HK, Nyström M., Mar Pollut Bull. January 1, 2023; 186 114479.

Phenotypic and functional characterization of two coelomocyte subsets in Apostichopus japonicus., Yu K, Zhao X, Xiang Y, Li C., Fish Shellfish Immunol. January 1, 2023; 132 108453.

Pharmacokinetic study of Strongylocentrotus nudus egg polysaccharide in rats and beagles using a 3H-labeling method., Xing H, Zhu X, Liao J, Kong Y, Lu Y, Zhao D, Li N, Chen X, Qin Z., Front Pharmacol. January 1, 2023; 14 1109084.

Population structure and adaptive differentiation in the sea cucumber Apostichopus californicus and implications for spatial resource management., Lowell N, Suhrbier A, Tarpey C, May S, Carson H, Hauser L., PLoS One. January 1, 2023; 18 (3): e0280500.

Potential of marine compounds in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases: a review., Guimarães PL, Tavares DQ, Carrião GS, Oliveira MEH, Oliveira CR., Braz J Biol. January 1, 2023; 83 e266795.

Phylogenetic analyses of 5-hydroxytryptamine 3 (5-HT3) receptors in Metazoa., Rao STRB, Turek I, Irving HR., PLoS One. January 1, 2023; 18 (3): e0281507.

Photo-Fenton process applied for the treatment of industrial wastewaters containing diclofenac: optimization with low iron ions concentrations and without pH control., Miele RG, Carvalho JF, Almeida J, Oliveira IHM, Parise BF, Moraes JEF., J Environ Sci Health A Tox Hazard Subst Environ Eng. January 1, 2023; 58 (6): 550-562.

Progestogen-Mediated Neuroprotection in Central Nervous System Disorders., Bassani TB, Bartolomeo CS, Oliveira RB, Ureshino RP., Neuroendocrinology. January 1, 2023; 113 (1): 14-35.

Personalize, participate, predict, and prevent: 4Ps in inflammatory bowel disease., Lenti MV, Scribano ML, Biancone L, Ciccocioppo R, Pugliese D, Pastorelli L, Fiorino G, Savarino E, Caprioli FA, Ardizzone S, Fantini MC, Tontini GE, Orlando A, Sampietro GM, Sturniolo GC, Monteleone G, Vecchi M, Kohn A, Daperno M, D'Incà R, Corazza GR, Di Sabatino A., Front Med (Lausanne). January 1, 2023; 10 1031998.

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