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Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulations Clarify Binding Sites for Interactions of Novel Marine Sulfated Glycans with SARS-CoV-2 Spike Glycoprotein., Samanta P, Mishra SK, Pomin VH, Doerksen RJ., Molecules. September 3, 2023; 28 (17):

Differences in body wall metabolites of Apostichopus japonicus of different ages in liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry., Yang X, Han L, Zhang J, Wang W, Tian W, Wang Y, Chang Y, Wang L, Hao Z, Yin D, Ding J., Comp Biochem Physiol Part D Genomics Proteomics. September 1, 2023; 47 101109.

Dimeric (Poly)Hydroxynaphthazarins, Metabolites of Echinoderms and Lichens: The History of the Synthesis and Structure Elucidation., Pelageev DN, Borisova KL, Anufriev VP., Mar Drugs. July 19, 2023; 21 (7):

Detection of TALEN-mediated genome cleavage during the early embryonic stage of the starfish Patiria pectinifera., Yamakawa S, Sasakura Y, Morino Y, Wada H., Dev Dyn. July 11, 2023;

Djakonoviosides A, A1, A2, B1-B4 - Triterpene Monosulfated Tetra- and Pentaosides from the Sea Cucumber Cucumaria djakonovi: The First Finding of a Hemiketal Fragment in the Aglycones; Activity against Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines., Silchenko AS, Kalinovsky AI, Avilov SA, Popov RS, Dmitrenok PS, Chingizova EA, Menchinskaya ES, Panina EG, Stepanov VG, Kalinin VI, Stonik VA., Int J Mol Sci. July 5, 2023; 24 (13):

Dual oxidative stress and fatty acid profile impacts in Paracentrotus lividus exposed to lambda-cyhalothrin: biochemical and histopathological responses., Fouzai C, Trabelsi W, Bejaoui S, Marengo M, Ghribi F, Chetoui I, Mili S, Soudani N., Toxicol Res. July 1, 2023; 39 (3): 429-441.

Development of polylactic acid based antimicrobial food packaging films with N-halamine modified microcrystalline cellulose., An L, Perkins P, Yi R, Ren T., Int J Biol Macromol. July 1, 2023; 242 (Pt 1): 124685.

Development of a Discriminative Dissolution Method, Using In-Silico Tool for Hydrochlorothiazide and Valsartan Tablets., Leon RM, Issa MG, Duque MD, Daniel JSP, Ferraz HG., Pharmaceutics. June 14, 2023; 15 (6):

Diagnosis of fungal keratitis caused by Nectria haematococca through next-generation sequencing: review of literature and report of three cases., Wang W, Luo B, Yuan X, Xu L, Gao J, Liu S, Den C, Tan Y, Su G, Chen Z, Zhang H, Zheng Z, Li G, Zhou X., Int J Infect Dis. June 1, 2023; 131 53-56.

Deep-Sea asteroids (Echinodermata; Asteroidea) from the Galician Bank (North Atlantic Ocean)., García-Guillén LM, Macías-Ramírez A, Ríos P, Manjóncabeza ME., Zootaxa. June 1, 2023; 5297 (2): 228-238.

Development of Biopredictive Dissolution Method for Extended-Release Desvenlafaxine Tablets., Carapeto GV, Duque MD, Issa MG, Ferraz HG., Pharmaceutics. May 19, 2023; 15 (5):

Distribution of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) in seasonal low-oxygen marine ranching in northern Yellow Sea, China., Wang L, Liang Z, Guo Z, Guo T, Song M, Wang Y, Zheng W, Zhang W, Jiang Z., Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. May 1, 2023; 30 (23): 64179-64190.

Deep-sea Ophiuroidea (Echinodermata) collected during the TALUD cruises in western Mexico., Granja-Fernández R, Hendrickx ME, Rangel-Solís PD, López-Pérez A., Zootaxa. April 3, 2023; 5259 (1): 1-71.

Dietary fulvic acid supplementation improves the growth performance and immune response of sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicas)., Dou H, Wu S., Fish Shellfish Immunol. April 1, 2023; 135 108662.

Disruptive selection and the evolution of discrete color morphs in Timema stick insects., Villoutreix R, de Carvalho CF, Feder JL, Gompert Z, Nosil P., Sci Adv. March 31, 2023; 9 (13): eabm8157.

Detection of COX-2 in liquid biopsy of patients with prostate cancer., Pereira VS, Alves BDCA, Waisberg J, Fonseca F, Gehrke F., J Clin Pathol. March 1, 2023; 76 (3): 189-193.

Development and optimization of stability-indicating method of ethinylestradiol, levonorgestrel, and their main impurities using quality by design approach., da Silva FA, Lourenço FR, Calixto LA., J Pharm Biomed Anal. February 20, 2023; 225 115208.

Diversification processes between monogenoids (Dactylogyridae) and their marine catfish (Siluriformes: Ariidae) from the Atlantic coast of South America., Soares GB, Adriano EA, Domingues MV, Balbuena JA., Parasitology. February 1, 2023; 150 (2): 184-194.

Dynamics of the sucrose metabolism and related gene expression in tomato fruits under water deficit., Barbosa ACO, Rocha DS, Silva GCB, Santos MGM, Camillo LR, de Oliveira PHGA, Cavalari AA, Costa MGC., Physiol Mol Biol Plants. February 1, 2023; 29 (2): 159-172.

Discovery of dual PKS involved in sclerotiorin biosynthesis in Penicillium meliponae using genome mining and gene knockout., Sousa TF, de Araújo Júnior MB, Peres EG, Souza MP, da Silva FMA, de Medeiros LS, de Souza ADL, de Souza AQL, Yamagishi MEB, da Silva GF, Koolen HHF, De Queiroz MV., Arch Microbiol. January 28, 2023; 205 (2): 75.

Development of a Nanotechnology Matrix-Based Citronella Oil Insect Repellent to Obtain a Prolonged Effect and Evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy., Higuchi CT, Sales CC, Andréo-Filho N, Martins TS, Ferraz HO, Santos YR, Lopes PS, Grice JE, Benson HAE, Leite-Silva VR., Life (Basel). January 4, 2023; 13 (1):

de novo transcriptome assembly for discovering gene expressed in Holothuria leucospilota with exposed to copper., Leong RZL, Lim LH, Chew YL, Teo SS., Anim Biotechnol. December 28, 2022; 1-14.

Deaminative-cleaved S. monotuberculatus fucosylated glycosaminoglycan: Structural elucidation and anticoagulant activity., Yuan Q, Li H, Wang Q, Sun S, Fang Z, Tang H, Shi X, Wen J, Huang L, Bai M, Zhong S, Liu Y, Gao C, Zhao L., Carbohydr Polym. December 15, 2022; 298 120072.

Developing an effective marine eDNA monitoring: eDNA detection at pre-outbreak densities of corallivorous seastar (Acanthaster cf. solaris)., Uthicke S, Robson B, Doyle JR, Logan M, Pratchett MS, Lamare M., Sci Total Environ. December 10, 2022; 851 (Pt 1): 158143.

Detection of microplastics and phthalic acid esters in sea urchins from Sardinia (Western Mediterranean Sea)., Raguso C, Grech D, Becchi A, Ubaldi PG, Lasagni M, Guala I, Saliu F., Mar Pollut Bull. December 1, 2022; 185 (Pt A): 114328.

De novo genome assembly and annotation of Holothuria scabra (Jaeger, 1833) from nanopore sequencing reads., Luo H, Huang G, Li J, Yang Q, Zhu J, Zhang B, Feng P, Zhang Y, Yang X., Genes Genomics. December 1, 2022; 44 (12): 1487-1498.

Decontamination of wastewater containing contaminants of emerging concern by electrooxidation and Fenton-based processes - A review on the relevance of materials and methods., Santos MC, Antonin VS, Souza FM, Aveiro LR, Pinheiro VS, Gentil TC, Lima TS, Moura JPC, Silva CR, Lucchetti LEB, Codognoto L, Robles I, Lanza MRV., Chemosphere. November 1, 2022; 307 (Pt 3): 135763.

Distribution and evolution of the serine/aspartate racemase family in invertebrates. II. Frequent and widespread parallel evolution of aspartate racemase., Uda K, Moe LA., J Biochem. October 19, 2022; 172 (5): 303-311.

Decoding the IGF1 signaling gene regulatory network behind alveologenesis from a mouse model of bronchopulmonary dysplasia., Gao F, Li C, Smith SM, Peinado N, Kohbodi G, Tran E, Loh YE, Li W, Borok Z, Minoo P., Elife. October 10, 2022; 11

Dental pathologies in lamniform and carcharhiniform sharks with comments on the classification and homology of double tooth pathologies in vertebrates., Miller HS, Avrahami HM, Zanno LE., PeerJ. October 6, 2022; 10 e12775.              

Dexamethasone-Induced Adipose Tissue Redistribution and Metabolic Changes: Is Gene Expression the Main Factor? An Animal Model of Chronic Hypercortisolism., de Fatima Silva F, Komino ACM, Andreotti S, Boltes Reis G, Caminhotto RO, Landgraf RG, de Souza GO, Sertié RAL, Collins S, Donato J, Bessa Lima F., Biomedicines. September 19, 2022; 10 (9):

Different ecological histories of sea urchins acclimated to reduced pH influence offspring response to multiple stressors., Asnicar D, Zanovello L, Badocco D, Munari M, Marin MG., Environ Res. September 1, 2022; 212 (Pt A): 113131.

Distinct regulatory states control the elongation of individual skeletal rods in the sea urchin embryo., Tarsis K, Gildor T, Morgulis M, Ben-Tabou de-Leon S., Dev Dyn. August 1, 2022; 251 (8): 1322-1339.                  

Dual-Driven Mechanically and Tribologically Adaptive Hydrogels Solely Constituted of Graphene Oxide and Water., Hu L, Yang Y, Hao J, Xu L., Nano Lett. July 27, 2022; 22 (14): 6004-6009.

Diversity of Nematoda and Digenea from different species of characiform fishes from Tocantins River, Maranhão, Brazil., Cárdenas MQ, Justo MCN, Reyes ADRP, Cohen SC., Rev Bras Parasitol Vet. July 22, 2022; 31 (3): e005122.

Development of a high-throughput SNP array for sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicus) and its application in genomic selection with MCP regularized deep neural networks., Lv J, Wang Y, Ni P, Lin P, Hou H, Ding J, Chang Y, Hu J, Wang S, Bao Z., Genomics. July 1, 2022; 114 (4): 110426.

Detection of moisture content in salted sea cucumbers by hyperspectral and low field nuclear magnetic resonance based on deep learning network framework., Zeng F, Shao W, Kang J, Yang J, Zhang X, Liu Y, Wang H., Food Res Int. June 1, 2022; 156 111174.

Decreased susceptibility to imipenem and ceftazidime in early virulent Raoultella spp. strains retrieved from human intestinal infections., Valiatti TB, Santos FF, Nunes PHS, Streling AP, Veiga R, Cayô R, Gales AC, Gomes TAT., Braz J Microbiol. June 1, 2022; 53 (2): 785-789.

Developmental mRNA m5C landscape and regulatory innovations of massive m5C modification of maternal mRNAs in animals., Liu J, Huang T, Chen W, Ding C, Zhao T, Zhao X, Cai B, Zhang Y, Li S, Zhang L, Xue M, He X, Ge W, Zhou C, Xu Y, Zhang R., Nat Commun. May 5, 2022; 13 (1): 2484.

Dynamic N6-methyladenosine modification of lncRNA modulated by METTL3 during bacterial disease development in an echinoderm., Zhang S, Shao Y, Li D, Li C., Fish Shellfish Immunol. May 1, 2022; 124 497-504.

Detrital supply suppresses deforestation to maintain healthy kelp forest ecosystems., Rennick M, DiFiore BP, Curtis J, Reed DC, Stier AC., Ecology. May 1, 2022; 103 (5): e3673.

Detecting marine pests using environmental DNA and biophysical models., Ellis MR, Clark ZSR, Treml EA, Brown MS, Matthews TG, Pocklington JB, Stafford-Bell RE, Bott NJ, Nai YH, Miller AD, Sherman CDH., Sci Total Environ. April 10, 2022; 816 151666.

Direct and latent effects of ocean acidification on the transition of a sea urchin from planktonic larva to benthic juvenile., Dorey N, Butera E, Espinel-Velasco N, Dupont S., Sci Rep. April 1, 2022; 12 (1): 5557.      

Depolymerization of a fucosylated chondroitin sulfate from Cucumaria japonica: Structure and activity of the product., Ustyuzhanina NE, Bilan MI, Anisimova NY, Dmitrenok AS, Tsvetkova EA, Kiselevskiy MV, Nifantiev NE, Usov AI., Carbohydr Polym. April 1, 2022; 281 119072.

Digestive Enzyme Activities and Gut Emptying Are Correlated with the Reciprocal Regulation of TRPA1 Ion Channel and Serotonin in the Gut of the Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus intermedius., Ding J, Wang H, Li Z, Sun J, Ding P, Chi X, Yang M, Chang Y, Zhao C., Biology (Basel). March 24, 2022; 11 (4):             

Distinguishing Evolutionary Conservation from Derivedness., Leong JCK, Uesaka M, Irie N., Life (Basel). March 17, 2022; 12 (3):       

Development of a Rate-All-That-Apply (RATA) ballot for sensory profiling of sea urchin (Paracentrotus lividus) gonads., Baião LF, Rocha C, Lima RC, Valente LMP, Cunha LM., Food Res Int. March 1, 2022; 153 110976.

Dynamic surface patterns on cells., Chatterjee M, Sain A., J Chem Phys. February 28, 2022; 156 (8): 084117.

Disulfated Ophiuroid Type Steroids from the Far Eastern Starfish Pteraster marsippus and Their Cytotoxic Activity on the Models of 2D and 3D Cultures., Kicha AA, Kalinovsky AI, Malyarenko TV, Malyarenko OS, Ermakova SP, Popov RS, Stonik VA, Ivanchina NV., Mar Drugs. February 24, 2022; 20 (3):           

Double Perovskite LaFe1-xNixO3 Coated with Sea Urchin-like Gold Nanoparticles Using Electrophoresis as the Photoelectrochemical Electrode to Enhance H2 Production via Surface Plasmon Resonance Effect., Tsai HW, Su YH., Nanomaterials (Basel). February 12, 2022; 12 (4):                       

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