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Xenophagy of invasive bacteria is differentially activated and modulated via a TLR-TRAF6-Beclin1 axis in echinoderms., Shao Y, Wang Z, Chen K, Li D, Lv Z, Zhang C, Zhang W, Li C., J Biol Chem. March 1, 2022; 298 (3): 101667.                

Xenbase: deep integration of GEO & SRA RNA-seq and ChIP-seq data in a model organism database., Fortriede JD, Pells TJ, Chu S, Chaturvedi P, Wang D, Fisher ME, James-Zorn C, Wang Y, Nenni MJ, Burns KA, Lotay VS, Ponferrada VG, Karimi K, Zorn AM, Vize PD., Nucleic Acids Res. January 8, 2020;       

Xenbase: Facilitating the Use of Xenopus to Model Human Disease., Nenni MJ, Fisher ME, James-Zorn C, Pells TJ, Ponferrada V, Chu S, Fortriede JD, Burns KA, Wang Y, Lotay VS, Wang DZ, Segerdell E, Chaturvedi P, Karimi K, Vize PD, Zorn AM., Front Physiol. February 26, 2019; 10 154.          

Xenograft tumors derived from malignant pleural effusion of the patients with non-small-cell lung cancer as models to explore drug resistance., Xu Y, Zhang F, Pan X, Wang G, Zhu L, Zhang J, Wen D, Lu S., Cancer Commun (Lond). May 9, 2018; 38 (1): 19.          

Xenbase: a genomic, epigenomic and transcriptomic model organism database., Karimi K, Fortriede JD, Lotay VS, Burns KA, Wang DZ, Fisher ME, Pells TJ, James-Zorn C, Wang Y, Ponferrada VG, Chu S, Chaturvedi P, Zorn AM, Vize PD., Nucleic Acids Res. January 4, 2018; 46 (D1): D861-D868.        

Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri surface proteome by 2D-DIGE: Ferric enterobactin receptor and other outer membrane proteins potentially involved in citric host interaction., Carnielli CM, Artier J, de Oliveira JC, Novo-Mansur MT., J Proteomics. January 16, 2017; 151 251-263.

Xenopus laevis as Model System to Study DNA Damage Response and Replication Fork Stability., Sannino V, Pezzimenti F, Bertora S, Costanzo V., Methods Enzymol. January 1, 2017; 591 211-232.

Xenbase: Core features, data acquisition, and data processing., James-Zorn C, Ponferrada VG, Burns KA, Fortriede JD, Lotay VS, Liu Y, Brad Karpinka J, Karimi K, Zorn AM, Vize PD., Genesis. August 1, 2015; 53 (8): 486-97.

Xenbase, the Xenopus model organism database; new virtualized system, data types and genomes., Karpinka JB, Fortriede JD, Burns KA, James-Zorn C, Ponferrada VG, Lee J, Karimi K, Zorn AM, Vize PD., Nucleic Acids Res. January 1, 2015; 43 (Database issue): D756-63.    

X-ray structure of a calcium-activated TMEM16 lipid scramblase., Brunner JD, Lim NK, Schenck S, Duerst A, Dutzler R., Nature. December 11, 2014; 516 (7530): 207-12.

Xenoturbella bocki exhibits direct development with similarities to Acoelomorpha., Nakano H, Lundin K, Bourlat SJ, Telford MJ, Funch P, Nyengaard JR, Obst M, Thorndyke MC., Nat Commun. January 1, 2013; 4 1537.          

X-ray fiber diffraction studies on flagellar axonemes., Oiwa K, Kamimura S, Iwamoto H., Methods Cell Biol. January 1, 2009; 91 89-109.

Xenoturbellida: the fourth deuterostome phylum and the diet of worms., Telford MJ., Genesis. November 1, 2008; 46 (11): 580-6.

Xenopus laevis Einstecks., Sive HL, Grainger RM, Harland RM., CSH Protoc. June 1, 2007; 2007 pdb.prot4750.

Xenopus laevis Keller Explants., Sive HL, Grainger RM, Harland RM., CSH Protoc. June 1, 2007; 2007 pdb.prot4749.

Xenopus laevis Animal Cap/Dorsal Mesoderm Conjugates., Sive HL, Grainger RM, Harland RM., CSH Protoc. June 1, 2007; 2007 pdb.prot4748.

Xenopus laevis Animal Cap/Vegetal Endoderm Conjugates., Sive HL, Grainger RM, Harland RM., CSH Protoc. June 1, 2007; 2007 pdb.prot4747.

Xenopus laevis In Vitro Fertilization and Natural Mating Methods., Sive HL, Grainger RM, Harland RM., CSH Protoc. May 1, 2007; 2007 pdb.prot4737.

Xenopus laevis Egg Collection., Sive HL, Grainger RM, Harland RM., CSH Protoc. May 1, 2007; 2007 pdb.prot4736.

Xenopus as a model system to study transcriptional regulatory networks., Koide T, Hayata T, Cho KW., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. April 5, 2005; 102 (14): 4943-8.

Xanthones as antimalarial agents: discovery, mode of action, and optimization., Riscoe M, Kelly JX, Winter R., Curr Med Chem. January 1, 2005; 12 (21): 2539-49.

X-ray imaging for palaeontology., Hohenstein P., Br J Radiol. May 1, 2004; 77 (917): 420-5.

X-ray microCT study of pyramids of the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus., Stock SR, Nagaraja S, Barss J, Dahl T, Veis A., J Struct Biol. January 1, 2003; 141 (1): 9-21.

X-ray absorption microtomography (microCT) and small beam diffraction mapping of sea urchin teeth., Stock SR, Barss J, Dahl T, Veis A, Almer JD., J Struct Biol. July 1, 2002; 139 (1): 1-12.

X-ray structure determination of a dimeric hemoglobin from Caudina arenicola., Mitchell DT, Ernst SR, Hackert ML., Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. September 1, 1995; 51 (Pt 5): 760-6.

Xenopus interspersed RNA families, Ocr and XR, bind DNA-binding proteins., Guttridge KL, Smith LD., Zygote. May 1, 1995; 3 (2): 111-22.

X-ray evaluation of SEM technique for determining the crystallography of echinoid skeletons., Dillaman RM, Hart HV., Scan Electron Microsc. January 1, 1981; (Pt 3): 313-20.

X-ray and optical diffraction studies on the outer fibres of sea-urchin sperm tail flagella., Yamaguchi T, Hayashi M, Wakabayashi K, Higashi-Fujime S., Biochim Biophys Acta. January 26, 1972; 257 (1): 30-6.

X-ray Diffraction Studies of Echinoderm Plates., Donnay G, Pawson DL., Science. November 28, 1969; 166 (3909): 1147-50.

X-ray diffraction evidence of collagen-type protein fibers in the Echinodermata, Coelenterata and Porifera., MARKS MH, BEAR RS, BLAKE CH., J Exp Zool. June 1, 1949; 111 (1): 55-78.

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