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Mech Dev 2020 Jun 01;162:103599. doi: 10.1016/j.mod.2020.103599.
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The gene regulatory control of sea urchin gastrulation.

Ettensohn CA .

The cell behaviors associated with gastrulation in sea urchins have been well described. More recently, considerable progress has been made in elucidating gene regulatory networks (GRNs) that underlie the specification of early embryonic territories in this experimental model. This review integrates information from these two avenues of work. I discuss the principal cell movements that take place during sea urchin gastrulation, with an emphasis on molecular effectors of the movements, and summarize our current understanding of the gene regulatory circuitry upstream of those effectors. A case is made that GRN biology can provide a causal explanation of gastrulation, although additional analysis is needed at several levels of biological organization in order to provide a deeper understanding of this complex morphogenetic process.

PubMed ID: 32119908
Article link: Mech Dev

Genes referenced: LOC100887844 LOC115919910 LOC575170