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Science 2012 Feb 03;3356068:590-3. doi: 10.1126/science.1212867.
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Sequential signaling crosstalk regulates endomesoderm segregation in sea urchin embryos.

Sethi AJ , Wikramanayake RM , Angerer RC , Range RC , Angerer LM .

The segregation of embryonic endomesoderm into separate endoderm and mesoderm fates is not well understood in deuterostomes. Using sea urchin embryos, we showed that Notch signaling initiates segregation of the endomesoderm precursor field by inhibiting expression of a key endoderm transcription factor in presumptive mesoderm. The regulatory circuit activated by this transcription factor subsequently maintains transcription of a canonical Wnt (cWnt) ligand only in endoderm precursors. This cWnt ligand reinforces the endoderm state, amplifying the distinction between emerging endoderm and mesoderm. Before gastrulation, Notch-dependent nuclear export of an essential ╬▓-catenin transcriptional coactivator from mesoderm renders it refractory to cWnt signals, insulating it against an endoderm fate. Thus, we report that endomesoderm segregation is a progressive process, requiring a succession of regulatory interactions between cWnt and Notch signaling.

PubMed ID: 22301319
PMC ID: PMC4827163
Article link: Science
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Genes referenced: LOC100887844 LOC594353

References [+] :
Croce, Dynamics of Delta/Notch signaling on endomesoderm segregation in the sea urchin embryo. 2010, Pubmed, Echinobase