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Scan Electron Microsc 1981 Jan 01;Pt 3:313-20.
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X-ray evaluation of SEM technique for determining the crystallography of echinoid skeletons.

Dillaman RM , Hart HV .

Coronal plates of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus have a microstructure typified by smooth textured trabeculae. When plates were decorated with calcite crystals each rhombohedron had the same orientation regardless of its location on the plate. When the sample was oriented so that the three edges of the rhombohedron formed equal 120 degrees angles and the three crystal faces appeared to form equal angles with the plane of the photograph, the c-axis of the plate paralleled the electron beam and the three a-axes were 30 degrees counterclockwise from the edges. These a-axes were then related to a plate edge recorded in a low magnification micrograph. Directions of the a-axes of each plate were also measured using a back-reflection Laue x-ray diffraction camera. A comparison of a-axes measured by the two techniques showed an average difference of 3 degrees, indicating that decorated crystal grew in crystallographic continuity with the plate. Assuming this relationship remains constant, the decoration technique appears to be an accurate and efficient method for evaluating the crystallography of echinoid skeletal units. Analysis of a polar plot of a-axes for 11 plates indicated that the a-axes were not randomly oriented; however, definitive relationships must await more extensive investigations.

PubMed ID: 7330579

Genes referenced: LOC100887844