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Zookeys 2016 Nov 09;630:1-17. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.630.9856.
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Echinoids of the Kerguelen Plateau - occurrence data and environmental setting for past, present, and future species distribution modelling.

Guillaumot C , Martin A , Fabri-Ruiz S , Eléaume M , Saucède T .

The present dataset provides a case study for species distribution modelling (SDM) and for model testing in a poorly documented marine region. The dataset includes spatially-explicit data for echinoid (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) distribution. Echinoids were collected during oceanographic campaigns led around the Kerguelen Plateau (+63°/+81°E; -46°/-56°S) since 1872. In addition to the identification of collection specimens from historical cruises, original data from the recent campaigns POKER II (2010) and PROTEKER 2 to 4 (2013-2015) are also provided. In total, five families, ten genera, and 12 echinoid species are recorded in the region of the Kerguelen Plateau. The dataset is complemented with environmental descriptors available and relevant for echinoid ecology and SDM. The environmental data was compiled from different sources and was modified to suit the geographic extent of the Kerguelen Plateau, using scripts developed with the R language (R Core Team 2015). Spatial resolution was set at a common 0.1° pixel resolution. Mean seafloor and sea surface temperatures, salinity and their amplitudes, all derived from the World Ocean Database (Boyer et al. 2013) are made available for the six following decades: 1955-1964, 1965-1974, 1975-1984, 1985-1994, 1995-2004, 2005-2012. Future projections are provided for several parameters: they were modified from the Bio-ORACLE database (Tyberghein et al. 2012). They are based on three IPCC scenarii (B1, AIB, A2) for years 2100 and 2200 (IPCC, 4th report).

PubMed ID: 27917039
PMC ID: PMC5126521
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