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Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 2019 Aug 01;2624:24581-24594. doi: 10.1007/s11356-019-05662-5.
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Metals and emerging contaminants in groundwater and human health risk assessment.

Francisco LFV , do Amaral Crispim B , Spósito JCV , Solórzano JCJ , Maran NH , Kummrow F , do Nascimento VA , Montagner CC , De Oliveira KMP , Barufatti A .

Groundwaters are normally consumed without previous treatment and therefore the monitoring of contaminants in order to guarantee its safety is necessary. Thus, we aimed to evaluate the groundwater contamination by metals and emerging contaminants, seeking to understand the relationship between their presence in the groundwater and the use and land cover profile of Itaporã and Caarapó. In addition, the contaminant concentrations observed were compared with maximum permitted values (MPV) and/or with calculated water quality criteria (WQC) for human consumption to investigate possible human health risks due to the groundwater intake. We collected one groundwater sample from each of the 12 wells located in Itaporã and 11 wells located in Caarapó. The metals were analyzed using ICP-OES and the emerging contaminants using LC-MS/MS. At least 1 of the 9 metals analyzed was found in each of the samples. In 12 samples, the metal concentrations verified exceeded the MPV or calculated WQC. A risk to human health has been observed for metals Co, Mn, Cr, and Ni. The emerging contaminant concentrations found in some samples were low (ng/L) and probably did not pose health risks, but their presence in the groundwater showed the impact of agriculture and the inadequate disposal of domestic sewage in the wells of both cities.

PubMed ID: 31236862
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