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Nat Prod Commun 2015 Jan 01;101:21-6.
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Triterpene glycosides of sea cucumbers (Holothuroidea, Echinodermata) as taxonomic markers.

Kalinin VI , Avilov SA , Silchenko AS , Stonik VA .

Triterpene glycosides are characteristic metabolites of sea cucumbers (Holothurioidea, Echinodermata). The majority of the glycosides belong to the holostane type {lanostane derivatives with an 18(20)-lactone}. Carbohydrate chains of these glycosides contain xylose, glucose, quinovose, 3-O-methylglucose, and, rarely, 3-O-methylxylose, 3-O-methylglucuronic acid, 3-O-methylquinovose, and 6-O-acetyl-glucose. The glycosides are specific for genera, groups of genera and even for species. The advantages and problems in the use of triterpene glycosides as taxonomic markers in the systematics of sea cucumbers are discussed.

PubMed ID: 25920212

Genes referenced: LOC100887844