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Dev Biol 1985 Apr 01;1082:420-30. doi: 10.1016/0012-1606(85)90045-4.
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Introduction of cloned DNA into sea urchin egg cytoplasm: replication and persistence during embryogenesis.

McMahon AP , Flytzanis CN , Hough-Evans BR , Katula KS , Britten RJ , Davidson EH .

Cloned DNA sequences were introduced into the cytoplasm of unfertilized sea urchin eggs by a simple microinjection technique. Sperm was then added, and development allowed to proceed. If linearized plasmids are injected they form random concatenates, and during the early development of the embryos replicate repeatedly. Eukaryotic sequences are not required for replication of the exogenous DNA. Injected supercoiled DNAs neither ligate nor replicate. Both forms of exogenous DNA persist in the embryo through pluteus stage.

PubMed ID: 3000854
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Genes referenced: LOC100887844