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Development 2010 Dec 01;13724:4113-26. doi: 10.1242/dev.047969.
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A conserved germline multipotency program.

Juliano CE , Swartz SZ , Wessel GM .

The germline of multicellular animals is segregated from somatic tissues, which is an essential developmental process for the next generation. Although certain ecdysozoans and chordates segregate their germline during embryogenesis, animals from other taxa segregate their germline after embryogenesis from multipotent progenitor cells. An overlapping set of genes, including vasa, nanos and piwi, operate in both multipotent precursors and in the germline. As we propose here, this conservation implies the existence of an underlying germline multipotency program in these cell types that has a previously underappreciated and conserved function in maintaining multipotency.

PubMed ID: 21098563
PMC ID: PMC2990204
Article link: Development
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Genes referenced: ddx4 LOC115919910 LOC583082

References [+] :
Agata, Two different evolutionary origins of stem cell systems and their molecular basis. 2006, Pubmed