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Appl Plant Sci 2022 Mar 14;102:e11461. doi: 10.1002/aps3.11461.
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Mycobiome detection from a single subterranean gametophyte using metabarcoding techniques.

Chen KH , Xie QY , Chang CC , Kuo LY .

Premise: Several ferns and lycophytes produce subterranean gametophytes, including the Ophioglossaceae, Psilotaceae, and some members of the Schizaeaceae, Gleicheniaceae, and Lycopodiaceae. Despite the surge in plant-microbiome research, which has been particularly boosted by high-throughput sequencing techniques, the microbiomes of these inconspicuous fern gametophytes have rarely been examined. The subterranean gametophytes are peculiar due to their achlorophyllous nature, which makes them rely on fungi to obtain nutrients. Furthermore, the factors that shape the fungal communities (mycobiomes) of fern gametophytes have not been examined in depth. Methods and Results: We present a workflow to study the mycobiome of the achlorophyllous gametophytes of Ophioderma pendulum using a high-throughput metabarcoding approach. Simultaneously, each gametophyte was investigated microscopically to detect fungal structures. Two primer sets of the nuclear ITS sequence targeting general fungi were applied, in addition to a primer set that specifically targets the nuclear small subunit ribosomal rDNA region of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Both the microscopic and metabarcoding approaches revealed many diverse fungi inhabiting a single gametophyte of O. pendulum. Discussion: This study provides methodological details and discusses precautions for the mycobiome investigation of achlorophyllous gametophytes. This research is also the first to uncover the mycobiome assembly of an achlorophyllous gametophyte of an epiphytic fern.

PubMed ID: 35495185
PMC ID: PMC9039796
Article link: Appl Plant Sci

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