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Zoolog Sci 2000 Apr 01;173:383-7. doi: 10.2108/jsz.17.383.
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A Sea Cucumber Homolog of the Mouse T-Brain-1 is Expressed in the Invaginated Cells of the Early Gastrula in Holothuria leucospilota.

Maruyama YK .

A cDNA clone for a sea cucumber T-box gene was isolated and characterized. Based on molecular phylogenetic analysis it is concluded that the putative gene Hl-Tbr, encoded by the cDNA clone, is a T-box gene of the T-brain subfamily and hence a homolog of the mouse T-brain-1 (Tbr-1) as well as of the Xenopus Eomesodermin. In situ hybridization analysis of whole mount specimens showed that Hl-Tbr was expressed in the invaginated cells at the early gastrula stage and the expression of the gene was scarcely detectable by the end of the late gastrula stage.

PubMed ID: 18494594
Article link: Zoolog Sci

Genes referenced: LOC100887844 tbr1