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Mech Dev 2001 Sep 01;1071-2:159-62. doi: 10.1016/s0925-4773(01)00470-1.
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ske-T, a T-box gene expressed in the skeletogenic mesenchyme lineage of the sea urchin embryo.

Croce J , Lhomond G , Lozano JC , Gache C .

T-box transcription factors regulate many developmental processes. Here we report the cloning and expression analysis of ske-T, a novel sea urchin T-box gene. The distribution of the maternal ske-T transcript is uniform in the egg and early embryonic stages while zygotic expression is restricted to the skeletogenic mesenchyme lineage.

PubMed ID: 11520672
Article link: Mech Dev

Genes referenced: LOC100887844 tbr1