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Mitochondrial DNA B Resour 2019 Oct 04;42:3377-3378. doi: 10.1080/23802359.2019.1673250.
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The complete mitochondrial genome of black sea cucumber Holothuria leucospilota (Aspidochirotida holothuriidae).

Zhong S , Liu Y , Huang L , Zhao Y , Huang G .

The black sea cucumber, Holothuria leucospilota, is an ecologically and economically important holothuroid in China due to broader environmental adaptation and valuable pharmacological compounds. However, the wild stocks of H. leucospilota, have been declining steadily due to overexploitation in recent years. The stock enhancement programme has become an increasingly important priority. In this study, we report the complete mitochondrial genome of H. leucospilota. The mitogenome has 15,839 base pairs (57.6% A + T content) and made up of total of 37 genes (13 protein-coding, 22 transfer RNAs and 2 ribosomal RNAs), and a putative control region. The complete mitogenomes of H. leucospilota will provide useful genetic information for future conservation and management of this valuable and vulnerable species.

PubMed ID: 33366001
PMC ID: PMC7707278
Article link: Mitochondrial DNA B Resour

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