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Summary Expression Gene Literature (15) GO Terms (6) Nucleotides (12) Proteins (8) Interactants (85) Wiki
ECB-GENEPAGE- 23054148

Show:     All S. purpuratus L. variegatus P. miniata A. planci

Protein sequences for sox2 - All

Models (0)

NCBI Proteins (8)

Accession Species Source
NP_999639 S. purpuratus RefSeq
AAD40688 S. purpuratus RefSeq
Q9Y0D7 S. purpuratus Uniprot GO
MOS22105 S. purpuratus RefSeq
XP_022101939 A. planci RefSeq
XP_041483345 L. variegatus RefSeq
XP_038050646 P. miniata RefSeq
AGM53434 P. miniata RefSeq

UniProt Proteins (1)

Accession Species Source
Q9Y0D7 (InterPro) S. purpuratus Uniprot GO