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Show:     All S. purpuratus L. variegatus P. miniata A. planci

Nucleotide sequences for ttc21b - All

Models - Gene (4)
Models - mRNA (1)
mRNAs (12)
ESTs (0)

Models - Gene (4)

Source Version Model Species
NCBI_REFSEQ/JGI 5.0 LOC588665 S. purpuratus
NCBI_REFSEQ/JGI 3.0 LOC119745584 P. miniata
NCBI_REFSEQ/JGI 3.0 LOC121411030 L. variegatus
NCBI_REFSEQ/JGI 1.0 LOC110976107 A. planci

Models - mRNA (1)

Source Version Model Species
NCBI_REFSEQ/JGI 5.0 XM_030972125.1 S. purpuratus

mRNAs (12)

Clone Accession Species Library Anatomy Stage
GAUR01071285 L. variegatus
XM_041603493 L. variegatus
XM_041603494 L. variegatus
GAVU01001454 S. purpuratus
JT111940 S. purpuratus
XM_030972125 S. purpuratus
XM_038222046 P. miniata
XM_038222044 P. miniata
GHJN010295225 P. miniata
XM_022229137 A. planci
XM_022229119 A. planci
XM_022229127 A. planci

ESTs (0)