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In vitro synergy of ceftolozane/tazobactam in combination with fosfomycin or aztreonam against MDR Pseudomonas aeruginosa., Cuba GT, Rocha-Santos G, Cayô R, Streling AP, Nodari CS, Gales AC, Pignatari ACC, Nicolau DP, Kiffer CRV., J Antimicrob Chemother. July 1, 2020;

Transcriptome analysis of body wall reveals growth difference between the largest and smallest individuals in the pure and hybrid populations of Apostichopus japonicus., Gao K, Wang Z, Qiu X, Song J, Wang H, Zhao C, Wang X, Chang Y., Comp Biochem Physiol Part D Genomics Proteomics. September 1, 2019; 31 100591.

Diversity of metallo-β-lactamase-encoding genes found in distinct species of Acinetobacter isolated from the Brazilian Amazon Region., Brasiliense D, Cayô R, Streling AP, Nodari CS, Barata RR, Lemos PS, Massafra JM, Correa Y, Magalhães I, Gales AC, Sodré R., Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. January 1, 2019; 114 e190020.  

Profile and multidrug resistance determinants of Chryseobacterium indologenes from seawater and marine fauna., Maravić A, Skočibušić M, Samanić I, Puizina J., World J Microbiol Biotechnol. March 1, 2013; 29 (3): 515-22.

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