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Collagen fibrils of sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicus) are heterotypic., Tian M, Xue C, Chang Y, Shen J, Zhang Y, Li Z, Wang Y., Food Chem. June 30, 2020; 316 126272.

Effects of collagenase type I on the structural features of collagen fibres from sea cucumber (Stichopus japonicus) body wall., Liu YX, Liu ZQ, Song L, Ma QR, Zhou DY, Zhu BW, Shahidi F., Food Chem. December 15, 2019; 301 125302.

Dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase of Vibrio splendidus is involved in adhesion to Apostichopus japonicus., Dai F, Zhang W, Zhuang Q, Shao Y, Zhao X, Lv Z, Li C., Virulence. December 1, 2019; 10 (1): 839-848.              

SGK regulates pH increase and cyclin B-Cdk1 activation to resume meiosis in starfish ovarian oocytes., Hosoda E, Hiraoka D, Hirohashi N, Omi S, Kishimoto T, Chiba K., J Cell Biol. November 4, 2019; 218 (11): 3612-3629.                

GLIPR1L1 is an IZUMO-binding protein required for optimal fertilization in the mouse., Gaikwad AS, Anderson AL, Merriner DJ, O'Connor AE, Houston BJ, Aitken RJ, O'Bryan MK, Nixon B., BMC Biol. October 31, 2019; 17 (1): 86.                    

The role of matrix metalloprotease (MMP) to the autolysis of sea cucumber (Stichopus japonicus)., Liu ZQ, Liu YX, Zhou DY, Liu XY, Dong XP, Li DM, Shahidi F., J Sci Food Agric. October 1, 2019; 99 (13): 5752-5759.

Characterizing the Bioluminescence of the Humboldt Squid, Dosidicus gigas (d''Orbigny, 1835): One of the Largest Luminescent Animals in the World., Galeazzo GA, Mirza JD, Dorr FA, Pinto E, Stevani CV, Lohrmann KB, Oliveira AG., Photochem Photobiol. September 1, 2019; 95 (5): 1179-1185.

Quantitative Proteome Reveals Variation in the Condition Factor of Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus nudus during the Fishing Season Using an iTRAQ-based Approach., Shang WH, Han JR, Yan JN, Du YN, Xu YS, Xue CF, Zhang TT, Wu HT, Zhu BW., Mar Drugs. July 5, 2019; 17 (7):           

Structural investigation of α-l-fucosidase from the pancreas of Patiria pectinifera, based on molecular cloning., Ono A, Suzuki T, Gotoh S, Kono H, Matsui M, Aoki D, Matsuda M, Kawagishi H, Ogata M., Carbohydr Res. March 1, 2019; 475 27-33.

Functional Characterization of OXYL, A SghC1qDC LacNAc-specific Lectin from The Crinoid Feather Star Anneissia Japonica., Hasan I, Gerdol M, Fujii Y, Ozeki Y., Mar Drugs. February 25, 2019; 17 (2):                     

AKT/protein kinase B associates with β-actin in the nucleus of melanoma cells., Coa LL, Abreu TF, Tashima AK, Green J, Pascon RC, Vallim MA, Machado-Jr J., Biosci Rep. January 30, 2019; 39 (1):                 

Atlantic West Ophiothrix spp. in the scope of integrative taxonomy: Confirming the existence of Ophiothrix trindadensis Tommasi, 1970., Alitto RADS, Amaral ACZ, de Oliveira LD, Serrano H, Seger KR, Guilherme PDB, Domenico MD, Christensen AB, Lourenço LB, Tavares M, Borges M., PLoS One. January 1, 2019; 14 (1): e0210331.                  

Extremely stable high molecular mass soluble multiprotein complex from eggs of sea urchin Strongylocentrotus intermedius with phosphatase activity., Soboleva SE, Burkova EE, Dmitrenok PS, Bulgakov DV, Menzorova NI, Buneva VN, Nevinsky GA., J Mol Recognit. December 1, 2018; 31 (12): e2753.

In Vitro Anticancer and Proapoptotic Activities of Steroidal Glycosides from the Starfish Anthenea aspera., Malyarenko TV, Malyarenko OS, Kicha AA, Ivanchina NV, Kalinovsky AI, Dmitrenok PS, Ermakova SP, Stonik VA., Mar Drugs. November 1, 2018; 16 (11):       

Structure-Based Engineering of Phanerochaete chrysosporium Alcohol Oxidase for Enhanced Oxidative Power toward Glycerol., Nguyen QT, Romero E, Dijkman WP, de Vasconcellos SP, Binda C, Mattevi A, Fraaije MW., Biochemistry. October 30, 2018; 57 (43): 6209-6218.                

Depletion of ZBTB38 potentiates the effects of DNA demethylating agents in cancer cells via CDKN1C mRNA up-regulation., Marchal C, de Dieuleveult M, Saint-Ruf C, Guinot N, Ferry L, Olalla Saad ST, Lazarini M, Defossez PA, Miotto B., Oncogenesis. October 11, 2018; 7 (10): 82.            

Secreted aspartyl proteinase (PbSap) contributes to the virulence of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis infection., Castilho DG, Chaves AFA, Navarro MV, Conceição PM, Ferreira KS, da Silva LS, Xander P, Batista WL., PLoS Negl Trop Dis. September 27, 2018; 12 (9): e0006806.              

Colorimetric method for determining viability of sea urchin sperm applied in toxicity tests., Resgalla C, Máximo MV, Brasil MDN, Pessatti ML., Ecotoxicology. July 1, 2018; 27 (5): 499-504.

Peanut agglutinin specifically binds to a sperm region between the nucleus and mitochondria in tunicates and sea urchins., Nakazawa S, Shirae-Kurabayashi M, Sawada H., Mol Reprod Dev. June 1, 2018; 85 (6): 464-477.

Characteristics of the iron uptake-related process of a pathogenic Vibrio splendidus strain associated with massive mortalities of the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus., Song T, Liu H, Lv T, Zhao X, Shao Y, Han Q, Li C, Zhang W., J Invertebr Pathol. June 1, 2018; 155 25-31.

Conserved RNA binding activity of a Yin-Yang 1 homologue in the ova of the purple sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus., Belak ZR, Ovsenek N, Eskiw CH., Sci Rep. May 23, 2018; 8 (1): 8061.                

Translatome analysis at the egg-to-embryo transition in sea urchin., Chassé H, Aubert J, Boulben S, Le Corguillé G, Corre E, Cormier P, Morales J., Nucleic Acids Res. May 18, 2018; 46 (9): 4607-4621.            

Characteristics of the Copper,Zinc Superoxide Dismutase of a Hadal Sea Cucumber (Paelopatides sp.) from the Mariana Trench., Li Y, Kong X, Chen J, Liu H, Zhang H., Mar Drugs. May 18, 2018; 16 (5):             

HSP70 from the Antarctic sea urchin Sterechinus neumayeri: molecular characterization and expression in response to heat stress., González-Aravena M, Calfio C, Mercado L, Morales-Lange B, Bethke J, De Lorgeril J, Cárdenas CA., Biol Res. March 27, 2018; 51 (1): 8.          

An immunoproteomic approach revealing peptides from Sporothrix brasiliensis that induce a cellular immune response in subcutaneous sporotrichosis., de Almeida JRF, Jannuzzi GP, Kaihami GH, Breda LCD, Ferreira KS, de Almeida SR., Sci Rep. March 8, 2018; 8 (1): 4192.            

The serpulid Ficopomatus enigmaticus () as candidate organisms for ecotoxicological assays in brackish and marine waters., Oliva M, Mennillo E, Barbaglia M, Monni G, Tardelli F, Casu V, Pretti C., Ecotoxicol Environ Saf. February 1, 2018; 148 1096-1103.

Starfish Apaf-1 activates effector caspase-3/9 upon apoptosis of aged eggs., Tamura R, Takada M, Sakaue M, Yoshida A, Ohi S, Hirano K, Hayakawa T, Hirohashi N, Yura K, Chiba K., Sci Rep. January 25, 2018; 8 (1): 1611.                

Extracellular Vesicles From Sporothrix brasiliensis Are an Important Virulence Factor That Induce an Increase in Fungal Burden in Experimental Sporotrichosis., Ikeda MAK, de Almeida JRF, Jannuzzi GP, Cronemberger-Andrade A, Torrecilhas ACT, Moretti NS, da Cunha JPC, de Almeida SR, Ferreira KS., Front Microbiol. January 1, 2018; 9 2286.                  

Extracellular expression of a novel β-agarase from Microbulbifer sp. Q7, isolated from the gut of sea cucumber., Su Q, Jin T, Yu Y, Yang M, Mou H, Li L., AMB Express. December 19, 2017; 7 (1): 220.            

Effects of endogenous cysteine proteinases on structures of collagen fibres from dermis of sea cucumber (Stichopus japonicus)., Liu YX, Zhou DY, Ma DD, Liu ZQ, Liu YF, Song L, Dong XP, Li DM, Zhu BW, Konno K, Shahidi F., Food Chem. October 1, 2017; 232 10-18.

Gallic Acid-Loaded Gel Formulation Combats Skin Oxidative Stress: Development, Characterization and Ex Vivo Biological Assays., Monteiro E Silva SA, Calixto GMF, Cajado J, De Carvalho PCA, Rodero CF, Chorilli M, Leonardi GR., Polymers (Basel). August 24, 2017; 9 (9):     

Multiomics analysis of the giant triton snail salivary gland, a crown-of-thorns starfish predator., Bose U, Wang T, Zhao M, Motti CA, Hall MR, Cummins SF., Sci Rep. July 20, 2017; 7 (1): 6000.            

The Inhibitory Activity of Luzonicosides from the Starfish Echinaster luzonicus against Human Melanoma Cells., Malyarenko OS, Dyshlovoy SA, Kicha AA, Ivanchina NV, Malyarenko TV, Carsten B, Gunhild VA, Stonik VA, Ermakova SP., Mar Drugs. July 18, 2017; 15 (7):           

Proteomics-based identification of differentially abundant proteins reveals adaptation mechanisms of Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri during Citrus sinensis infection., Moreira LM, Soares MR, Facincani AP, Ferreira CB, Ferreira RM, Ferro MIT, Gozzo FC, Felestrino ÉB, Assis RAB, Garcia CCM, Setubal JC, Ferro JA, de Oliveira JCF., BMC Microbiol. July 11, 2017; 17 (1): 155.          

The skeletal proteome of the sea star Patiria miniata and evolution of biomineralization in echinoderms., Flores RL, Livingston BT., BMC Evol Biol. June 5, 2017; 17 (1): 125.            

Chemical and structural characterization of α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase I and II from starfish, asterina amurensis., Rashid MH, Sadik G, Alam AK, Tanaka T., BMC Biochem. May 25, 2017; 18 (1): 9.              

MISTIC-fusion proteins as antigens for high quality membrane protein antibodies., Alves NS, Astrinidis SA, Eisenhardt N, Sieverding C, Redolfi J, Lorenz M, Weberruss M, Moreno-Andrés D, Antonin W., Sci Rep. February 2, 2017; 7 41519.              

Historical ecology and the conservation of large, hermaphroditic fishes in Pacific Coast kelp forest ecosystems., Braje TJ, Rick TC, Szpak P, Newsome SD, McCain JM, Elliott Smith EA, Glassow M, Hamilton SL., Sci Adv. February 1, 2017; 3 (2): e1601759.          

Characterization of a novel hatching enzyme purified from starfish Asterina pectinifera., Choi JH, Kim SM., Springerplus. November 3, 2016; 5 (1): 1998.          

Genome evolution in the allotetraploid frog Xenopus laevis., Session AM, Uno Y, Kwon T, Chapman JA, Toyoda A, Takahashi S, Fukui A, Hikosaka A, Suzuki A, Kondo M, van Heeringen SJ, Quigley I, Heinz S, Ogino H, Ochi H, Hellsten U, Lyons JB, Simakov O, Putnam N, Stites J, Kuroki Y, Tanaka T, Michiue T, Watanabe M, Bogdanovic O, Lister R, Georgiou G, Paranjpe SS, van Kruijsbergen I, Shu S, Carlson J, Kinoshita T, Ohta Y, Mawaribuchi S, Jenkins J, Grimwood J, Schmutz J, Mitros T, Mozaffari SV, Suzuki Y, Haramoto Y, Yamamoto TS, Takagi C, Heald R, Miller K, Haudenschild C, Kitzman J, Nakayama T, Izutsu Y, Robert J, Fortriede J, Burns K, Lotay V, Karimi K, Yasuoka Y, Dichmann DS, Flajnik MF, Houston DW, Shendure J, DuPasquier L, Vize PD, Zorn AM, Ito M, Marcotte EM, Wallingford JB, Ito Y, Asashima M, Ueno N, Matsuda Y, Veenstra GJ, Fujiyama A, Harland RM, Taira M, Rokhsar DS., Nature. October 20, 2016; 538 (7625): 336-343.                          

Acetylation Mimics Within a Single Nucleosome Alter Local DNA Accessibility In Compacted Nucleosome Arrays., Mishra LN, Pepenella S, Rogge R, Hansen JC, Hayes JJ., Sci Rep. October 6, 2016; 6 34808.        

Method to extract minimally damaged collagen fibrils from tendon., Liu Y, Andarawis-Puri N, Eppell SJ., J Biol Methods. September 16, 2016; 3 (4): e54.          

Subtle reproductive impairment through nitric oxide-mediated mechanisms in sea urchins from an area affected by harmful algal blooms., Migliaccio O, Castellano I, Di Cioccio D, Tedeschi G, Negri A, Cirino P, Romano G, Zingone A, Palumbo A., Sci Rep. May 19, 2016; 6 26086.              

Distinct mechanisms eliminate mother and daughter centrioles in meiosis of starfish oocytes., Borrego-Pinto J, Somogyi K, Karreman MA, König J, Müller-Reichert T, Bettencourt-Dias M, Gönczy P, Schwab Y, Lénárt P., J Cell Biol. March 28, 2016; 212 (7): 815-27.          

Cyclin B Translation Depends on mTOR Activity after Fertilization in Sea Urchin Embryos., Chassé H, Mulner-Lorillon O, Boulben S, Glippa V, Morales J, Cormier P., PLoS One. March 4, 2016; 11 (3): e0150318.              

Recombinant mussel proximal thread matrix protein promotes osteoblast cell adhesion and proliferation., Yoo HY, Song YH, Foo M, Seo E, Hwang DS, Seo JH., BMC Biotechnol. February 16, 2016; 16 16.        

Characterization of proteolysis in muscle tissues of sea cucumber Stichopus japonicus., Zhao CC, Yang Y, Wu HT, Zhu ZM, Tang Y, Yu CP, Sun N, Lv Q, Han JR, Li AT, Yan JN, Cha Y., Food Sci Biotechnol. January 1, 2016; 25 (6): 1529-1535.

Heterologous expression of newly identified galectin-8 from sea urchin embryos produces recombinant protein with lactose binding specificity and anti-adhesive activity., Karakostis K, Karakostis K, Costa C, Zito F, Matranga V., Sci Rep. December 7, 2015; 5 17665.            

Structure-Activity Relationship Study of the Neuritogenic Potential of the Glycan of Starfish Ganglioside LLG-3 (‡)., Yamagishi M, Hosoda-Yabe R, Tamai H, Konishi M, Imamura A, Ishida H, Yabe T, Ando H, Kiso M., Mar Drugs. December 5, 2015; 13 (12): 7250-74.                      

Ectopic hbox12 Expression Evoked by Histone Deacetylase Inhibition Disrupts Axial Specification of the Sea Urchin Embryo., Cavalieri V, Spinelli G., PLoS One. November 3, 2015; 10 (11): e0143860.        

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