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Papers associated with LOC591473 (and LOC115925415)

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Targeting cell-bound MUC1 on myelomonocytic, monocytic leukemias and phenotypically defined leukemic stem cells with anti-SEA module antibodies., Guillaume T, Dehame V, Chevallier P, Peterlin P, Garnier A, Grégoire M, Pichinuk E, Rubinstein DB, Wreschner DH., Exp Hematol. February 1, 2019; 70 97-108.

Glycosides from edible sea cucumbers stimulate macrophages via purinergic receptors., Aminin D, Pislyagin E, Astashev M, Es'kov A, Kozhemyako V, Avilov S, Zelepuga E, Yurchenko E, Kaluzhskiy L, Kozlovskaya E, Ivanov A, Stonik V., Sci Rep. December 22, 2016; 6 39683.        

Predictive criteria to study the pathogenesis of malaria-associated ALI/ARDS in mice., Ortolan LS, Sercundes MK, Barboza R, Debone D, Murillo O, Hagen SC, Russo M, D' Império Lima MR, Alvarez JM, Amaku M, Marinho CR, Epiphanio S., Mediators Inflamm. January 1, 2014; 2014 872464.            

Prevalence of the EH1 Groucho interaction motif in the metazoan Fox family of transcriptional regulators., Yaklichkin S, Vekker A, Stayrook S, Lewis M, Kessler DS., BMC Genomics. June 28, 2007; 8 201.          

The animal sialyltransferases and sialyltransferase-related genes: a phylogenetic approach., Harduin-Lepers A, Mollicone R, Delannoy P, Oriol R., Glycobiology. August 1, 2005; 15 (8): 805-17.

Biochemical and physiological properties of pedicellarial lectins from the toxopneustid sea urchins., Nakagawa H, Yamaguchi C, Sakai H, Kanemaru K, Hayashi H, Araki Y, Tomihara Y, Shinohara M, Ohura K, Kitagawa H., J Nat Toxins. October 1, 1999; 8 (3): 297-308.

Identification of a major subfamily of large hsp70-like proteins through the cloning of the mammalian 110-kDa heat shock protein., Lee-Yoon D, Easton D, Murawski M, Burd R, Subjeck JR., J Biol Chem. June 30, 1995; 270 (26): 15725-33.

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