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Generation of antioxidative peptides from Atlantic sea cucumber using alcalase versus trypsin: In vitro activity, de novo sequencing, and in silico docking for in vivo function prediction., Zhang Y, He S, Bonneil É, Simpson BK., Food Chem. February 15, 2020; 306 125581.

Immunomodulatory Protein from Nectria haematococca Induces Apoptosis in Lung Cancer Cells via the P53 Pathway., Wang JJ, Wang Y, Hou L, Xin F, Fan B, Lu C, Zhang L, Wang F, Li S., Int J Mol Sci. October 28, 2019; 20 (21):             

Characteristics of a Novel Manganese Superoxide Dismutase of a Hadal Sea Cucumber (Paelopatides sp.) from the Mariana Trench., Li Y, Kong X, Zhang H., Mar Drugs. February 1, 2019; 17 (2):           

Phospho-l-tyrosine-agarose chromatography: Adsorption of human IgG and its proteolytic fragments., Pavan GL, Bresolin ITL, Muzio AFV, Cunha DC, Bueno SMA., Biomed Chromatogr. January 1, 2019; 33 (1): e4397.

Starfish Gonadotropic Hormone: From Gamete-Shedding Substance to Relaxin-Like Gonad-Stimulating Peptide., Mita M., Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). January 1, 2019; 10 182.    

Identification, structure-activity relationship and in silico molecular docking analyses of five novel angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE)-inhibitory peptides from stone fish (Actinopyga lecanora) hydrolysates., Auwal SM, Zainal Abidin N, Zarei M, Tan CP, Saari N., PLoS One. January 1, 2019; 14 (5): e0197644.          

In silico assessment and structural characterization of antioxidant peptides from major yolk protein of sea urchin Strongylocentrotus nudus., Shang WH, Tang Y, Su SY, Han JR, Yan JN, Wu HT, Zhu BW., Food Funct. December 13, 2018; 9 (12): 6435-6443.

A novel p38 MAPK gene in the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus (Ajp38) is associated with the immune response to pathogenic challenge., Zhan Y, Wang Y, Li K, Song J, Chang Y., Fish Shellfish Immunol. October 1, 2018; 81 250-259.

Carbohydrate recognition by the rhamnose-binding lectin SUL-I with a novel three-domain structure isolated from the venom of globiferous pedicellariae of the flower sea urchin Toxopneustes pileolus., Hatakeyama T, Ichise A, Unno H, Goda S, Oda T, Tateno H, Hirabayashi J, Sakai H, Nakagawa H., Protein Sci. August 1, 2017; 26 (8): 1574-1583.

Inhibitory effects of Stichopus japonicus extract on melanogenesis of mouse cells via ERK phosphorylation., Oh CT, Kwon TR, Jang YJ, Yoo KH, Kim BJ, Kim H., Mol Med Rep. August 1, 2017; 16 (2): 1079-1086.          

Profiles of amino acids and biogenic amines in the plasma of Cri-du-Chat patients., Furtado DZS, de Moura Leite FBV, Barreto CN, Faria B, Jedlicka LDL, de Jesus Silva E, da Silva HDT, Bechara EJH, Assunção NA., J Pharm Biomed Anal. June 5, 2017; 140 137-145.

Phosphorylated-tyrosine based pseudobioaffinity adsorbent for the purification of immunoglobulin G., Pavan GL, Lazzarotto Bresolin IT, Grespan A, Alves Bueno SM., J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci. May 1, 2017; 1052 10-18.

Identification of a novel starfish neuropeptide that acts as a muscle relaxant., Kim CH, Kim EJ, Go HJ, Oh HY, Lin M, Elphick MR, Park NG., J Neurochem. April 1, 2016; 137 (1): 33-45.                

Unravelling potential virulence factor candidates in Xanthomonas citri. subsp. citri by secretome analysis., Ferreira RM, Moreira LM, Ferro JA, Soares MRR, Laia ML, Varani AM, de Oliveira JCF, Ferro MIT., PeerJ. January 1, 2016; 4 e1734.        

Tyrosine Recombinase Retrotransposons and Transposons., Poulter RTM, Butler MI., Microbiol Spectr. April 1, 2015; 3 (2): MDNA3-0036-2014.

The Evolution and Variety of RFamide-Type Neuropeptides: Insights from Deuterostomian Invertebrates., Elphick MR, Mirabeau O., Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). May 13, 2014; 5 93.        

Eicosapentaenoic acid-enriched phosphatidylcholine isolated from Cucumaria frondosa exhibits anti-hyperglycemic effects via activating phosphoinositide 3-kinase/protein kinase B signal pathway., Hu S, Xu L, Shi D, Wang J, Wang Y, Lou Q, Xue C., J Biosci Bioeng. April 1, 2014; 117 (4): 457-63.

Fucosylated chondroitin sulfate from Acaudina molpadioides improves hyperglycemia via activation of PKB/GLUT4 signaling in skeletal muscle of insulin resistant mice., Hu S, Chang Y, Wang J, Xue C, Shi D, Xu H, Wang Y., Food Funct. November 1, 2013; 4 (11): 1639-46.

Intracellular and extracellular pH and Ca are bound to control mitosis in the early sea urchin embryo via ERK and MPF activities., Ciapa B, Philippe L., PLoS One. January 1, 2013; 8 (6): e66113.            

Molecular cloning, functional expression, and characterization of isolectin genes of hemolytic lectin CEL-III from the marine invertebrate Cucumaria echinata., Shimizu Y, Yamazaki H, Yoshida S, Yonekura M, Kouzuma Y., Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. January 1, 2012; 76 (2): 276-82.

Crypton transposons: identification of new diverse families and ancient domestication events., Kojima KK, Jurka J., Mob DNA. October 19, 2011; 2 (1): 12.              

New diketopiperazine derivatives isolated from sea urchin-derived bacillus sp., Yonezawa K, Yamada K, Kouno I., Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo). January 1, 2011; 59 (1): 106-8.

Structure and proteolytic properties of ADAMTS13, a metalloprotease involved in the pathogenesis of thrombotic microangiopathies., Lancellotti S, De Cristofaro R., Prog Mol Biol Transl Sci. January 1, 2011; 99 105-44.

Enzymatic synthesis of dehydroderivatives from proline-containing cyclic dipeptides and their effects toward cell division., Arunrattiyakorn P, Ikeda B, Nitoda T, Kanzaki H., Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. March 1, 2007; 71 (3): 830-3.

Overexpression and mechanistic characterization of blastula protease 10, a metalloprotease involved in sea urchin embryogenesis and development., da Silva GF, Reuille RL, Ming LJ, Livingston BT., J Biol Chem. April 21, 2006; 281 (16): 10737-44.

DIRS-1 and the other tyrosine recombinase retrotransposons., Poulter RT, Goodwin TJ., Cytogenet Genome Res. January 1, 2005; 110 (1-4): 575-88.

Formulated glyphosate activates the DNA-response checkpoint of the cell cycle leading to the prevention of G2/M transition., Marc J, Bellé R, Morales J, Cormier P, Mulner-Lorillon O., Toxicol Sci. December 1, 2004; 82 (2): 436-42.

DIRS retroelements in arthropods: identification of the recently active TcDirs1 element in the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum., Goodwin TJ, Poulter RT, Lorenzen MD, Beeman RW., Mol Genet Genomics. August 1, 2004; 272 (1): 47-56.

Evidence that the large noncoding sequence is the main control region of maternally and paternally transmitted mitochondrial genomes of the marine mussel (Mytilus spp.)., Cao L, Kenchington E, Zouros E, Rodakis GC., Genetics. June 1, 2004; 167 (2): 835-50.

Stichopus japonicus arginine kinase: gene structure and unique substrate recognition system., Suzuki T, Yamamoto Y, Umekawa M., Biochem J. November 1, 2000; 351 Pt 3 579-85.

The 26S proteasome assembly is regulated by a maturation-inducing hormone in starfish oocytes., Sawada MT, Morinaga C, Izumi K, Sawada H., Biochem Biophys Res Commun. January 19, 1999; 254 (2): 338-44.

In vivo regulation of cyclin A/Cdc2 and cyclin B/Cdc2 through meiotic and early cleavage cycles in starfish., Okano-Uchida T, Sekiai T, Lee K, Okumura E, Tachibana K, Kishimoto T., Dev Biol. May 1, 1998; 197 (1): 39-53.

Sea urchin hatching enzyme (envelysin): cDNA cloning and deprivation of protein substrate specificity by autolytic degradation., Nomura K, Shimizu T, Kinoh H, Sendai Y, Inomata M, Suzuki N., Biochemistry. June 10, 1997; 36 (23): 7225-38.

Sequential dephosphorylation of p34(cdc2) on Thr-14 and Tyr-15 at the prophase/metaphase transition., Borgne A, Meijer L., J Biol Chem. November 1, 1996; 271 (44): 27847-54.

The A and B tubules of the outer doublets of sea urchin sperm axonemes are composed of different tubulin variants., Multigner L, Pignot-Paintrand I, Saoudi Y, Job D, Plessmann U, Rüdiger M, Weber K., Biochemistry. August 20, 1996; 35 (33): 10862-71.

An N-terminal partial sequence of the 13 kDa Pycnopodia helianthoides sperm chemoattractant ''startrak'' possesses sperm-attracting activity., Miller RL, Vogt R., J Exp Biol. February 1, 1996; 199 (Pt 2): 311-8.

Further mapping of the Achatina giant neurone types sensitive to the neuroactive peptides isolated from invertebrates., Araki Y, Liu GJ, Zhang W, Takeuchi H, Munekata E., Gen Pharmacol. December 1, 1995; 26 (8): 1701-8.

Sea urchin ovoperoxidase: solubilization and isolation from the fertilization envelope, some structural and functional properties, and degradation by hatching enzyme., Nomura K, Suzuki N., Arch Biochem Biophys. June 1, 1995; 319 (2): 525-34.

Localization of the heptapeptide GFSKLYFamide in the sea cucumber Holothuria glaberrima (Echinodermata): a light and electron microscopic study., Díaz-Miranda L, Blanco RE, García-Arrarás JE., J Comp Neurol. February 20, 1995; 352 (4): 626-40.

Pharmacological action of the heptapeptide GFSKLYFamide in the muscle of the sea cucumber Holothuria glaberrima (Echinodermata)., Díaz-Miranda L, García-Arrarás JE., Comp Biochem Physiol C Pharmacol Toxicol Endocrinol. February 1, 1995; 110 (2): 171-6.

MsERK1: a mitogen-activated protein kinase from a flowering plant., Duerr B, Gawienowski M, Ropp T, Jacobs T., Plant Cell. January 1, 1993; 5 (1): 87-96.

Structure-function analysis of casein kinase 2 with synthetic peptides and anti-peptide antibodies., Charlton LA, Sanghera JS, Clark-Lewis I, Pelech SL., J Biol Chem. May 5, 1992; 267 (13): 8840-5.

Characterization of Two Novel Neuropeptides From the Sea Cucumber Holothuria glaberrima., Diaz-Miranda L, Price DA, Greenberg MJ, Lee TD, Doble KE, Garcia-Arraras JE., Biol Bull. April 1, 1992; 182 (2): 241-247.

The specificity of sea urchin hatching enzyme (envelysin) places it in the mammalian matrix metalloproteinase family., Nomura K, Tanaka H, Kikkawa Y, Yamaguchi M, Suzuki N., Biochemistry. June 25, 1991; 30 (25): 6115-23.

Proteasome (multicatalytic proteinase) of sea urchin sperm and its possible participation in the acrosome reaction., Matsumura K, Aketa K., Mol Reprod Dev. June 1, 1991; 29 (2): 189-99.

The SALMFamides: a new family of neuropeptides isolated from an echinoderm., Elphick MR, Price DA, Lee TD, Thorndyke MC., Proc Biol Sci. February 22, 1991; 243 (1307): 121-7.

Isolation of the neuropeptide SALMFamide-1 from starfish using a new antiserum., Elphick MR, Reeve JR, Burke RD, Thorndyke MC., Peptides. January 1, 1991; 12 (3): 455-9.

Isolation of dynein heavy chain cDNAs from trout testis which predict an extensive carboxyl-terminal alpha-helical coiled-coil domain., Garber AT, Retief JD, Dixon GH., EMBO J. June 1, 1989; 8 (6): 1727-34.

SPXX, a frequent sequence motif in gene regulatory proteins., Suzuki M., J Mol Biol. May 5, 1989; 207 (1): 61-84.

Two calmodulin genes are expressed in Arbacia punctulata. An ancient gene duplication is indicated., Hardy DO, Bender PK, Kretsinger RH., J Mol Biol. January 5, 1988; 199 (1): 223-7.

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