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Papers associated with LOC587157

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Prolonged fasting elicits increased hepatic triglyceride accumulation in rats born to dexamethasone-treated mothers., Pantaleão LC, Murata G, Teixeira CJ, Payolla TB, Santos-Silva JC, Duque-Guimaraes DE, Sodré FS, Lellis-Santos C, Vieira JC, de Souza DN, Gomes PR, Rodrigues SC, Anhe GF, Bordin S., Sci Rep. September 4, 2017; 7 (1): 10367.          

Palmitoleic acid (n-7) increases white adipocytes GLUT4 content and glucose uptake in association with AMPK activation., Bolsoni-Lopes A, Festuccia WT, Chimin P, Farias TS, Torres-Leal FL, Cruz MM, Andrade PB, Hirabara SM, Lima FB, Alonso-Vale MI., Lipids Health Dis. December 20, 2014; 13 199.          

An overview of the taxonomy, phylogeny, and typification of nectriaceous fungi in Cosmospora, Acremonium, Fusarium, Stilbella, and Volutella., Gräfenhan T, Schroers HJ, Nirenberg HI, Seifert KA., Stud Mycol. January 1, 2011; 68 79-113.                

A revision of Cyanonectria and Geejayessia gen. nov., and related species with Fusarium-like anamorphs., Schroers HJ, Gräfenhan T, Nirenberg HI, Seifert KA., Stud Mycol. January 1, 2011; 68 115-38.                          

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