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Papers associated with LOC577317 (and polr3a)

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Identification, expression pattern and potential role of variable lymphocyte receptor Aj-VLRA from Apostichopus japonicus in response to bacterial challenge., Yang L, Yao F, Ba H, Qin T, Luan H, Li Z, Hou L, Zou X., Fish Shellfish Immunol. August 1, 2015; 45 (2): 221-30.

Identification and expression analysis of the MSP130-related-2 gene from Hyriopsis cumingii., Wang GL, Xia XL, Li XL, He FH, Li JL., Genet Mol Res. May 11, 2015; 14 (2): 4903-13.

Analysis of prostate-specific antigen transcripts in chimpanzees, cynomolgus monkeys, baboons, and African green monkeys., Mubiru JN, Yang AS, Olsen C, Nayak S, Livi CB, Dick EJ, Owston M, Garcia-Forey M, Shade RE, Rogers J., PLoS One. April 14, 2014; 9 (4): e94522.          

Cloning and expression analysis of Wnt6 and Hox6 during intestinal regeneration in the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus., Sun LN, Yang HS, Chen MY, Xu DX., Genet Mol Res. November 7, 2013; 12 (4): 5321-34.

A gene family of putative immune recognition molecules in the hydroid Hydractinia., Schwarz RS, Hodes-Villamar L, Fitzpatrick KA, Fain MG, Hughes AL, Cadavid LF., Immunogenetics. March 1, 2007; 59 (3): 233-46.

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