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SGK regulates pH increase and cyclin B-Cdk1 activation to resume meiosis in starfish ovarian oocytes., Hosoda E, Hiraoka D, Hirohashi N, Omi S, Kishimoto T, Chiba K., J Cell Biol. November 4, 2019; 218 (11): 3612-3629.                

Evolutionary modification of AGS protein contributes to formation of micromeres in sea urchins., Poon J, Fries A, Wessel GM, Yajima M., Nat Commun. August 22, 2019; 10 (1): 3779.                  

Is reproductive strategy a key factor in understanding the evolutionary history of Southern Ocean Asteroidea (Echinodermata)?, Moreau C, Danis B, Jossart Q, Eléaume M, Sands C, Achaz G, Agüera A, Saucède T., Ecol Evol. August 1, 2019; 9 (15): 8465-8478.        

Cell rearrangement induced by filopodial tension accounts for the late phase of convergent extension in the sea urchin archenteron., Hardin J, Weliky M., Mol Biol Cell. July 22, 2019; 30 (16): 1911-1919.          

cis-Regulatory analysis for later phase of anterior neuroectoderm-specific foxQ2 expression in sea urchin embryos., Yamazaki A, Yamamoto A, Yaguchi J, Yaguchi S., Genesis. June 1, 2019; 57 (6): e23302.

Analysis of sea star larval regeneration reveals conserved processes of whole-body regeneration across the metazoa., Cary GA, Cary GA, Wolff A, Zueva O, Pattinato J, Hinman VF., BMC Biol. February 22, 2019; 17 (1): 16.                  

Contributions of suboolemmal acidic vesicles and microvilli to the intracellular Ca2+ increase in the sea urchin eggs at fertilization., Vasilev F, Limatola N, Chun JT, Santella L., Int J Biol Sci. January 29, 2019; 15 (4): 757-775.                  

Early development of the feeding larva of the sea urchin Heliocidaris tuberculata: role of the small micromeres., Morris VB, Kable E, Koop D, Cisternas P, Byrne M., Dev Genes Evol. January 1, 2019; 229 (1): 1-12.

Visualizing egg and embryonic polarity., Smith LT, Wikramanayake AH., Methods Cell Biol. January 1, 2019; 150 251-268.

Deep-sea megabenthos communities of the Eurasian Central Arctic are influenced by ice-cover and sea-ice algal falls., Rybakova E, Kremenetskaia A, Vedenin A, Boetius A, Gebruk A., PLoS One. January 1, 2019; 14 (7): e0211009.              

Expression of trpv channels during Xenopus laevis embryogenesis., Dong C, Paudel S, Amoh NY, Saha MS., Gene Expr Patterns. December 1, 2018; 30 64-70.

Cytoplasmic flows in starfish oocytes are fully determined by cortical contractions., Klughammer N, Bischof J, Schnellbächer ND, Callegari A, Lénárt P, Schwarz US., PLoS Comput Biol. November 15, 2018; 14 (11): e1006588.                

Control of nucleus positioning in mouse oocytes., Almonacid M, Terret ME, Verlhac MH., Semin Cell Dev Biol. October 1, 2018; 82 34-40.

MAPK and GSK3/ß-TRCP-mediated degradation of the maternal Ets domain transcriptional repressor Yan/Tel controls the spatial expression of nodal in the sea urchin embryo., Molina MD, Quirin M, Haillot E, De Crozé N, Range R, Rouel M, Jimenez F, Amrouche R, Chessel A, Lepage T., PLoS Genet. September 17, 2018; 14 (9): e1007621.                

The TMEM16A channel mediates the fast polyspermy block in Xenopus laevis., Wozniak KL, Phelps WA, Tembo M, Lee MT, Carlson AE., J Gen Physiol. September 3, 2018; 150 (9): 1249-1259.          

Actin-Network Architecture Regulates Microtubule Dynamics., Colin A, Singaravelu P, Théry M, Blanchoin L, Gueroui Z., Curr Biol. August 20, 2018; 28 (16): 2647-2656.e4.

An actin shell delays oocyte chromosome capture by microtubules., Verlhac MH., J Cell Biol. August 6, 2018; 217 (8): 2601-2603.  

A novel gene''s role in an ancient mechanism: secreted Frizzled-related protein 1 is a critical component in the anterior-posterior Wnt signaling network that governs the establishment of the anterior neuroectoderm in sea urchin embryos., Khadka A, Martínez-Bartolomé M, Burr SD, Range RC., Evodevo. January 22, 2018; 9 1.            

A disassembly-driven mechanism explains F-actin-mediated chromosome transport in starfish oocytes., Bun P, Dmitrieff S, Belmonte JM, Nédélec FJ, Lénárt P., Elife. January 19, 2018; 7                                 

Transforming a transcription factor., Burke RD., Elife. January 8, 2018; 7   

Thyroid Hormones Accelerate Initiation of Skeletogenesis via MAPK (ERK1/2) in Larval Sea Urchins (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus)., Taylor E, Heyland A., Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). January 1, 2018; 9 439.                          

Evolutionary recruitment of flexible Esrp-dependent splicing programs into diverse embryonic morphogenetic processes., Burguera D, Marquez Y, Racioppi C, Permanyer J, Torres-Méndez A, Esposito R, Albuixech-Crespo B, Fanlo L, D'Agostino Y, Gohr A, Navas-Perez E, Riesgo A, Cuomo C, Benvenuto G, Christiaen LA, Martí E, D'Aniello S, Spagnuolo A, Ristoratore F, Arnone MI, Garcia-Fernàndez J, Irimia M., Nat Commun. November 27, 2017; 8 (1): 1799.              

A cdk1 gradient guides surface contraction waves in oocytes., Bischof J, Brand CA, Somogyi K, Májer I, Thome S, Mori M, Schwarz US, Lénárt P., Nat Commun. October 11, 2017; 8 (1): 849.        

A key role for foxQ2 in anterior head and central brain patterning in insects., Kitzmann P, Weißkopf M, Schacht MI, Bucher G., Development. August 15, 2017; 144 (16): 2969-2981.                    

A Conserved Role for VEGF Signaling in Specification of Homologous Mesenchymal Cell Types Positioned at Spatially Distinct Developmental Addresses in Early Development of Sea Urchins., Erkenbrack EM, Petsios E., J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol. July 1, 2017; 328 (5): 423-432.

Characterization and expression analysis of Galnts in developing Strongylocentrotus purpuratus embryos., Famiglietti AL, Wei Z, Beres TM, Milac AL, Tran DT, Patel D, Angerer RC, Angerer LM, Tabak LA., PLoS One. April 17, 2017; 12 (4): e0176479.            

An Intronic cis-Regulatory Element Is Crucial for the Alpha Tubulin Pl-Tuba1a Gene Activation in the Ciliary Band and Animal Pole Neurogenic Domains during Sea Urchin Development., Costa S, Nicosia A, Cuttitta A, Gianguzza F, Ragusa MA., PLoS One. January 1, 2017; 12 (1): e0170969.                

From pole to pole: the potential for the Arctic seastar Asterias amurensis to invade a warming Southern Ocean., Byrne M, Gall M, Wolfe K, Agüera A., Glob Chang Biol. December 1, 2016; 22 (12): 3874-3887.

Morphological diversity of blastula formation and gastrulation in temnopleurid sea urchins., Kitazawa C, Fujii T, Egusa Y, Komatsu M, Yamanaka A., Biol Open. November 15, 2016; 5 (11): 1555-1566.                    

Cilia are required for asymmetric nodal induction in the sea urchin embryo., Tisler M, Wetzel F, Mantino S, Kremnyov S, Thumberger T, Schweickert A, Blum M, Vick P., BMC Dev Biol. August 23, 2016; 16 (1): 28.        

Eph and Ephrin function in dispersal and epithelial insertion of pigmented immunocytes in sea urchin embryos., Krupke OA, Zysk I, Mellott DO, Burke RD., Elife. July 30, 2016; 5               

Acquisition of the dorsal structures in chordate amphioxus., Morov AR, Ukizintambara T, Sabirov RM, Yasui K., Open Biol. June 1, 2016; 6 (6):                 

An anterior signaling center patterns and sizes the anterior neuroectoderm of the sea urchin embryo., Range RC, Wei Z., Development. May 1, 2016; 143 (9): 1523-33.

A workflow to process 3D+time microscopy images of developing organisms and reconstruct their cell lineage., Faure E, Savy T, Rizzi B, Melani C, Stašová O, Fabrèges D, Špir R, Hammons M, Čúnderlík R, Recher G, Lombardot B, Duloquin L, Colin I, Kollár J, Desnoulez S, Affaticati P, Maury B, Boyreau A, Nief JY, Calvat P, Vernier P, Frain M, Lutfalla G, Kergosien Y, Suret P, Remešíková M, Doursat R, Sarti A, Mikula K, Peyriéras N, Bourgine P., Nat Commun. February 25, 2016; 7 8674.            

Activator-inhibitor coupling between Rho signalling and actin assembly makes the cell cortex an excitable medium., Bement WM, Leda M, Moe AM, Kita AM, Larson ME, Golding AE, Pfeuti C, Su KC, Miller AL, Goryachev AB, von Dassow G., Nat Cell Biol. November 1, 2015; 17 (11): 1471-83.              

A deuterostome origin of the Spemann organiser suggested by Nodal and ADMPs functions in Echinoderms., Lapraz F, Haillot E, Lepage T., Nat Commun. October 1, 2015; 6 8434.                    

Deployment of a retinal determination gene network drives directed cell migration in the sea urchin embryo., Martik ML, McClay DR., Elife. September 24, 2015; 4                               

The Maternal Maverick/GDF15-like TGF-β Ligand Panda Directs Dorsal-Ventral Axis Formation by Restricting Nodal Expression in the Sea Urchin Embryo., Haillot E, Molina MD, Lapraz F, Lepage T., PLoS Biol. September 9, 2015; 13 (9): e1002247.                      

Logics and properties of a genetic regulatory program that drives embryonic muscle development in an echinoderm., Andrikou C, Pai CY, Su YH, Arnone MI., Elife. July 28, 2015; 4                                       

A cnidarian homologue of an insect gustatory receptor functions in developmental body patterning., Saina M, Busengdal H, Sinigaglia C, Petrone L, Oliveri P, Rentzsch F, Benton R., Nat Commun. February 18, 2015; 6 6243.          

Molecular characterization of the apical organ of the anthozoan Nematostella vectensis., Sinigaglia C, Busengdal H, Lerner A, Oliveri P, Rentzsch F., Dev Biol. February 1, 2015; 398 (1): 120-33.                        

Dose-dependent nuclear β-catenin response segregates endomesoderm along the sea star primary axis., McCauley BS, Akyar E, Saad HR, Hinman VF., Development. January 1, 2015; 142 (1): 207-17.

Development of ciliary bands in larvae of the living isocrinid sea lily Metacrinus rotundus., Amemiya S, Hibino T, Nakano H, Yamaguchi M, Kuraishi R, Kiyomoto M., Acta Zool. January 1, 2015; 96 (1): 36-43.          

Peripheral sea-fan retinal neovascularization as a manifestation of chronic rhegmatogenous retinal detachment and surgical management., Georgalas I, Paraskevopoulos T, Symmeonidis C, Petrou P, Koutsandrea C., BMC Ophthalmol. September 23, 2014; 14 112.        

Molecular conservation of metazoan gut formation: evidence from expression of endomesoderm genes in Capitella teleta (Annelida)., Boyle MJ, Yamaguchi E, Seaver EC., Evodevo. June 17, 2014; 5 39.          

Development and juvenile anatomy of the nemertodermatid Meara stichopi (Bock) Westblad 1949 (Acoelomorpha)., Børve A, Hejnol A., Front Zool. May 9, 2014; 11 50.                  

Specification and positioning of the anterior neuroectoderm in deuterostome embryos., Range R., Genesis. March 1, 2014; 52 (3): 222-34.

Expression pattern of vascular endothelial growth factor 2 during sea urchin development., Kipryushina YO, Yakovlev KV, Kulakova MA, Odintsova NA., Gene Expr Patterns. December 1, 2013; 13 (8): 402-6.

Nuclearization of β-catenin in ectodermal precursors confers organizer-like ability to induce endomesoderm and pattern a pluteus larva., Byrum CA, Wikramanayake AH., Evodevo. November 4, 2013; 4 (1): 31.        

Growth factor-mediated mesodermal cell guidance and skeletogenesis during sea urchin gastrulation., Adomako-Ankomah A, Ettensohn CA., Development. October 1, 2013; 140 (20): 4214-25.

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