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Self-Assembly, Nematic Phase Formation, and Organocatalytic Behavior of a Proline-Functionalized Lipopeptide., Pelin JNBD, Edwards-Gayle CJC, Castelletto V, Aguilar AM, Alves WA, Seitsonen J, Ruokolainen J, Hamley IW., ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. March 25, 2020; 12 (12): 13671-13679.                  

Immunomodulatory Protein from Nectria haematococca Induces Apoptosis in Lung Cancer Cells via the P53 Pathway., Wang JJ, Wang Y, Hou L, Xin F, Fan B, Lu C, Zhang L, Wang F, Li S., Int J Mol Sci. October 28, 2019; 20 (21):             

Lysine Acetylation is an Important Post-Translational Modification that Modulates Heat Shock Response in the Sea Cucumber Apostichopus japonicus., Xu D, Wang X., Int J Mol Sci. September 9, 2019; 20 (18):           

The HCN channel voltage sensor undergoes a large downward motion during hyperpolarization., Dai G, Aman TK, DiMaio F, Zagotta WN., Nat Struct Mol Biol. August 1, 2019; 26 (8): 686-694.        

Macrophage migration inhibitory factor is involved in inflammation response in pathogen challenged Apostichopus japonicus., Lv Z, Guo M, Li C, Shao Y, Zhao X, Zhang W., Fish Shellfish Immunol. April 1, 2019; 87 839-846.

Thermostable Branched-Chain Amino Acid Transaminases From the Archaea Geoglobus acetivorans and Archaeoglobus fulgidus: Biochemical and Structural Characterization., Isupov MN, Boyko KM, Sutter JM, James P, Sayer C, Schmidt M, Schönheit P, Nikolaeva AY, Stekhanova TN, Mardanov AV, Ravin NV, Bezsudnova EY, Popov VO, Littlechild JA., Front Bioeng Biotechnol. January 1, 2019; 7 7.                  

Needle in a haystack-genetic evidence confirms the expansion of the alien echinoid Diadema setosum (Echinoidea: Diadematidae) to the Mediterranean coast of Israel., Bronstein O, Kroh A., Zootaxa. October 11, 2018; 4497 (4): 593-599.

Identification and functional characterization of zebrafish K2P17.1 (TASK-4, TALK-2) two-pore-domain K+ channels., Staudacher I, Illg C, Gierten J, Seehausen S, Schweizer PA, Katus HA, Thomas D., Eur J Pharmacol. July 15, 2018; 831 94-102.

The "pre-assembled state" of magainin 2 lysine-linked dimer determines its enhanced antimicrobial activity., Lorenzón EN, Nobre TM, Caseli L, Cilli EM, da Hora GCA, Soares TA, Oliveira ON., Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces. July 1, 2018; 167 432-440.

Microbiota derived short chain fatty acids promote histone crotonylation in the colon through histone deacetylases., Fellows R, Denizot J, Stellato C, Cuomo A, Jain P, Stoyanova E, Balázsi S, Hajnády Z, Liebert A, Kazakevych J, Blackburn H, Corrêa RO, Fachi JL, Sato FT, Ribeiro WR, Ferreira CM, Perée H, Spagnuolo M, Mattiuz R, Matolcsi C, Guedes J, Clark J, Veldhoen M, Bonaldi T, Vinolo MAR, Varga-Weisz P., Nat Commun. January 9, 2018; 9 (1): 105.                

Proteomic analysis reveals different composition of extracellular vesicles released by two Trypanosoma cruzi strains associated with their distinct interaction with host cells., Ribeiro KS, Vasconcellos CI, Soares RP, Mendes MT, Ellis CC, Aguilera-Flores M, de Almeida IC, Schenkman S, Iwai LK, Torrecilhas AC., J Extracell Vesicles. January 1, 2018; 7 (1): 1463779.                

Increased chemical acetylation of peptides and proteins in rats after daily ingestion of diacetyl analyzed by Nano-LC-MS/MS., Jedlicka LDL, Guterres SB, Balbino AM, Neto GB, Landgraf RG, Fernandes L, Carrilho E, Bechara EJH, Assuncao NA., PeerJ. January 1, 2018; 6 e4688.          

Sophisticated lessons from simple organisms: appreciating the value of curiosity-driven research., Duronio RJ, O'Farrell PH, Sluder G, Su TT., Dis Model Mech. December 19, 2017; 10 (12): 1381-1389.      

Functional divergence of paralogous transcription factors supported the evolution of biomineralization in echinoderms., Khor JM, Ettensohn CA., Elife. November 20, 2017; 6                                 

Hydroxylation of a conserved tRNA modification establishes non-universal genetic code in echinoderm mitochondria., Nagao A, Ohara M, Miyauchi K, Yokobori SI, Yamagishi A, Watanabe K, Suzuki T., Nat Struct Mol Biol. September 1, 2017; 24 (9): 778-782.

Acetylation Mimics Within a Single Nucleosome Alter Local DNA Accessibility In Compacted Nucleosome Arrays., Mishra LN, Pepenella S, Rogge R, Hansen JC, Hayes JJ., Sci Rep. October 6, 2016; 6 34808.        

First report of the nutritional profile and antioxidant potential of Holothuria arguinensis, a new resource for aquaculture in Europe., Roggatz CC, González-Wangüemert M, Pereira H, Rodrigues MJ, da Silva MM, Barreira L, Varela J, Custódio L., Nat Prod Res. September 1, 2016; 30 (18): 2034-40.

Nutrient composition and antioxidant activity of gonads of sea urchin Stomopneustes variolaris., Archana A, Babu KR., Food Chem. April 15, 2016; 197 (Pt A): 597-602.

Arthrobacter echini sp. nov., isolated from the gut of a purple sea urchin, Heliocidaris crassispina., Lee JY, Hyun DW, Soo Kim P, Sik Kim H, Shin NR, Yun JH, Jung MJ, Kim MS, Woong Whon T, Bae JW., Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. April 1, 2016; 66 (4): 1887-93.

De Novo Adult Transcriptomes of Two European Brittle Stars: Spotlight on Opsin-Based Photoreception., Delroisse J, Mallefet J, Flammang P., PLoS One. January 1, 2016; 11 (4): e0152988.                      

The Maternal Maverick/GDF15-like TGF-β Ligand Panda Directs Dorsal-Ventral Axis Formation by Restricting Nodal Expression in the Sea Urchin Embryo., Haillot E, Molina MD, Lapraz F, Lepage T., PLoS Biol. September 9, 2015; 13 (9): e1002247.                      

MOZ and MORF acetyltransferases: Molecular interaction, animal development and human disease., Yang XJ., Biochim Biophys Acta. August 1, 2015; 1853 (8): 1818-26.

Characterization of Trypanosoma cruzi Sirtuins as Possible Drug Targets for Chagas Disease., Moretti NS, da Silva Augusto L, Clemente TM, Antunes RP, Yoshida N, Torrecilhas AC, Cano MI, Schenkman S., Antimicrob Agents Chemother. August 1, 2015; 59 (8): 4669-79.

High opsin diversity in a non-visual infaunal brittle star., Delroisse J, Ullrich-Lüter E, Ortega-Martinez O, Dupont S, Arnone MI, Mallefet J, Flammang P., BMC Genomics. November 28, 2014; 15 1035.                

Primary cell cultures from sea urchin ovaries: a new experimental tool., Mercurio S, Di Benedetto C, Sugni M, Candia Carnevali MD., In Vitro Cell Dev Biol Anim. February 1, 2014; 50 (2): 139-45.

A novel hatching enzyme from starfish Asterias amurensis: purification, characterization, and cleavage specificity., Li ZJ, Kim SM., Appl Biochem Biotechnol. February 1, 2013; 169 (4): 1386-96.

The enigmatic mitochondrial genome of Rhabdopleura compacta (Pterobranchia) reveals insights into selection of an efficient tRNA system and supports monophyly of Ambulacraria., Perseke M, Hetmank J, Bernt M, Stadler PF, Schlegel M, Bernhard D., BMC Evol Biol. May 20, 2011; 11 134.          

Chemical composition and nutritional quality of sea cucumbers., Wen J, Hu C, Fan S., J Sci Food Agric. November 1, 2010; 90 (14): 2469-74.

Jeotgalicoccus marinus sp. nov., a marine bacterium isolated from a sea urchin., Chen YG, Zhang YQ, Shi JX, Xiao HD, Tang SK, Liu ZX, Huang K, Cui XL, Li WJ., Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. July 1, 2009; 59 (Pt 7): 1625-9.

Neurobin/TMPRSS11c, a novel type II transmembrane serine protease that cleaves fibroblast growth factor-2 in vitro., Stallmach R, Gloor SM., Biochem J. May 15, 2008; 412 (1): 81-91.

The PHD domain of the sea urchin RAG2 homolog, SpRAG2L, recognizes dimethylated lysine 4 in histone H3 tails., Wilson DR, Norton DD, Fugmann SD., Dev Comp Immunol. January 1, 2008; 32 (10): 1221-30.

Molecular evolution of Phox-related regulatory subunits for NADPH oxidase enzymes., Kawahara T, Lambeth JD., BMC Evol Biol. September 27, 2007; 7 178.                            

Synthesis and antitumour evaluation of peptidyl-like derivatives containing the 1,3-benzodioxole system., Moreira DR, Lima Leite AC, Pinheiro Ferreira PM, da Costa PM, Costa Lotufo LV, de Moraes MO, Brondani DJ, Pessoa Cdo O., Eur J Med Chem. March 1, 2007; 42 (3): 351-7.

Compositional characteristics and antioxidant properties of fresh and processed sea cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa)., Zhong Y, Khan MA, Shahidi F., J Agric Food Chem. February 21, 2007; 55 (4): 1188-92.

Isolation, characterization and molecular evolution of a novel pearl shell lectin from a marine bivalve, Pteria penguin., Naganuma T, Ogawa T, Hirabayashi J, Kasai K, Kamiya H, Muramoto K., Mol Divers. November 1, 2006; 10 (4): 607-18.

Regulation of HP1-chromatin binding by histone H3 methylation and phosphorylation., Fischle W, Tseng BS, Dormann HL, Ueberheide BM, Garcia BA, Shabanowitz J, Hunt DF, Funabiki H, Allis CD., Nature. December 22, 2005; 438 (7071): 1116-22.

Structure and chromosomal DNA binding of the SWIRM domain., Qian C, Zhang Q, Li S, Zeng L, Walsh MJ, Zhou MM., Nat Struct Mol Biol. December 1, 2005; 12 (12): 1078-85.

Evolution of the transferrin family: conservation of residues associated with iron and anion binding., Lambert LA, Perri H, Halbrooks PJ, Mason AB., Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol. October 1, 2005; 142 (2): 129-41.

Evidence for proximal cysteine and lysine residues at or near the active site of arginine kinase of Stichopus japonicus., Guo Q, Chen B, Wang X., Biochemistry (Mosc). December 1, 2004; 69 (12): 1336-43.

Pore topology of the hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channel from sea urchin sperm., Roncaglia P, Mistrík P, Torre V., Biophys J. October 1, 2002; 83 (4): 1953-64.

Crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of W120K mutant of streptavidin., Pazy Y, Laitinen OH, Ravoy B, Kulomaa MS, Wilchek M, Bayer EA, Livnah O., Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. December 1, 2001; 57 (Pt 12): 1885-6.

Cellular basis of gastrulation in the sand dollar Scaphechinus mirabilis., Kominami T, Takata H., Biol Bull. December 1, 2000; 199 (3): 287-97.

Mutation of a critical tryptophan to lysine in avidin or streptavidin may explain why sea urchin fibropellin adopts an avidin-like domain., Laitinen OH, Airenne KJ, Marttila AT, Kulik T, Porkka E, Bayer EA, Wilchek M, Kulomaa MS., FEBS Lett. November 12, 1999; 461 (1-2): 52-8.

Heparin-binding molecules with growth factor activities in regenerating-tissues of the starfish Asterias rubens., Cancre I, Van Wormhoudt A, le Gal Y., Comp Biochem Physiol C Pharmacol Toxicol Endocrinol. July 1, 1999; 123 (3): 285-92.

Function and evolution of Otx proteins., Klein WH, Li X., Biochem Biophys Res Commun. May 10, 1999; 258 (2): 229-33.

The presence of pseudouridine in the anticodon alters the genetic code: a possible mechanism for assignment of the AAA lysine codon as asparagine in echinoderm mitochondria., Tomita K, Ueda T, Watanabe K., Nucleic Acids Res. April 1, 1999; 27 (7): 1683-9.

Sequence analysis of cDNAs encoding precursors of starfish asterosaps., Matsumoto M, Briones AV, Nishigaki T, Hoshi M., Dev Genet. January 1, 1999; 25 (2): 130-6.

Influence of different cultural conditions on cellulase production by Nectria catalinensis., Pardo AG, Forchiassin F., Rev Argent Microbiol. January 1, 1998; 30 (1): 20-9.

Structure of a covalently cross-linked form of core histones present in the starfish sperm., Shimizu T, Takao T, Hozumi K, Nunomura K, Ohta S, Shimonishi Y, Ikegami S., Biochemistry. October 7, 1997; 36 (40): 12071-9.

Turnover of histone acetyl groups during sea urchin early development is not required for histone, heat shock and actin gene transcription., Jasinskas A, Kersulyte D, Langmore J, Steponaviciute D, Jasinskiene N, Gineitis A., Biochim Biophys Acta. March 20, 1997; 1351 (1-2): 168-80.

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