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A tumor suppressor Retinoblastoma1 is essential for embryonic development in the sea urchin., Fernandez-Nicolas A, Xu D, Yajima M., Dev Dyn. December 1, 2019; 248 (12): 1273-1285.

Evolutionary modification of AGS protein contributes to formation of micromeres in sea urchins., Poon J, Fries A, Wessel GM, Yajima M., Nat Commun. August 22, 2019; 10 (1): 3779.                  

Glycaemic, gastrointestinal and appetite responses to breakfast porridges from ancient cereal grains: A MRI pilot study in healthy humans., Alyami J, Ladd N, Pritchard SE, Hoad CL, Sultan AA, Spiller RC, Gowland PA, Macdonald IA, Aithal GP, Marciani L, Taylor MA., Food Res Int. April 1, 2019; 118 49-57.

Assessment of anxiety and stress markers in children submitted to educational strategies and ART-restoration: A randomized clinical trial., Salas Huamani JR, Barbosa TS, de Freitas CN, de Sousa KG, Gavião MBD, Leal SC, Mialhe FL, Castelo PM., Arch Oral Biol. January 1, 2019; 97 191-197.

Functional equivalence of germ plasm organizers., Krishnakumar P, Riemer S, Perera R, Lingner T, Goloborodko A, Khalifa H, Bontems F, Kaufholz F, El-Brolosy MA, Dosch R., PLoS Genet. November 6, 2018; 14 (11): e1007696.                

An optogenetic approach to control protein localization during embryogenesis of the sea urchin., Uchida A, Yajima M., Dev Biol. September 1, 2018; 441 (1): 19-30.

Nodal induces sequential restriction of germ cell factors during primordial germ cell specification., Fresques TM, Wessel GM., Development. January 22, 2018; 145 (2):           

Regeneration in bipinnaria larvae of the bat star Patiria miniata induces rapid and broad new gene expression., Oulhen N, Heyland A, Carrier TJ, Zazueta-Novoa V, Fresques T, Laird J, Onorato TM, Janies D, Wessel G., Mech Dev. November 1, 2016; 142 10-21.

Maintenance of somatic tissue regeneration with age in short- and long-lived species of sea urchins., Bodnar AG, Coffman JA., Aging Cell. August 1, 2016; 15 (4): 778-87.            

The diversity of nanos expression in echinoderm embryos supports different mechanisms in germ cell specification., Fresques T, Swartz SZ, Juliano C, Morino Y, Kikuchi M, Akasaka K, Wada H, Yajima M, Wessel GM., Evol Dev. July 1, 2016; 18 (4): 267-78.

Localization of germ plasm-related structures during sea urchin oogenesis., Yakovlev KV., Dev Dyn. January 1, 2016; 245 (1): 56-66.

A K(+)-selective CNG channel orchestrates Ca(2+) signalling in zebrafish sperm., Fechner S, Alvarez L, Bönigk W, Müller A, Berger TK, Pascal R, Trötschel C, Poetsch A, Stölting G, Siegfried KR, Kremmer E, Seifert R, Kaupp UB., Elife. December 9, 2015; 4                                     

Deployment of a retinal determination gene network drives directed cell migration in the sea urchin embryo., Martik ML, McClay DR., Elife. September 24, 2015; 4                               

Essential elements for translation: the germline factor Vasa functions broadly in somatic cells., Yajima M, Wessel GM., Development. June 1, 2015; 142 (11): 1960-70.

Tissue regeneration and biomineralization in sea urchins: role of Notch signaling and presence of stem cell markers., Reinardy HC, Emerson CE, Manley JM, Bodnar AG., PLoS One. January 1, 2015; 10 (8): e0133860.          

Deadenylase depletion protects inherited mRNAs in primordial germ cells., Swartz SZ, Reich AM, Oulhen N, Raz T, Milos PM, Campanale JP, Hamdoun A, Wessel GM., Development. August 1, 2014; 141 (16): 3134-42.

Protein degradation machinery is present broadly during early development in the sea urchin., Zazueta-Novoa V, Wessel GM., Gene Expr Patterns. July 1, 2014; 15 (2): 135-41.

Origin and development of the germ line in sea stars., Wessel GM, Fresques T, Kiyomoto M, Yajima M, Zazueta V., Genesis. May 1, 2014; 52 (5): 367-77.

A multicopy Y-chromosomal SGNH hydrolase gene expressed in the testis of the platyfish has been captured and mobilized by a Helitron transposon., Tomaszkiewicz M, Chalopin D, Schartl M, Galiana D, Volff JN., BMC Genet. April 8, 2014; 15 44.                

Piwi regulates Vasa accumulation during embryogenesis in the sea urchin., Yajima M, Gustafson EA, Song JL, Wessel GM., Dev Dyn. March 1, 2014; 243 (3): 451-8.

An essential role for maternal control of Nodal signaling., Kumari P, Gilligan PC, Lim S, Tran LD, Winkler S, Philp R, Sampath K., Elife. September 10, 2013; 2 e00683.                              

Gonadogenesis and expression pattern of the vasa gene in the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus during early development., Yu L, Yan M, Sui J, Sheng WQ, Zhang ZF., Mol Reprod Dev. September 1, 2013; 80 (9): 744-52.

The DEAD-box helicase Vasa: evidence for a multiplicity of functions in RNA processes and developmental biology., Lasko P., Biochim Biophys Acta. August 1, 2013; 1829 (8): 810-6.

Expression pattern of vasa in gonads of sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus during gametogenesis and reproductive cycle., Yan M, Sui J, Sheng W, Shao M, Zhang Z., Gene Expr Patterns. January 1, 2013; 13 (5-6): 171-6.

Autonomy in specification of primordial germ cells and their passive translocation in the sea urchin., Yajima M, Wessel GM., Development. October 1, 2012; 139 (20): 3786-94.

Deep pericardial traction suture versus vacuum-assisted apical suction to expose the posterior wall of the heart in off-pump coronary artery bypass: a prospective, randomized study., Abicht JM, Beiras-Fernandez A, Bengel D, Vicol C., Heart Surg Forum. August 1, 2012; 15 (4): E224-31.

Opposing nodal and BMP signals regulate left-right asymmetry in the sea urchin larva., Luo YJ, Su YH., PLoS Biol. January 1, 2012; 10 (10): e1001402.            

The DEAD-box RNA helicase Vasa functions in embryonic mitotic progression in the sea urchin., Yajima M, Wessel GM., Development. June 1, 2011; 138 (11): 2217-22.

Post-translational regulation by gustavus contributes to selective Vasa protein accumulation in multipotent cells during embryogenesis., Gustafson EA, Yajima M, Juliano CE, Wessel GM., Dev Biol. January 15, 2011; 349 (2): 440-50.

Small micromeres contribute to the germline in the sea urchin., Yajima M, Wessel GM., Development. January 1, 2011; 138 (2): 237-43.

Isolation of oogonia from ovaries of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus nudus., Yakovlev KV, Battulin NR, Serov OL, Odintsova NA., Cell Tissue Res. December 1, 2010; 342 (3): 479-90.

A conserved germline multipotency program., Juliano CE, Swartz SZ, Wessel GM., Development. December 1, 2010; 137 (24): 4113-26.

Nanos functions to maintain the fate of the small micromere lineage in the sea urchin embryo., Juliano CE, Yajima M, Wessel GM., Dev Biol. January 15, 2010; 337 (2): 220-32.

An evolutionary transition of Vasa regulation in echinoderms., Juliano CE, Wessel GM., Evol Dev. January 1, 2009; 11 (5): 560-73.

Vasa protein expression is restricted to the small micromeres of the sea urchin, but is inducible in other lineages early in development., Voronina E, Lopez M, Juliano CE, Gustafson E, Song JL, Extavour C, George S, Oliveri P, McClay D, Wessel G., Dev Biol. February 15, 2008; 314 (2): 276-86.

Germ line determinants are not localized early in sea urchin development, but do accumulate in the small micromere lineage., Juliano CE, Voronina E, Stack C, Aldrich M, Cameron AR, Wessel GM., Dev Biol. December 1, 2006; 300 (1): 406-15.

[Quantitative analysis of ligand-receptor interactions in physiological experiments]., Manukhin BN, Berdysheva LV, Boĭko OV, Kichikulova TP, Nesterova LA., Ross Fiziol Zh Im I M Sechenova. October 1, 1998; 84 (10): 1049-60.

[Reproduction and sexuality of parasitic copepods of fishes. I. The reproductive apparatus of Chondracanthus angustatus Heller, 1865: anatomy, histology, and spermiogenesis (author''s transl)]., Rousset V, Raibaut A, Manier JF, Coste F., Z Parasitenkd. March 16, 1978; 55 (1): 73-89.

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