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Mapping a multiplexed zoo of mRNA expression., Choi HM, Calvert CR, Husain N, Huss D, Barsi JC, Deverman BE, Hunter RC, Kato M, Lee SM, Abelin AC, Rosenthal AZ, Akbari OS, Li Y, Hay BA, Sternberg PW, Patterson PH, Davidson EH, Mazmanian SK, Prober DA, van de Rijn M, Leadbetter JR, Newman DK, Readhead C, Bronner ME, Wold B, Lansford R, Sauka-Spengler T, Fraser SE, Pierce NA., Development. October 1, 2016; 143 (19): 3632-3637.

cis-Regulatory control of the initial neurogenic pattern of onecut gene expression in the sea urchin embryo., Barsi JC, Davidson EH., Dev Biol. January 1, 2016; 409 (1): 310-318.

Genome-wide identification of enhancer elements., Tulin S, Barsi JC, Bocconcelli C, Smith J., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2016; 60 (4-6): 141-50.

Genome-wide assessment of differential effector gene use in embryogenesis., Barsi JC, Tu Q, Calestani C, Davidson EH., Development. November 15, 2015; 142 (22): 3892-901.

Geometric control of ciliated band regulatory states in the sea urchin embryo., Barsi JC, Li E, Davidson EH., Development. March 1, 2015; 142 (5): 953-61.

General approach for in vivo recovery of cell type-specific effector gene sets., Barsi JC, Tu Q, Davidson EH., Genome Res. May 1, 2014; 24 (5): 860-8.          

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