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Profile Publications (53)
Name: Dr. Maria C Roccheri
Position: Professor
Research Description:
Two lines of research have been followed so far: 1) Response of developing sea urchin embryos (P. lividus) to different type of stress; 2) Apoptosis in cells of the human cumulus oophorus. In particular the research was focused on:
-Studies on ribosomal RNA processing".
-Studies on heat shock proteins induction in stress conditions (heat shock, metal such as zinc and cadmium, EGTA, deciliation), during embryo development.
-Studies on apoptosis and autophagy in embryo development.
-Studies on cell defense and death in Cd-treated embryos.
-Studies on the effects exerted by cytotoxic doses of Manganese on embryo development, focused in particular on MAPK activation and expression of msp130 and sm30.
-Studies on mitochondrial activity in the different developmental stages of control and stressed embryos with particular interest on the distribution of hsp60 mRNA and protein.
-Studies on programmed cell death in human oocytes after PMA with particular interest on DNA status.
-Studies on the onset of apoptosis in cells of the human cumulus oophorus in patients subjected to induction of multiple follicular growth by r-FSH or u-FSH.
-Studies on DNA fragmention in spermatozoa of infertile patients.

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Università degli Studi di Palermo
90123, Italy

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